Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove didn't work for me

Bought this book on kindle. Went through the trouble to get purified, Showering skipping a meal.

Did many rituals but at the end of the day results are what matter and I haven’t had one yet.

On top of that corwin warns people not to steal his book or else. Like mate your book it trash and you actually have the nerve to threaten people for your useless trash book.

Avoid and save your money.

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How long did you wait for results?

Were you asking for something impossible, like millions of dollars, or to levitate?

Magick is rarely instant, no matter how much we wish it to be.


Have you had results with any other kind of magick that allow you to recognise what works from what doesn’t? Genuine question, not being snarky at you. :slight_smile:


The trouble of showering? Really pushed the boat out I see.
Seriously though, even if the rituals aren’t great, you’d expect to see some minor signs the ritual had been performed. When people cast and absolutely nothing happen, it tends to be a problem at their end.
Could you talk a little about how you feel the rituals were flawed and how they could be improved ? Trial and improvement is how we iron out the kinks in our work afterall


I got the book when it when it came out so from then all the way till now.

No dude I literally asked for what the demons power was written.

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I’ve tried the sigil gazing technique from EA and that hasn’t worked.

Showering wasn’t the problem.

The ritual is easy to do but it doesn’t work, Nothing happens and the result aren’t showing.

Maybe Goetia is not you thing, ir they not like you at all.

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Okay what kind of magick HAS worked for you in the past? Maybe we can find the next step for you this way.


Hey man, so you call the book trash. You dump on the author for expecting to get paid for his work.

Warnings to not steal is standard stuff, so either roll with it, or leave it.

So your review, not that this is a review site, but anyways, your review: “Avoid and save your money.”

What exactly do you bring to the table in terms of viable magickal experience that would have us take your word for it?

Can you elaborate on your review?

I personally have done some work with another of Mr. Hargrove’s books and, despite it’s simplicity, it worked like a charm. His audience may not be the advanced practitioner but when you pour your intent and will into it, results are usually very good.


No magick has worked for me

You should take my work for it cause I am a noob. This book is supposed to be easy for noobs. It doesn’t work so yeah.

Corwin doesn’t deserve my money for stuff that doesn’t work. I should be the one cursing him for wasting my time reading that trash and making me waste my time and energy on doing the rituals.

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From this I can tell you that the problem is not the book.

Try to see magick differently from what you think magick suppose to be. Have an open mind and do away with any believe you have about magick and start seeing magick from fresh point of view.

Checkout this links and read some results members have had:

And this:

I am dropping these links so that you could read them, digest them, give yourself another chance without whatever attitude you might have had towards magick.


Okay thanks, I changed the title of this topic to reflect that it didn’t work for you.


Oh i actually understand. Thank you. If he stated in the book that noobs should have no problems with the content, then there’s no denying that for you, it didn’t work.

For you the book is shit and that’s the end of it.

Shame you wasted your money dude. Is there any other type of magic you wanna try?

If you are willing to postpone all this spirit and demon stuff you could try Hermeticism and elemental magick. These types of magick work primarily on personal transformation. Landing jobs, lovers, gaining respect, quitting smoking, faping … Whatever … That’s all Hermeticism and elemental magick.

Now one could say it’s just mental conditioning, and perhaps in large part it is, but the friggin stuff works. My primary style of magick is elemental.

There is also the nature elemental stuff where people control weather , but take it from the poor bastards that got murdered for not being able to bring rain to the crops: it’s no small feat and there are tons of liars and scammers everywhere.

Anyways mental magick, like elemental and Hermetic work is totally legit, a ton of fun and it gets real results.

It absolutely is magick, and can transform you into someone that can commune with demons.

Anyways, I know you aren’t having a great time on the forum right now, but you can get on top of this.

Good luck.


I haven’t read the book, but I recommend you learn to cast magic effectively and return to the book once you’re able to cast a wide variety of rituals.