Magick. How powerful is it REALLY?

Hey, guys.

So I’ve spent a fair amount of hours this week researching this website for information and I’ve also read lots of diffrent blogs about this topic, reviews about the books and courses and information about the authors mainly E.A Koetting and that Timothy guy. And what baffled me that I’ve havent come across any “magical” results from anyone.
When people are wanting to manifest money or sex the answers always been the same and its basicly vizualisation/LawofAttraction methods?.. And the results being minor sums (like 20 dollars, as far as the posts I’ve seen, that they got from a co-worker or through some friend or whatever. I mean that’s hardly magick??) There’s a lot of diffrent books about how to use the law of attraction like “The Secret” (and these guys got a lot of schtick for potraying/selling it as its something somewhat instant) or “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon hill. Yes, the law of attraction works IF you really work with it and do it right. But magick in my world is calling upon a entity ask for something you desire, maybe offer something in return and get it within at least days. Are the expections to high, you my ask? Well certinly not if Im working in a arena that can make my spirit omnipresent as E.A puts it. And the amount of work it takes to hour after hour to concentrate and vizsualise til your eyes pop out and feel and hope and dream and do mantra for some minor sum money requires the same amount of energy and time as working a bloody day job? No?
Another thing is a answer I got from several members here when I asked my hows on diffrent topics is “it’s allready inside you”. Well, yeah that’s true. Enlightenment is inside all of us but it takes extrodenary amount of time to get there, according to Osho sevral thousand life times haha! So my point being. That’s not magick in the sense it potrayed here and sold for. The words I would use to describe what I’ve heard through the videos and articles are: God, power, easy,wealth, love, sex, spell, fast, magick, ritual, godlike potential and so on and so on.

So please can anyone testify about some really true magickal events/happening say the last couple of years this BALG thing been running?

Like: Have you ever summond a real demon and seen it outside of youself, felt it with your hands, talked with your mouth and not just in your head. The human psyche can do powerful things but that dosnt mean that its REAL. And if you say that a you start of by creating it your head the result must surely be that it’s a living entity that operates outside of myself and not in my head.

Have you ever command that demon and get what you want accordingly?

Is it possible to manifest large amounts of money in a short amount of time. Attract a celebrity to have sex with. Hypnotize people and make them your puppet. And if its possible does it take years and years and a guy life savings on material to master it?
Cause E.A is stating the opposit.

So have anyone of you actually DONE it??
And not like: Yeah, I wanted this girl who work there and there and did a lust sigil and summond a mighty demon to help me cast a spell with the help of her hair and handwriting… and I got her phone number. That’s not magick. I don’t think I need to emphezise it more.

Hope I dont step on anybodys toes or so I just, like anybody here, really want magick to work and be true, but I never bought in to half-thruths and that’s why I left christianity in the first place hoping to find something solid here. I just find myself desperatly searching for the very core of this thing wich should be at the very front and I dont like that at all.
And yes, humans can perform “magick” but I dont have the time nor the money to go to India and meditate on my inner universe for the next 20 years, if you know what I mean.

Strenght and courage,

PS. Please dont reply with: “I summond Lucifer”, “It works you just have to try harder” or “theres plenty posts about this thing go read and stop wasting our time”.

I want looking for details and information. You dont have to reveal any hard earned secrets I just want to hear if magick peeps are performing here. And I think I speak not only for myself.


It’s as powerful as you make it.


It’s a force that you have to learn how to use. It can be stressful at the start but the more you practice the more powerful it will become.


I have saved thousands of dollars, from store discounts to being charged less for any service, by offering and meditating upon this entity.

Visualization and Law of Attraction stuff, I’ve noticed, is mostly the domain of the owners of this forum. That’s a way to do magic, but not the only one.

One thing I can mention is that a curse of mine, on a Santera that had given someone I knew leukemia five or six years back. The Santera was a 20-something that was furious that this person denied their proposal to be in a relationship, so she cursed him. I worked on him for about a month, which resulted in his cancer being put into permanent remission.

The girl, though, got what was coming for her. She developed the most aggressive kind of brain cancer, which was most common in males three times her age, which began to spread through her body. This cancer occurs to something like 1 in 100,000 people, ~75,000 of which are men above 50. She did not meet the 15 month expected lifespan.

There was also another magician, a satanist, who sent a death curse at someone I protected. He had an aneurysm.

One time I was lifted four or so inches off the ground by a type of entity I didn’t believe existed until then. I didn’t feel textures of it grabbing me or anything, it was more like I started choking and levitating before being tossed onto the ground.

But yeah, I’ve manifested stuff indistinguishable from physical objects before.

Sometimes, even better.


Thankfull for the respons. :ok_hand:t2:

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The best proof of magic to me is honestly using baneful magic to kill someone. It’s easy to chalk up certain things like getting money from someone to coincidence…but casting a spell to end a specific targets life, and having them die like a month later, is very hard to explain away. People don’t just die willy nilly, especially in the west…and certainly not the person you just so happened to target. Take a read of this thread, with special attention to the user @Nereid and her experience

In terms of what I’ve been able to do…I’m still rather new, but I’ve been able to get $4000 come my way that I did not earn/work for using magic, and it was the exact amount I had asked for in the ritual. You can definitely muster much more than $20 bucks here and there. Others have mustered much more than even what I’ve done on here


Good to hear. May I ask what you did for money you got? I meditated on the sigil of Clauneck and asked for money so Im still (hopefully) waiting

King Paimon gave me a job that lasted about a month and I got 4K out of it


I used bune as well as abremelin squares. What’s key though is that you need to remove the ritual from your mind, and exhaust your desire for the result. When I got my result, I hadn’t even remembered that I had done a ritual for that money until days after I received it


So this is my point. How do you know its King Paimon doing the work? Did you apply for it?


Allright. Good to know :ok_hand:

Long story short he gave me a necklace and blessed it as soon as I touched it all these good things started happening to me and a hour or two later got the offer


Allright cool. What do you mean by giving you and blessing it if you not mind me asking. You dont have to answer if dont want to i just want to understand. Did you meet him and he gave you this necklace? @RiseorDie


That was also my moment of “this shit is real”

Mostly because I panicked and gave the necklace away and the guy who accepted it got the job.

(A month later I made up with him apologized ect ect and got another offer)

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What happened was I was still new to magic he was the spirit I wanted to work with most.

so I started reading about him and whatnot he noticed and liked me. I was going to buy the necklace then I decided nah this isn’t real… it still came in.

He put his energy inside of it


Whoa. That’s finally sounds like magick. So Im that situation you were in then. I want that “Holy shit” situation. What would you recommend me doing?


Do what I did find a spirit that interests you give them offerings and whatnot and ask them to show you what life’s really like.


Point taken. Cheers


Many, you have to understand there are real reasons people will not discuss really far out stuff, not least that there are forces and groups out there who get pretty pissy about it!

Start with this, because it contains results by many people:

I’ve summoned spirits to physical presence many times over, manifested objects to appear from nowhere (but that skill is highly erratic, I’m working on getting it under control), working with my old man we’ve actually changed the past, and for drawing objects into my life, I have almost complete success if I don’t worry about things being “miraculous” (i.e., pop into being) and instead let them come to me rapidly using normal routes:

That last one describes a physical manifestation that occurred without me expecting it. :slight_smile:

There have been more, but as I said, reasons do prevent me from being too detailed.


Thank you.
How do you know that you can trust them tho If there thing is to descive and Satan their “master” is the father of lies?.. it’s like buying and shooting up dope from a untrustworthy dealer with a notorious record without testning or tasting it. Chances that you OD goes off the roof. I mean, can you know what they do with your spirit ones you leave this plane and enter the unknown? @Lady_Eva