Zagan - Concealer of things

Zagan is incredible. If ever you require something to be concealed, whether it be a business deal or something personal, call on Zagan. He can completely conceal anything whatsoever, even idle gossip. I’ve seen it personally many times. One time, there was this person who was trying to slur my name in a room full of people. Luckily I had anticipated this and already called on Zagan earlier in the day, to halt all her efforts to work against me. It was unbelievable, she was talking loudly to anyone who would listen, yet they all just looked away, with this blank gaze. I questioned a couple of the people afterwards, as to what she was saying, and they didn’t even remember her being there. Epicness at it’s best.

I’m writing this post because he wants more people to call on him and use his power for this purpose. You don’t need a full evocation for this, although you can if you wish. All you need to do is mentally connect with his name, and then imagine a dark figure appearing in front of you and then opening his cloak and extending it around you and the air above and around you. When you yourself are fully surrounded with his concealment cloak, the secret space he has created for you, you may state your command and release your desire. The whole thing should take no more than a minute. His energy should dissipate on its own or he may linger close depending on the command given, either way do not dismiss him! He will leave when the job is done but will always linger close afterwards, in case you need him again.

Get to work, use magick in everyday life. For the little things, the big things and to keep your empire in order. Everything must be made perfect and there must be no excuses.


let me try zagan for some things. i had his sigil but never used it. now i have a reason


I made note of this last night. Thanks for the info Seeker.


Awesome, thanks for this topic!