Black cats and White with familiars

Hi everyone,

I have a funny story to share with regard to familiar spirits that happened today. First off some back story, yesterday evening I decided to evoke the Grand Spirit Zadkal -a spirit that resides over education in all sciences and arts (I wanted to get an opinion on Virgil’s Aeneid as I’m writing a paper on it). Needless to say, he appeared. Well, when I say “appeared” I mean it was more of an astral evocation as I’m still struggling with merging the inner sight and outer one, but that’s besides the point. The real good part came when I felt the rapture, for the first time in this practice of magick I physically felt a change so drastic that I fell on my knees in the circle (hard to breathe, air thickened and everything was spinning). I felt Zadkal materialise and we spoke and I wrote down some notes on his answers.

I didn’t stop there though, I wanted to confirm his power in the real world. I read in KoF that Zadkal was excellent at giving familiars to assist with education, so I asked him if he could send one to me in order to confirm his power. He told me that, while he could send a physical entity, I wouldn’t be ready to work with it as well as I should be able to, so instead he told me that he would send me a sign of an animal the next day (today) to confirm it. I agreed, and he asked me how personalised I wanted the animal (to increase the fact that I wouldn’t think it was a coincidence) so I initially said the first thing that came to mind. A black cat (having witchy connotations), at first he agreed so I began to dismiss him. I then had a change of heart (which he picked up since he evidently stayed around afterwards), I though that a black cat was too cliché and could be a coincidence (since my neighbor has a black kitten). So I went the basic opposite, a white dog.

We agreed and I dismissed him. I didn’t write the final results down in my journal (mistake on my part), so I forgot all about it. This afternoon, I was walking up my road after getting lunch, and a friend of mine had come to meet me, and I just happened to stop behind a random parked car to talk with said friend. As soon as I went to step out, the classic, cliché black cat ran out from under the car and stopped in front of me. It sat there for a good 5-10 seconds and just stared at me (if anyone has ever seen the 2015 horror movie “the witch” and remembers the weird ass rabbit in the woods, with the freaky eyes, it looked like that). It then slowly walked off into a bush, I put it originally down to coincidence and moved on.

On my way home later, I was again walking down the sidewalk when a lady opened her car door on me and made me stop. I looked at her as if to say “I’m walking here lady jeeze…”, but -here was the shocker, she pulls out this white dog, which to be fair was a pretty cool dog…I sat down and petted it, complimented the lady and moved on, not thinking about it anymore from then on. Later on, I walked past my evocation tools, seeing Zadkal’s sigil on my altar and immiedietly remembered the white dog test and burst out laughing to myself. It could just be a coincidence yes, but if it is it’s a damn good one. It’s interesting how quickly Zadkal could manifest my will -if it was indeed him, it took the space of 10-12 hours. Has anyone else had experiences with signs from spirits before? If so, do share I’d be interested to hear stories :slight_smile:


A few days ago I tried to reach out to my “spirit guides” I told them I’d like to be communicated with through my dreams or through animals. I pictured butterflies, rabbits, cats etc.
A day or so past and since I didn’t have any special dreams I figured I hadn’t made any kind of impression.
Yesterday I was sitting on my couch staring out the big living room window and a giant dark colored butterfly flew into the window, hit it then darted away. It looked black to me. I wondered if that was one of my signs but dismissed it as possible coincidence.
Today I thought about animals signs again. Wondering when they’d come.
This evening I walked my dog through a courtyard in my apt building and on the grass was a black squirrel (black squirrels are not uncommon around here so I didn’t think it special) when I walked past it straightened up and kept whipping its tail like it was waving at me, it did it a few times then darted away towards a tree when I moved towards it.
I thought “oh how cute…probably not my sign though. I need an animal that is uncharacteristically comfortable and unafraid of me”. I kept walking my dog and
forgot about the squirrel, eventually though I walked my dog in the direction of that tree.
When I got close to the tree the squirrel scrambled from the other side and up over my head on the tree trunk with it’s head and face pointing directly down at me from above. It was making a loud noise, like a grunt/caw , or however you describe the sounds squirrels make.
I was so startled I leapt back and scurried away.
I think that was my sign. It’s very cool, but a bit concerning since this is the second black animal in a row, I’m just wondering if the color means something or if that is just what my mind has been expecting to look for!!