Bune Sold my property within one week

Hail to Bune I was desperate to sell
my property and its been on the market for 8 months, so ten days ago I opened Bunes sigil, and asked her to help me sell it quick for a reasonable price and for the transaction to be smooth as possible. That was on a Saturday, on the Sunday evening I gave her chocolate and rum as a offering.The following Friday I had a viewing they liked it and arranged a 2nd viewing the next day on the Saturday. On the Monday they put in an offer which was a bit to low for me, but after a few talks I got them up another 6k,which I accepted. Wow how quick did Bune work, amazing!!! I asked her again today to please make sure it all comes smoothly and quickly.
Hail to the great Bune, and if you want your property sold Bune is awesome. Thank you so much Bune👌


Just to add once more, 8 months of been on the market, and with property really slowing down in the UK due to Brexit Bune found the perfect buyer in just under a week. Hail to Bune I can’t sing her praises enough.


I need your help, i said bunes chant unknowing it opened the gates and i need to know how to close them quickly

Praise to goddess Bune

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She works quick I didn’t expect it to be that quick… I thought maybe a month or so will definitely call on her again

Bune is AMAZING! She is a loyal, loving friend that has looked out for me in more ways than I can possibly deserve. I am forever grateful for having her in my life.


Bune and mammon always bless me with money when I need it … praise to goddess Bune and mammon… Ave Ave Ave

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Hail Bune :gift_heart:

Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa


HAIL Duchess BUNE!!! Thank you so much for sharing :grinning:

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hi @Freespirit thanks for this post. Can you share some details as to how exactly you contacted bune. how dud you open bune’s sigil? How did you give this offering? Just putting the rum and chocolate by her sigil?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.