A spell/evocation advice to become irresistible to women

is there any spell or evocation i could perform to become irresistible to women around me and make them want me?

You should use the search function for questions like this, You’ll find a wide array of answers. You can also look through the love magick section of the thread i’ll post below for inspiration

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Also you should do an introduction topic or post in the new members thread seeing as it’s a rule❤

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Lot of them. Glamour magic, creating an aura of attraction etc, but if you need a beginner no fuss and mess kinda instruction, look into Damon Brand’s Seduction Magic, I think it’s his shortest book ever, but it’s real simple and has a ritual for doing exactly what you are asking.

Otherwise Verdo’s link should more than cover it. Wanting to make the opposite gender essentially our sex toy, seems to be one of our most popular topics :slight_smile:


sure, i’ll look into damon brand. thanks for the response😃