Success Stories #1

Hey guys. I just wanted to share a few successes I’ve had with magick recently. I know others on the forum have done this, and it always greatly inspires me. So I’ll do the same for others, because black magicians are the greatest types of human beings out there.

So I’ve been dating this guy lately and have had the opportunity to be around some of his awesome friends. I, however, am a person with social anxiety. I performed a simple ritual with a black candle, focusing on the absorbing power of the color black — focusing on the powers of darkness drawing the friends I need into my life. I happened to name four specific friends, along with my boyfriend’s name as the fifth. I felt the warmth of friendship so intensely that it was as real as the warmth of the candle, and a true smile from my heart broke across my face. Maybe two weeks after the ritual, something odd happened. We were scheduled to meet up with three of these friends as we normally do to play D&D. However, I don’t usually see the fourth person named. In fact, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen him in person. The night before this D&D session, I happened to buy the E.A.’s Black Magick course on a whim. The first section I watched, and ended up falling asleep to, was Shadow Magick. The next day, I ended up seeing all four of the friends mentioned in ritual, all randomly and in an unusual order. After running into the first friend, I noticed an unusual comfortableness I felt in her presence. By this point I hadn’t even remembered the friendship ritual. I was too busy caught up in trying to figure out why I felt so comfortable today — why I wasn’t worried what people thought about me, and why I genuinely just wanted to have fun. We then came across the guy that I don’t normally ever see, and the same thing happened. Lastly, the majority of us met up for our D&D session, and this was also full of warmth, jokes, the sharing of genuine smiles, along with even a spontaneous post-session hangout that doesn’t usually occur. By this time I was catching on. The ritual had indeed done its magick.

Now notice I didn’t explain my reason for bringing up the part about Shadow Magick. Well this very same day, I happened to find myself already picking up on Shadow Magick. I found myself vampirizing and siphoning power from others outside of the “friendship” group who intimidated me, and my fear of them would get lost in the energetic stream of their power flowing into me. I noticed people finding me more attractive, moving closer to me, becoming lost in eye contact with me as I spoke to them, almost as if there was a spark in their eyes as they looked at me. This utter social dominance was definitely a big part of the above success, and I can only conclude that my urge to grab the LHP course online was a result of my ritual. I hadn’t even planned to use it, but the day lined itself up perfectly before me as I armed myself with these dark powers.

This one is brief because I don’t want to go into the more graphic details. There’s something sexual that my boyfriend doesn’t usually like to do. I had performed a ritual of sigil magick with Paimon’s sigil to get him to do this thing. He did it of course, but that’s not even the most impressive thing about this ritual. Yes, he did commited this deviant act of his own volition. Yes, he did initiate the sex to begin with, with no help from me (but no protest either :wink:). Yes, to my amazement it was almost EXACTLY as I had visualized it. But, what was most interesting to me was that he relegated these out-of-character behaviors to the fact that, in his own words, “I don’t know why, but for some reason it just felt right.”

That’s all for now, folks. And don’t worry. There are totally more success stories to come :smiling_imp:


@Verdo even more to your Success Collection topic. It’s starting to become a little library.

@Drip You should check it out if you haven’t done so already. Might inspire for other workings. :wink::ok_hand:


indeed it has :slight_smile:


I forgot about this entirely! :o
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Your magical style is simplistic but highly effective , ll try it to see how the results come .

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I’m starting simple because I want results :stuck_out_tongue:
The complicated is only built upon the basics.