Millionaire after contact withith claunek and lucifer

I didnt talk about believing her or not. Im talking about the way she has been treated, no matter what the truth is.
And also analyzing, deconstructing and breaking to pieces her words thus doing what the science does on spiritual facts that cannot be explained and understood


The universe has rules.
Magick does not mean you’re never allowed to question and criticise someone.


I’m sorry for your loss, and wish you a happy and healthy delivery of the twins!

Do you have any small thing it would be safe to show people, since there has been a lot of evident disbelief from people (who all buy books about magick at least as spectacular as this)?

I’m not asking as a moderator “demand”! :smiley: I just think it may ease people’s minds in some way, and maybe inspire others who are facing the same types of stuggles you did before.


If it’s fine for you, it’s fine for you. Be sure to put the money to good use, like spending on things that actually matter.

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People say winning lottery is too vague in magick
Read that in gallery of magick book
I love this
This made my day

I will win lottery and buy a nice pc


“The Miracle Of New Avatar Power” is pretty much about people winning games of chance from beginning to end.

E.A. posted about a load of fruit that manifested from nowhere in Ipsissimus, as well as becoming a vase, and formed an astral clan of sworn magicians who have each other’s backs and know when they’re called, in the OAA book.

I’ve seen stuff manifest from thin air, and done other remarkable things, that I no longer discuss on the forum. For that reason I don’t find the idea that:

  • spirits assisted the OP

  • helped her use Tarot to win games of chance, with a black cat as the marker for each time

  • she did this successfully and consistantly, enough to acquire a million or more (of whatever currency)

… to be any less believable than:


There is a book


Yes, it’s by Geof Gray-Cobb, he is sadly deceased now but his daughter inherited the rights to the book, it’s for sale from her site:

(Timely reminder we don’t permit people to ask for or offer pirated copies of books.)


Thank you…

I’ve been trying to get this through to people for the longest…but it just never clicks. Thought the BALG repository would help but it hasn’t seemed to. I’m not sure where this bias comes from on here that implies Magick is weak. I mean, i recently posted in a thread where people were questioning the validity of magick being able to turn a guy gay. Sooo i can kill a perfectly healthy dude who has no desire whatsoever to die, via magick…but ya cant turn a dude a gay via magick because “it goes against his will”…mmk. These limiting beliefs keep people from having noteworthy success in magick. Something the OP said that i actually agree with is that you really need to have the mind of a child to reap the full benefits of magick. This was one of jesus’ teachings, and i think there’s something to it


Thank u

I need lottery win very bad to start freelance business


I think Nap is on amazon now too, and you can still get hard copies of the original if I remember correctly.

7 Occult Magic Rituals by Henry Archer, has a ritual for gambling at the end as well. I used the first six rituals and had a lot of success with that combined with a servitor I made to increase sales, and Success Magic by Damon Brand, but I don’t gamble, so can’t comment on the ritual for gambling in Archers book.

Too much success actually, I had to stop with my hobby for bit, cuz I don’t want to exceed what I can make legally on a hobby. :woman_shrugging: :joy: But if you are a business owner, I highly recommend Brand and Archers books.


Its not just possible with sigil magick u just shared

Lot of energy is required to do that

Sure thing,

I personally recommend her site because she’s his own flesh and blood and gets the full income, whereas Amazon, well… and secondhand hard copies are great but you’re not sending any money to his own kin.

I second that, as well. :+1:

Those of us who began as children often do really well because we never truly lost that sense of suspended disbelief, and just taking things as they happen, not trying “analytical overlay” and skeptical critical analysis until the whole thing falls apart.


I meant I think she’s got it listed as an ebook on kindle now, but it’s also available as a hard copy lol.

They do pay a comission fee listing it through kindle, but probably not any more than the cost for hosting it off her website. Hard to say since different authors can get different deals through kindle based on volume, once success has been achieved.

Edit: Yes she has it both ways for the newer version


This isn’t correct. Im not sure what you think sigil work is, but my understanding is that sigil works based off of emotion. If you put in enough emotion during a sigil working, you can kill a person. I’ve done it with sigil magick myself. But you talk as if producing “lots of energy” and “sigil work” are mutually exclusive. Sigil workings can be incredibly effective


Should I be too damn angry while watching the sigil

I actually thought of visualizing end goal

I Never even think that

The warnings on corwin hargoves book
He said nice curse would be on u

Also legal problems are lot so better not even search for it

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Emotion can mean anything. Extreme happiness or extreme sadness or extreme satisfaction is all energy that can be used to give you the result you want. My point is, sigil workings, regardless of which well you choose to draw that emotion from, can accomplish big goals


Thank you

For the record though…I don’t want my comments in this thread to be misconstrued to imply that i believe this womans specific story. For all i know, she’s just trolling or delusional. I’m just seperating myself from the school of thought which says, “wtf, a million dollars via magick? impossible!” I view this pretty much the same as a post about how someone made $1000 extra dollars off of craigslist thanks to Claunek. There isn’t really a law in magick (that im aware of) which states, “doth can use magick to acquire wealth…but if doth go above $999,999 USD, problems will afflict thee