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Thank you Marbas your work is amazing.


Thank you to Lucifer, Belial and Sallos. Lucifer helped me gain trust, Belial helped me removing some limitations that a girl had towards being with me and Sallos helped making her love me. It’s all going slow but I can see real progress.


Thanks for this post, is very encouraging to me. :cherry_blossom:


I would like to thank hecate for all her guidance and protection. And say thank you to my familiar Anna as well without them I would have been lost. And also to the spirits that have helped me that I don’t even know helped.

Blessed Be!


I really love this thread. I can not communicate with spirits (though I try and want it), but I am pleased to read about your wonderful experiences. Thank you all for sharing it. :green_heart:

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if you want to read more, you might enjoy this thread as well

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also thanks to Arzael and Haniel


hello again back for another update. I got another call from a different company for an interview for an assistant manager position.

I don’t have a license. currently fighting to get it back and going to court. and the position requires one like almost every decent job. but i still got a call had a very good interview with the store manager who is setting me up with a final interview with the district manager. from what he said its probably fine that i dont have a license. I hope so!

anyway I have that interview on either Monday or Tuesday. I literally got a call from the manager the day after i put my app in! again this has never happened for me in the past. I’ve never had 2 interviews with different companies in within a weeks time in my life.

in the past I put out like 30 apps without a single call!

I also evoked lillith last night on the blood moon and had a very good encounter with her and asked her for help as well.

I put all their sigils in my pockets for th e interview hehe :slight_smile:

lucifer,bune, king piamon, hala’thor and lillith’s sigil

again pocket full of sigils. well it seems to be working and helping. I can sense these guys in my life now.

so thank you to all of them I will keep leaving updates!
May money and opportunities come my way!.. so mote it be!!! :):smiley:


Shoutout to Bune and Belial. I performed two “rituals” (if you can call them that) wherein the latter I asked Bune to help my financial situation. Nothing seemed to be happening, so I asked Belial as well. Yesterday, I got my first Merch by Amazon sale! I have no idea if the shirt that sole was a coincidence or not (I’ll leave the link here in case anyone wants to read into it and let me know), but I’m feeling pretty good! First result so far!

My goal is to get to $10,000. That’ll help me out of the hole, pay off some other debts, and allow me to invest in my business.


Shout out to Glasya Labolas.

Fucking amazing at baneful works.

Call on him if you need help with that, and he can also teach you how to work baneful magick better.


I evoked the Sylphs. Potitioned them to keep the rain back while we where on vacation. Despite the forcast for heavy rain, it stayed nice and dry everywhere we went. The family noticed how strange it was there was an area of blue sky that followed us everywhere we went. So I’m here giving much love and thanks to Sylphs of the air


thanking Kali for bringing me dark powerful energy also thanking the green man for making me realize that I have to be grounded stay in nature the elements and love the earth special thanks to my totem spirit animal for sticking with me and guiding me


Thank you Lucifer for bringing forth my desire quickly and with ease. You deliver as always.

Ave Lucifer


Thank you Sallos for bringing me so many love opportunities… i am overwealmed …


I adore King Paimon! On Friday there was a nasty situation at work, but after calling on great King Paimon to help me–as of Monday nearly everything has been resolved and I’ve ended up getting a wonderful office spot with a window (which is rare in our office)!
Hail King Paimon—YOU ARE GLORIOUS! My respect and honour of You runs deeper than infinity…


Thank you, Samael the Black, for making a deal with me to halt the execution of a curse set on my parents including their descendants (as in me, my children, my siblings) by an experienced Magician who is now deceased. Samael the Black has a unique power over psychic communications. No amount of bathing, salt, lemon, rose petals, burning bay, blood, urine witch bottles, charcoal, voodoo dolls, or sage would have made the slightest impact on his execution of his job. Every time I would start to get the hang of something psychic, he moved in to fulfill the curse and everything would just quit working, just evaporate. (Lots of life starts and fails, too, for every family member, for over 50 years. Everyone is ruined.)

When I first started working out my deal with Samael the Black, he nearly manifested right behind me (watching over my shoulder while I played with my cards). He felt remarkably dense, observant, very calm, and driven. He also gave me intense clairsentience vibrations (not that way). He did say his ability to initiate one in the use of psychic powers is one of his strongest talents.

I have more to tell about Samael the Black, but will post that elsewhere (probably blog).


Also, with respect to dealing with a long standing, family curse:

Thanks to Haures (Flauros) for likely rooting out the curse executioner.

Thanks to Shalim (Set, Sitri) for initiating my conversation with Samael the Black.

Thanks to Freyr for his easygoing ways that lead me to make alliances.

Thanks to Asthara for reminding me to use my hands.


Thanking Metatron for clarity and the light of new creations! :sparkling_heart: May All be blessed with unconditional love and peace!!! :boom::revolving_hearts:


I bow my head to President Buer!
You has been an amazing help with my two herniated disc’s and the pain that comes with it.
You also was the first evocation for me that really worked so I really appreciate it.
Thanks dude I’ll be back soon with some goodies as a proper thanks!


Look forward to reading it