Don't Doubt the Magick.....EVER

Hey guys I have been seeing a few topics here and there with members saying magick doesn’t work and some of the posts indicate this general doubt.

Anyway to cut a long story short I am only a few years into high magick i.e. working with entities and spirits. One of the things that really pushed me into it was being screwed over by a powerful company. I supplied them with items and then the reneged on our contract, paying me a few thousand less than what we had agreed upon. One of the high ranking officers was particularly nasty and condescending to me basically saying you are no match for us and we will pay you what we feel like.

This man was particularly good looking, had a pretty wife and based on his trousers I could see he was well endowed. At the time he was driving a brand new high end vehicle not like a base model high end like he was driving a brand new S class if my memory serves me right. This contract was like a lifeline at the time because the previous few years were tumultuous for me. I decided to use Simon’s The Necronomicon I got a huge cucumber slit it filled it with basically ingredients you would use in a sour jar and I put his picture on it. I wrapped the cucumber in black wool and use an entity from the book and all my rage to render his dick useless. I then did an offering to a deceased person in a cemetery who died violently and asked him to kill his dick and thanked the deceased afterwards.

This was in 2018 anyway I did not really check up on his fate and I took legal action against the organization and won.

The first cracks came about a year ago when I heard he was having financial issues. Now wait for it just awhile ago I got a phone call I was told he caught his wife in bed cheating with another man wait for it who is one of his co-workers, also told that the wife’s excuse was that he has fallen off drastically in the bedroom and can’t stay hard, he was forced to give up his luxury apartment and I am told has his car up for sale. Moved back in with parents in a rough part of town and got has custody of the kids which is further draining his finances. Wife has taken off with another new lover and is in another country,

The rage and sadness that I felt when I didn’t get all the money was palpable I was depending on that money. I poured a lot into the ritual and I am happy to see that years later this fucker is having a great time. Oh as an aside can you believe that the source also told me he just got a promotion though and will be taking up the position come november 1 I really can’t even sometimes but I guess it shows you do get what you ask for.


This will make a fine addition to the BALG Repository. Well done :+1:


I always laugh when someone says magick doesn’t work. I have had way too many successes to doubt myself. In fact I have never had a spell fail, sometimes it manifested in an unexpected way, but never failed.


Whoahhhhh that’s wild :+1::+1::+1:
That is fantastic! Bravo!!!



This was a crucial and important point.
Many despise the dead and lost souls but they are very effective in curses and easy to contact.

Well done! :smiling_imp:


Waaaaawwww amazing!! :heart::smiling_imp: Such a badass @sailing

Looks like one of the many things you did right was to not lust for results. At least from your post, looks like you did what you have to do, poured all your sadness and rage on the working and you moved on with your life, doing your part irl as in facing the company legally.

I think many times we do a working and then we just wait to see when is going to make effect, following the target and expecting signs. This was 2018… you could have thought after a month “magick doesn’t work, he’s still with his pretty wife and living a good life”; and yet magick was working, you just didn’t know to which extent until much later.

Congrats, that was awesome to read!


Same here. Doubt is not something I struggle with luckily and when you can actually “feel” the magick working or a spirit sweep into the room, or an ambient noise coalesces in synchronicity from a thought, all doubt is obliterated.


Well congrats.

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Why such of focus on his genitals? Is the men’s success in everyday life does depend that hard on that?.. I’d rather focus on his charisma and communication skills imo much more important…

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Well when I was in his office I noticed he had like 6 pics of his family displayed 4 with him and the wife alone and 2 with his wife and kids. When I analyzed him a typical scumbag with a huge ego and he has a good job so I thought it would be more difficult to attack him financially. I also thought he had owned the apartment he lived in maybe if I knew he was renting I would have attacked him financially. If I am being truthful I was also feeling less than when he was disrespecting me and since I am single with no kids his pictures struck a cord with me. So I decided to focus on his dick making a calculated decision that a dead dick would destroy his marriage and family. The wife looked very vixen-ish not the kind of wife that I think would stick with a husband through thick and thin. So I figured a dead dick would be a death knell for the marriage :slight_smile:


I think your limp :rooster: curse was superb! What a cascade of consequences…wow


Way to call in a precision missile strike. I haven’t had anyone in specific lately who needed that but I do need to remember it’s available.


I’ve heard of the curse of the Celts but never the curse of the cocks! :laughing: Astounding results, well done.

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I see magick work but still have fleeting doubts. Storoes like yours and the buzz in BALG have been great in getting my attitude right
Thank you