Best occult way to approach lawsuit

Hello all!

First post here, other than my introduction in the top pinned thread. A rough summary of my background is that I’ve spent years reading about magick but never actually practicing it, apart from mostly unintended and haphazard experiences stemming from entheogenic use. This stasis must finally come to an end, not only because I actually want to start wielding the tools I’ve been learning so much about but because I’m currently facing a situation where I need all the occult help I can get.

The long and the short of it is that I am involved in a frivolous lawsuit. On the mundane side of things I am dealing with an attorney and making sure everything is shipshape in the secular realm, but I am considerably stressed and anxious from this whole ordeal and I want to make sure this goes away quickly with the most positive outcome possible for me.

What would you recommend, magick-wise, for this? From what I’ve read it seems like the best choice would be to contact a spirit and go from there, in combination with some sort of protective work. From the Search function here and other places I’ve seen a few people recommend either King Paimon or Belial for resolving matters like this, but I would like opinions on which in particular would be best (or if another entity entirely would be preferable). I also am wondering what the best course of action would be for actual contact/getting the entity to carry out my wishes. I have roughly a month or so before any court appearances, so any course of action I undertake would have to be under this time limit. Should I use a sigil to mentally communicate with the entity of choice, or would it be better to perform a physical evocation? Or would be it more efficacious to perform an evocation while lucid in a dream?

Thoughts, advice?


If you can do it, evoking while dreaming and lucid is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy.

Your senses are wide fucking open while dreaming, so you’ll get the full experience.

As for the entity - Belial is quite likely the best for things like this.

As for how to do it - just contact him man. Tell him what’s up, tell him how you want it to go, and what he’ll get in return.

It’s really that easy.


Belial is definitely the man you want to see for this. I never thought to try an evocation while lucid dreaming so if you can do that it would be worth a shot. (I’m going to have to give that a shot when I have the time)

What i would add to this is, after making contact with Belial and ask for his assistance, hold on to the sigil till the court date and actually carry the sigil in your pocket during the hearing itself. I’ve found that depending on the demon and task, if you carry the sigil with you it has a bit of an added effect (worked wonders with Clauneck)

I wish you luck on this endeavor keep us updated :slight_smile: cheers


Thanks for the replies, guys.

I guess my question is how to best do the actual contact. Do you mean sit down in front of Belial’s sigil and meditate on it until I feel a presence other than myself, or until the sigil starts flickering? Would it be better to repeat a demonic Enn for him while doing this?

I’ve seen the beginning of Koetting’s Mastering Evocation course where he has you go through a meditation before an inverted pentagram while repeating a phrase over and over, then work through a series of exercises aimed at ultimately getting at the Theta-Gamma sync. Is all that necessary for what I’m trying to do here or is that more for evocation to the physical plane? In other words, do I have to be in the TGS in order to make contact or is it doable from a simple, clear-headed meditative state?

I was just spitballing when I mentioned evocation during a lucid dream. I don’t attain lucidity in the dream state often so I’d like to do something that doesn’t require that, but when I become lucid I’ll definitely try making contact. While you’re in that state would the TGS also be necessary or can I just conjure up an image of his sigil and “activate” it somehow?

My main concern here is in being able to have a real conversation with him, so to speak. Anything less than that just seems like a one-sided prayer where I’m talking to myself. I’ve also in the past made an Ouija board from the instructions Koetting gives in his Mastering Divination course but it sounds like this would only be useful for talking to random astral nasties; would using this be a better way to go?

Apologies for the slew of questions here, heh. I’m on somewhat of a time constraint here so I’d like to know what the most effective method for contact would be and start using it.

you can make contact with lighter meditative states, but the deeper and close to TGS you are the better. If you are new to this having a conversation with Belial might be difficult in itself until you learn how to distinguish whether it’s the spirit talking to you or just the voice in your head (that part comes with practice) You could evoke him and ask him to speak through the ouija board, the way the board works is through the subconscious, which will pick up on things even if you don’t. So using that with evocation should work to open up a more two way communication.

When it comes to evocation, the basic concepts are mentioned in the first few videos and really all you need to start. You could use the alash tad alash incantation or Belial’s enn, i feel like using the enn creates a stronger connection. chant that while starring at the sigil and once it starts flashing start asking belial to come forth.

key thing is to treat each evocation as successful, you may make full contact, you may only feel his presence in the room, or it may seem like nothing happened at all. Regardless of the outcome treat it as if you made contact, tell him about the court case and ask his assistance, give thanks and proceed with the dismissal. If you stop the ritual thinking nothing is happening and just go about your day without closing the ritual it could cause some chaos in your life.

also an important note is be respectful. In the sense of like speaking to a business partner or a friend.

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Alright, gonna prepare a good ritual space for this tonight and start working through the Mastering Evocation exercises using Belial’s sigil.

Couple last questions:

  1. Would creating/charging a sigil of my desire in addition to this process conflict with Belial’s execution of my intent?

  2. I’m assuming that since I’m a novice at this, I will probably not sense his presence at first and will have to practice evocations multiple times. So do I treat each successive evocation as if it’s the first one? As in, greet Belial as if he’s there and go over the court case and my desire every single time I perform the evocation? Or would this repetition be considered insulting/disrespectful?

  3. Would be it beneficial to work through the Mastering Divination course simultaneously with the Mastering Evocation exercises? Or does the latter comprise all the necessary practices required to train my senses for sensing and communicating with the spirit?

  4. I’m not sure if Koetting goes over this but I have read that Belial “must have offerings sacrafices & gifts presented to him.” What offerings/gifts/sacrifices are recommended for him?

Greatly appreciate all your help so far. :telescope:

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I never added a personal sigil along with an evocation, for that i would ask belial or go with your intuition, i know some spirits take it as an insult if you call upon another spirit to assist, as for making a sigil for your intent. I feel like that is somewhat different

the second question is a bit tricky. I believe the repetition would be seen as a nuisance, and he might just decide to not help. I would evoke him just once, if you are in a meditative state you should be able to tell if a spirit is there. If you are unsure of your abilities and want a practice before evoking belial i would try another spirit that may assist you in something else.

you should be able to do the exercises from both courses at the same time. There is a degree of overlap especially in the second half of the divination course.

How i go about offerings is this. I find an incense that is associated with the spirit (in belial’s case Frankincense, though I find dragon’s blood is also a good one) I then anoint the sigil with a drop of blood (if you have access to lancets from a drug store those work wonders). and then follow intuition or ask if more offerings are needed, they’ll make it known in one way or another. If you don’t get a strong vision or feeling on what to offer, I always just use wine or alcohol that and a shout out once the job is done is usually seen as enough

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Everyone else is giving great suggestions! I’d add that Agares and Belial working in tandem are a dream team. Tobacco also makes an awesome offering to spirits. Just remember not to grovel before demons, especially Belial.


From personal experience, the necronomicon spirit Zisi is helpful. Back in 2014, a family member of mine was involved in a skirmish with the law, unknowingly, and it could have ended up in a large headache. I called upon Zisi the night before my family member was scheduled to meet law enforcement and the ‘interview’ proceeded smoothly the next day. In a week’s time, she was cleared of all issues and deemed to be innocent by law enforcement.


Holy !@#$%^. It worked.

1.) The ritual to contact Belial was a success. I ended up doing it on Halloween night since the veil between worlds is thinnest then according to the lore. I traced his sigil with pencil from the laptop screen, then went over the tracing with black sharpie on 6" x 6" white printer paper. I had previously bought an expensive bourbon (called Devil’s Share, no less :smiling_imp:), as well as Dragon’s Blood stick incense. After showering to clean myself physically and spiritually, I put on a pair of black jeans and no shirt and went into my temple area around 9 PM or so. I lit my two red candles to either side of my altar, closed the door, and lit the incense, offering it up to Belial. I also poured a glass of the bourbon, offering it to Belial as well. I then sat down in my chair facing my altar and proceeded to meditate for 10-15 minutes, clearing my mind and focusing on my breathing.

Once I felt ready, I started gazing at his sigil and entering the TGS (Theta Gamma Sync). I also chanted his enn (Lirach Tasa Vefa Welhc Belial) over and over and focused with great intent to summon him forth. This phase lasted maybe 20-30 minutes, and finally I could hear a thought, resembling my own almost identically, but subtly different, say “I am here.” I then proceeded to state my desire to make the lawsuit go away with the condition that in so doing no harm would come to myself or any of my loved ones, and that in return for the speedy and satisfactory fulfillment of my desire I would sacrifice my e-cig habit to him as well as give him an online shout-out. I also offered my blood as an offering to Belial, by pricking my thumb and tracing it over the sigil. He telepathically responded with an “Okay” of agreement to the terms. :+1:

After this, I remained in the TGS state and proceeded to commune with him, the details of which I’d rather keep private for now. During this time I also kept going into hard-to-remember, almost hypnagogic/sleep states, where I’d experience weird thoughts/visions in my mind’s eye and then snap out of it. At the same time I felt an almost addicting sense of power, a good feeling of almost intoxication while in touch with his energy. I remember him saying at one point that his essence was that of Power. Finally, after 45 mins to 1 hr of this, I thanked him and said Goodbye. I blew out the candles, let the incense keep burning, and left.

After leaving my room, I went to talk with my girlfriend in order to ground myself only to discover that she was anxiously pacing outside our apartment in the cold. Apparently, she had been just fine watching TV in our living room for the fifteen minutes after the start of my ritual, but right about at the same time as I had moved from meditation to the actual summoning she had felt an incredibly strong negative rush of energy around/by her. She said it felt like something intelligent, alive, and very powerful was in the room or passing by her. It was so intense that she felt she was about to throw up, so she had to rush to leave our apartment. When she walked down the stairs outside she didn’t feel it anymore, but when she came back up to use the bathroom after waiting as long as she could, the instant she got within a certain boundary (and definitely within the apartment itself) she experienced the same rush of overwhelming energy. :electric_plug:

After she mentioned this, I realized that I could notice an almost electric sense of vibrations or energy, concentrating in my temple area but also permeating our bedroom and some of the living room. She felt it a lot more than I did, and it went away eventually (probably 3-4 weeks before it was almost completely gone). Our cats didn’t seem to care about it or even notice, though. I kept his sigil on me or in our apartment continually from that point.

2.) The results have, as of today, manifested precisely as I had asked. The lawsuit has been completely dismissed, very unexpectedly and a little less than a week and a half before the already scheduled court date. My stress has been completely lifted and I feel free to move on without worry, thanks to Belial. And on the plus side, I can also thank him for providing the necessary motivation to kick my straggling nicotine habit! :smiley:

So, thank you, Belial. You’ve helped me tremendously in terms of my material affairs, and not only that, but you’ve given me a most enticing introduction to what intentional magick is like. Thank you, and I can’t wait to work more with you.

Also, I’d like to thank @boredomkill5, @nikki, and @Lady_Eva for all their kind and thoughtful help in answering my many questions. I couldn’t have done it without y’all.

Onwards, and upwards! :sunny:


YAY!! :+1:

AWESOME news, really happy for you, and thanks for taking the time to share this and update us all, I was wondering how things were going. :smiley:

@Verdo get in here, archivist! :wink:


great work man! ill be adding this one to the BALG hall of fame


That is really awesome and thank you for writing about it in such detail.

For the next person dealing with bothersome litigation, let me suggest focusing on its component parts. There’s “the case” itself - but “the case” is made up of a judge, witnesses, lawyers, documents, etc. etc. A custom touch for every aspect of the process may produce even more!


Nice touch amigo


Really glad for you, and yeah, Belial is awesome. :slight_smile:


Cheers to your success :slight_smile: :beers:

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I will not and cannot lie Belial does wonders in a court case.

I cannot go into specifics but, let’s just say carrying his charged sigil into the courtroom led to a complete and utter dismissal.

Had I been charged or otherwise plead guilty it would have ruined my chance at an expungement that King Paimon put in place.

It’s actually comical when you witness the confusion of emotion versus logic and you win.

Hail Belial and Hail King Paimon.


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