Nine Entities I Work With

With a friend, I’ve been working on a list of correspondences for nine entities we both work with. At his behest, his name is being left off of this post.

The entities are Shotab, Ghruelier, Naotabas, Kimeron, Malais, Letima, Vorcalis, Jusoro, and Iellet. They have asked to be made known to the world, and as their friend, I am releasing them here.

They are willing to work with “most” that call upon them. However, I would be advised that there are not set, determined sigils for these entities: meditate on one of them and begin automatic drawing in order to receive a sigil for your personal connection to the entity in question.

If you have experiences with any of these entities, and they give permission, feel free to post about them on this thread. As I’ve come to learn, they love the publicity.

Also, please note: the “Powers” category designates how their magical influence expresses on the physical world, usually regardless of what work is being done. As some may know, sufficiently advanced spirits are capable of doing any type of work, yet some specialize in a particular field, such as these entities. The “Powers” category refers to their chosen method of manifestation.

The list of correspondences follows.


Sex: Male
Zodiac: Gemini, Aries, Libra
Planetary: Mercury, Mars, Sol, Venus, Saturn
Elemental: Fire, Water
Species: Demon
Animals: King Cobra, Oyster, Grizzly Bear
Colors: Black, White, Red
Powers: Conflict, Resolution, and Death
Function: Warrior (attack and defense magic)


Sex: Male
Zodiac: Taurus
Planetary: Saturn, Pluto, Mercury
Elemental: Earth, air
Species: Ghoul (Djinn subspecies)
Animals: Worm, Beetle, Ant, Dragonfly
Colors: Black, Green, White, Brown, Red
Powers: Nature, Decay, Imprisonment, Humanity
Function: Jailer (Bindings and undoing)


Sex: Sexless/Androgynous
Zodiac: Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer
Planetary: Sol, Mercury, Luna, Saturn
Elemental: Fire, earth, water
Species: God of Tar
Animals: T-Rex, Triceratops
Colors: Black, Red, Brown, Grey
Powers: Death, Decay, Destruction
Function: Stopper (slowing things, binding things, ending things, etc.)


Sex: Male
Zodiac: Gemini, Pisces, Sagiitarius
Planetary: Sol, Luna, Mars, Venus
Elemental: Fire, water, air
Species: Loa (seemingly self-proclaimed, uncertain of whether or not this is legitimate)
Animals: Peacock, Vulture, Flamingo
Colors: Pink, White, Purple, Brown, Orange, Green
Powers: Nature and Humanity
Function: Diplomat/Controller (magic to bend people to your will, and similar things.)


Sex: Female
Zodiac: Aries, Cancer, Virgo
Planetary: Sol, Mars, Venus, Jupiter
Elemental: Fire, Air
Species: Angel
Animals: Viper, Pheasant, Gorilla
Colors: White, Red, Orange, Pink, Purple
Powers: Varies
Function: Accumulator/Bridge (bridges entities, energies, and initiations, in addition to collects such things for rituals, in which she is a jack-of-all-trades.)


Sex: Female
Zodiac: Gemini, Cancer, Capricorn, Sagiitarius
Planetary: Mercury, Luna, Saturn, Jupiter
Elemental: Water, earth, air
Species: Mermaid
Animals: All fish
Colors: Blue, Black, White, Violet, Crimson
Powers: Esoteric Water, Esoteric Earth, Esoteric Air
Function: Ruler (can introduce you to other water spirits, teach you, protect you, guide you, and so on.)


Sex: Female
Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aries, Taurus
Planetary: Sol, Luna, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Neptune
Elemental: Tetrapolar (earth, air, fire, water)
Species: Ascended Human/Titaness of Magic
Animals: Men, Trout, Lion, Beaver
Colors: Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple
Powers: Nature, Humanity, Time, Esoteric Elements (all four)
Function: Sorceress/Patron (Like Ruler, but will teach you more, and will initiate you into her ways.)


Sex: Male
Zodiac: Taurus, Cancer, Aries
Planetary: Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto
Elemental: Tetrapolar
Species: Ascended Human/God of Kings and Warriors
Animals: Bear, Lion, Boar, Ram, Wolf
Colors: Black, Red, Orange, White, Yellow
Powers: Esoteric Elements (all four), Humanity, Authority, Government
Function: Ruler/Warrior (performs both functions)


Sex: Female
Zodiac: Cancer, Capricorn, Sagiitarius, Aries, Taurus
Planetary: Neptune, Pluto, Venus, Mars, Luna
Elemental: Tetrapolar
Species: Demon Queen
Animals: Black Mamba, Great White Shark, Hagfish, Black Bear
Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Violet
Powers: Cosmic (most, basically)
Functions: Ruler (She is also top dog of these spirits, she is their superior)


On another forum, an individual brought up a good point. I will echo my response to him, here:

Yes, it is true that these spirits are capable of far more than just performing their function. No, that is not the only function they have, or purpose they serve. For instance, you can use Naotabas in a love spell, and unless you want the object of your desire to begin adoring you from your actions as a shoulder to cry on for her as her entire family is murdered, you’d be better off asking someone like Vorcalis.

An example of this would be with Shotab, before I knew he was a warrior entity. I asked him to assist me in getting a raise at my 9-5 at the time… and instead, the company collapsed.

Upon evoking Shotab to ask him what exactly went wrong, he described to me the levels of corruption at the corporate level, and since he had unsuccessfully tried to cut away at the corruption enough to find a raise for me in there, he decided to tank the entire corporation.

Thirteen days later, I got a more specialized job offer, from a different company, which was paying nearly double what I was offered from the company Shotab slew.

When I asked about who had my previous position, a coworker told me that roughly four days after Shotab’s summoning, and the day after the company collapsed, my predecessor was killed by criminals in the city he had gone on vacation in. Two men mugged him, and when he tried to fight back, he was shot in the stomach.

So those are just some examples for you to chew on.


i’m taking some time to carefully go over mastering evocation again, but i plan to put ALL of these spirits to HARD use in the next little while.

question: is kimeron the same as cimejes/kimaris from goetia? the descriptions for both are very similar and immediately i thought of kimaris, especially after seeing where you said he described himself as a loi.

Good! I suggest, if the spirits permit, posting about your experiences with them, as well, or at least privately contact me.

Also, if you like these entities and intend to work with them, I suppose you should consider yourself lucky: since I posted this, I’ve had nearly thirty separate entities I’ve been working with or have worked with approach me and ask for the same.

question: is kimeron the same as cimejes/kimaris from goetia? the descriptions for both are very similar and immediately i thought of kimaris, especially after seeing where you said he described himself as a loi.

Actually, that’s a good question. I never personally investigated any link between the two, but it is plausible.

will do

pm me as many of them as you want, the more the merrier. i have discovered the joys of convocation and will be doing a ton of that in the future.

I should have the next post of eight entities ready soonish. Unlike these entities, the eight that are next to be released are all family, and are all demons.

Can you - I shit ye not - get me a 21st century spirit to look after DOGS - Mussies hate them, this is quite a serious problem, I LOVE dogs and I care that they’re protected, they’re fucking brilliant, so this actually would be my choice if I could have one please mate. :slight_smile:


i have one for dogs. jack 558 from sorceress cagliastro’s 26 demons grammar.

i’ll dm you the sigil and ritual.

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Specifically for the protection of dogs? Or a dog warrior spirit, etc.? I know of both, and possibly more depending on what exactly you’re looking for.