Magick as a force?

From your perspective, is magic an actual force that can be used to accomplish things through non-ordinary, non-mundane means? Every psychologist worth their salt would say that your chances of finding a certain type of job will be maximized if you are trained in the field, have an outgoing personality, are well groomed and not fat, are dressed sharply, use your social contacts, and network in the right circles. So that’s a given. I’m not talking about that. I’m asking if one’s magickal power can be used to draw things into your life that cannot be attributed to one of these mundane means? For example, can it be used to draw a specific target-person into your life when no ordinary means are available?


Magick takes the form of least resistance imo the easier the path then easier that magick but so long as there is a path for something to happen you can make it happen and as @TheStorm said when you get to the point of being godlike you can do shit like that

I mean, everything in the universe is a force. Energy, to be exact. Energy is the same as mass multiplied by the speed of light squared, which means everything tangible is energy, and energy is everything. So with that logic, if we can control energy in large quantities, we can do quite a lot. In fact my experience with healing myself is likely my brain interpreting a field of conscious energy that we have attributed the name “Sekhmet” in a way where it can understand what was happening. Spirits are beings of energy and likely live in a world where time-travel is as regular as planar travel (i.e, 2D walking) is to humans.
“Magic” is a phrase that basically embraces that to its fullest potential, whether we can attribute science to it or not. It’s part psychological, part energetic, part chemical and part chronological. (Mind, matter, emotion, time). LaVey was right to say magic is psychodrama and has its place in the mundane, but he didn’t believe in spiritual alchemy or literal life force, which in all lead his works to the realm of philosophy. Crowley (interestingly, also one of LaVey’s inspirations) was basically the opposite; he focused so much on the energy and time-altering aspects that he basically became a magic junkie (with sex and drug addiction being a byproduct of that). The full truth is that magic is both physical and spiritual. It’s a force beyond the worlds that grazes on our plane.

I was thinking about that while replying in this forum recently… It may be “magic” both the system and what is studied by the system: a force, indeed, and more in detail human forces, cosmic forces, spirits.

Yeah, aside from the flashy stuff like @TheStorm names, if I sent an intent to find a specific thing when I go out (perfect new bag for winter, shoes, something for the house) I WILL get it, obviously I have to go in shops, to state the obvious, I also find I get closer results if I up the “noise” which means shopping junk shops, even charity shops (central & west London, they have some amazing quality thinbgs, not old tat) because that way the causal lines are not limited by what’s in fashion that season.

The more lines you have to deliver, the more likelihood of getting the right thing, but I’m frankly amazed if I know what I want, set the intent, and yet DON’T come home with whatever it is, that concept is for normal people! :laughing:

I’m also really good at meeting the right people when I need to, and if I had a specific need to meet someone, I am confident I could arrange factors so our lives crossed paths, obviously again if you want a job or something, you have to be able to deliver once you get that break, have the right attitude, and be able to make a good first impression. My little “social climbing” guide has everything I know about that, those are the kinds of things that will set you apart just enough that a chance meeting can turn into something more. :thumbsup:


Yep. Which is probably why I don’t deal well with not getting what I aim for, lol. For me, control issues were never a thing until I was in a position to actively get what I want.


jboy, if you’re really looking for experiences of what magick can do (i noticed you have had a lot of doubts about this stuff), i strongly suggest you visit the link i shared with you earlier. Its basically a compendium of the best success stories with magick on balg. I know you said you havent been on much because the new site format makes it difficult to find old threads so i think you’ll find it very useful for building your confidence in magick. Many of the successes in there came without the user having to do much, or anything at all (This is especially true if you look at the baneful success stories i posted in there). As someone else said, magick works the path of least resistance, but it doesnt necessarily NEED your help to get you what you want. Again, check out those stories. Some of them will surprise you.

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Yes, they are quite impressive to say the least. I appreciate the time you spent compiling them. Thanks.