Most common / unique or most effective curse you've done?

Thank you. If you have her details, you can petition and evoke which spirit you want to assist you.

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I’ve already sent Belial to her. I like your way of thinking. Protecting the children is number one. I think I will get Hekate involved in this as well.

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My best one was used on my ex shortly after ripping my family in 2. A few Christmas’ ago I had lost my job just before the holiday. I was devastated. Two months later she left me, work was hard to find and I was gone every day filling applications everywhere. 3 days after this she began seeing someone else. A few days later she was bringing him to our home and having sex with him. I could go on and on, but that’s enough there to garner the emotional charge built up.

After a few months of this, I got her brush and her hair. I mean all of it so it was a very nice handful.

Using all the emotions stored inside me I called upon everything and cursed her to bad luck, horrible relationships, insanity, and everything i had experienced in tenfold.

Shortly after she was popping pills, drinking, flirting with my friends in front of her new boy toy. She told my neighbor (who lol is now my gf) that she felt like she was losing her mind.

But it gets better.

She was being physically/sexually attacked anytime she was in the bathroom alone. She was having sleep paralysis every night.

This continued until one day she went rummaging through my stuff while I was at a new, higher paying job. She found her hair and have it to someone else to handle.

She has since returned to making my life a living hell.

Since she did not learn her lesson, nor let me live in peace (she is pissed i’m dating the neighbor, who is a ten my ex being like a … 2 Lol) I have this pull to get grave dirt and poisonous plants. I’m not sure why but I just have this feeling this is stuff I need and I’m pretty certain this time I’m being guided. But…by whom…


Same type of situation myself and no return to sender or curse spells helped me and the situation has brought me to wits end. Ive kinda given up that justice will happen.
Evenmoreso now battling with negs … and fed up and drained with trying. Too many against me no one really on my side… and I physically feel like I am under attack now too
Is there something simple and effective I can do now or anyone who feels a calling to send help my way PLEASE do

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Bumping an old thread if anyone wants to share yet again.

Curse I did with Eshmak, summoned Him and offered coins.

Wrote on Target’s printed photo what was wanted as Eshmak controls thoughts and actions. She was a recovering drug addict.

Requested a relapse and hatred towards her boyfriend along with some others which will probably gradually manifest.

Within the next day she is back on opioids, a large amount, and a month goes by she is texting me about how she is tired of her boyfriend and they’re on a break. Then he’s kicked her out. I am excited to see further results. She seems to be going insane, maybe the drugs, texting me despite how she hates me.


Seems like shes desperate lmao. Her body and guides maybe trying to feel out your energy though so be careful


She has no guides, she is an atheist luckily… do believe she has a lot of parasites attached to her thanks to me.

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I have gone over a couple different curses in different threads so I wont post them here. But I do have PLENTY of juicy curse stories!

I think one of the curses that I really found unique was turning a bible thumping religious zealot, who was threatening my family into a rape magnet. She ended up being raped roughly half a dozen times in about four months. Got committed to a mental hospital because of it, got raped by an orderly, and then committed suicide. Considering what she was doing I consider it fair justice.


i wont share all, but heres a simple one. one night i looked up at the sky, with her in mind.
“Moon in the sky - wax and wane,
for every pound i wane,
may she wax the same.”

i was being spiteful over an ex lover, and id never met his new one, but i knew from pics she was slim at the time. Years later i met her, and while i was trim and slim, she was quite fat. I had an eating disorder when i cast and fluxed my poundage often, so i “waned” often. it was such a simple thing i did it and moved on so when i met her later on i was shocked.


How did you do this?

How did you do this?

@Yuki1 As the archdemon of both lust and wrath, Asmodeus can also instruct you on how to to use sexuality as a weapon. This particular curse calls on one of his generals who specializes in just that, weaponized sexuality.

The exact rite will be covered in my upcoming book “The Red Emperor” slated for publishing in late 2021. It deals with “red Magick”, which is specifically workings of love, lust, domination, and wrath. It is the magick of passions. A special arena of magick, known well to Asmodeus. However the spirit I enlisted for this curse will revealed in my upcoming book “The Crown of Fire”, Which deals with the initiatory rites of Asmodeus, his methods of spirit evocation, as well as seals/names/descriptions of each of the generals of his 72 legions. that book is due in November of 2020.


Oh, ok. Thank you for your answer. Didn’t know Asmodeus could bê this specific.

Watatow!!! Now, that’s hexing power!

Can’t wait for that book.
Also bumping this thread because holy shit theres some quality reading here.

Quimbanda is powerful

Nothing is a coincidence and everything is a coincidence.

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Sending 3 similar spirits to do a task does the trick especially by stubborn targets. Like 3 water spirits or 3 fire spirits and so on


I thought that was a big no no asking different spirits to do the same task. How do you do this? Do you call them all together?