Just got out! (thanks again Belial)

So I haven’t posted on here or replied to anybody because I just got out of jail an hour ago.

When I went in I had a C and a D felony against me.
The first thing I did when I got put on my block was take a small pencil and carve Belials sigil into a desk in one of the cells.
Under all the stress I was able to trance out just enough to open the shoddy handed sigil.I asked that the charges be dropped and that I get out.

I went to court 2 days later and found that they didn’t even have paperwork on the C felony (which is worse) and after making a phone call I found that there’s not enough evidence for them to really hold the D felony on me.
But the judge still wasn’t letting me out.

My paycheck came in today and I had a family member go pick it up but it wasn’t enough to bail me out.

I again opened the sigil in what funnily enough had became my cell and asked that my family come up with the remainder of the cash to get me out.

Just a few hours later and here I am!!!



A “C” felony… good luck with your problem. We are all interested to see how this shakes out for you. Let us know if your case gets tossed.

And keep your nose clean until you are powerful enough to wave your hand and make evidence disappear!

Maybe I wasn’t clear.

The C felony has already been dropped and there is NO evidence on the D felony.

I go to court at the end of next month so I have a month to work on this.


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My bad.

I wasn’t paying attention. Keep us informed.

Nice dude, I always wanted to know if Belial would work in a pressure situation like that. Welcome back to the general population.

Thank you Michael!