Another structuring success

Ah the great power of omnipotence, creating something out of nothing, I structured a three dimensional object.

The object itself was a red dragon scaled candle, i thought I have never saw one before so this should be a great challenge.

A week after that, my grandmother calls me to the house and says I bought a couple things for you at the market.

In this bag was various things like white pillar candles and incense then right at the bottom of the bag low and behold.

There it is the SAME identical candle, exactly the same, I have never gone to market either and I don’t even know how to get there.

The fast manifestation of the object is great this is my fourth object i have manifested out of the air.

Anyway thought it was a experience worth sharing.

Yours Sincerely

Conner Kendall.


Is this done in the incense smoke or black mirror or just in the air


In fire.


Because I had a similar experience, haven’t had Hennessy in a while structured a bottle in thin air for practice not actually intended on manifestation of it.
later that night went to a club l, everyone was buying me that drink.


Many years ago, when I asked Asmodeus to procure me one banknote (and I got it), maybe it arrived or maybe it appeared out of nothing… Anyway more recently I tried to “create” a jewel-cased game, without smoke or fire, unsuccessfully. Perhaps it could be done, but I guess it would be exhausting; I’d have to ponderate the first “choice”.


Kind of reminds me of when I was sitting down and said I’m hungry… then went outside next thing I know 3 different people gave me food :smiling_imp:


I am in the process of manifesting a newer vehicle. Still waiting. This has inspired me to do it again but a little differently. Thank you! I know it’s coming but sometimes it takes a while.

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Very interesting. Added your experience to the thread of success stories What are some other things youve managed to structure? i havent really practiced this much mainly because ive been focused on evocation but maybe ill try it out

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