Tired of someone benefitting from their "chronic illness"

she took advantage of him to get benefits that’s all. We call them fake people. Everyone has gone through being betrayed and used.

Your opinion is respected, I simply stated the story behind it. I’m upset and bitter that my time, money and efforts were spent on someone undeserving. So thank you for your input.

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I don’t get it , but whatever .

And we are telling you to curse and move on instead of dwelling on it like it’s a trauma. It’s recently happen to me too and i curse those that cause the betrayal and just don’t let it get to me. I do what i have to do to feel better. In my case it was a 3rd party getting involve and messing things up to get the person to be enemies from misunderstanding. Mine was more life/death situation. Pretty serious stuff. So it took lots of time and resources since it’s life/death situation brain surgery recovery related. Even worse , it was a soul friend too. Not just some friend. I wouldn’t do so much for friends if they don’t mean much to me.


@note_dude You know how it is. From betrayal. People’s feelings get hurt so they feel anger/rage. He’s just letting things out which is good. however, he needs to release by cursing for the wrong he felt.

I’m more someone to encourage praying to The Archangel Michael . He deals with punishment .

i’m reminded of the stupid sayinig. “No Good deeds goes unpunished.” and somehow bad deeds gets rewarded.

this just means be careful of who you help in future.


Lol I’m actually a female. And I understand your point of view. Like I said, I was just relaying the backstory and figured someone could point me in the right direction as to what curses I can use in order achieve justice for this particular situation. Not for everyone else she’s using. Just me. Rose94 gave me a place to start so I’ll look into it. Don’t want to kill the person, but I was used and simply want justice. So again, thank you for your time and input. I mean that with sincerity.


same concept applies. gender don’t matter…

It’s not easy to get death spell working anyways. lol If it was then everyone be dying faster than the corona virus. We get magick users who are trigger happy casting left and right over every little disagreements.

Like now literally, i get homeless blasting music in alleyway of building i live in. If i can cast death magic easily. i would of casted already.

Agreed. But I wouldn’t necessarily call this little nor is it a life/death situation. It’s more of a case (for me at least) of someone needing a dose of their own medicine.

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here’s some success stories for ideas.

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Oh dear. King Belial might be good for this.

I worked with King Belial recently via letter of intent regarding someone similar: She would hide behind her depression whenever she did something wrong. Hours later she was facing herself. I cut her off, though she didn’t stop, and I got harassed by her friends because of it. But through this, she was still facing the reality of what she’s like and no doubt that she still is.

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Wait why would her friends harass you? For cutting her off? So you were pegged as the villain I take it?

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Yeah, basically. However, I know the truth. With King Belial, people will be forced to see themselves as others do. However, I’m just saying what’s worked.

I do believe it would be better for you to cut this person out of your life. You’ll feel so much better.


Why do you keep reading her comments if she annoys you?

And every day you choose to read it.

You’re as stuck as she is, getting salty that she doesn’t meet your definition of deserving. :thinking:

If you fuck her up and she gets really ill, who wins? Why not try healing her instead?

People who are whiny and pitiful do usually have some pain, somewhere, what if she was horrifically abused as a child or something, and cannot face that, so she presents something she can tolerate sharing?

Many cases of psychosomatic illness are variable, as you describe the way she can go out etc., but unrelated to the true problem.

Kicking someone when they’re down (even if they’re part-pretending) never helps anyone. At best you’ll just make her story come true. At worse, you could have wronged a person in real pain.


I’ve read so many posts on here of people doing what they please just because they feel like they can. And per the guidelines, there’s no judging. Yet I’ve pretty much been the villain in this entire story when I haven’t done anything to her considering I lost money because of her lies. It feels like the message is that I should turn the other cheek in this case. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. She’s also not stupid to not know what she’s doing. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I respect yours as well, but the only thing I can honestly agree with that most have said on here is to cut her off. And I did that today, which is why I posted this. Out of mere frustration and anger. But who’s going to give me back what I lost? No one. Sure you can also argue that it was my decision to have helped someone out, but it wasn’t my decision to be conned.

Edit: And by not having done anything to her, I mean I literally have not done anything to her. No spells, rituals work, made her life a living hell in person, etc. I’m simply angry at the fact that she got away with it and at my expense. I don’t care who else falls for her tricks, I was simply asking for my sake, not for anyone else’s. Tis all.


I don’t think you’re the villain! But you did ask:

Honest opinion given. :hamster:

She may not be able to do better. I know some people who do variations of this, but two of them have horrendous pasts that have obviously fucked them up in other ways.


I understand you want others to see what you see.
I’ve been in a situation like this too, with a co-worker. It was a different kind of behavior, totally different situation. But because of this I understand your desire to show other people what kind of person she truly is. You’re not a villain for feeling like this.

But in this case I agree with this:

In some cases it’s best to simply cut the chords.
Stop filling your mind with her issues.
Stuff like that was the main reason I got rid of most social media accounts years ago.
I’m only communicating through whatsapp, discord and well, this forum.
Dont focus too much on people whose behaviour makes you mad.


I have really thought about that. I mean based on what I know about her, but she’s always spoken about having a great childhood. I really did try to look at this from all possible angles. And I’m not going to lie, I really am bitter I got tangled up in her lies and just wanted some form of justice. I mean even what you suggested of healing her, it wasn’t something that crossed my mind. I was no longer thinking of her “well-being” because of how much she uses the martyr card. I was thinking more of myself at this point because thinking about her got me nowhere. Sure I’m being selfish now but it’s the honest truth.


You’re absolutely right. I should’ve cut the chords sooner. I agree with everyone else who has also said this.