Amon ALWAYS deliver fast! Ex-return /reconciliation

Like… i have no words, i am under shock right now!

I asked Amon 2 days ago to make a guy crawl back to me, he had blocked me 2 month ago God knows why and i just received a text from him saying he is sorry for acting childish and he is just crawling on his knees :scream::scream::scream:

Everytimes i asked Amon for something, i got it 2 days later never more, so people, if you are looking for ex-return or reconciliation ask Amon 1st-no brainer!


Which method of summoning did you use?


it took me exactly 5 min

i printed the picture of the guy-small enough so i could hide it in my phone case- i draw over the sigil of Amon over his face and i activated the sigil by blowing air on it several times. and i talked to the sigil/ picture saying that “xxx” you come back to me, you want to talk to me , you want to reconcile
then i put the picture into my phone case , and everytime i charge my phone it charges the sigil
it took less than 48 hours


I’ve called Amon before about a year ago for this reason using Demons of Magick and it worked but not this fast though so this time I will be using your method Thank You.


when i use demons of magick , for me they do not deliver, they take this as a betrayal because i have always been working directly with them.

if you trust them there is no need for other " protection" just be true to yourself and know what you want


Interesting stuff as one if the abillities of Amon is to pair human together in terms of love, the form of love is not really talked about much we think it means physical love/lust, not spiritual love. Plus before he Amun Ra he was known as the Kikg of the Gods, anyway this was pretty cool to see Amon talked about on here as I currently work with the modern mask of him, Amaymon.


Amon “Ra” really works on the spiritual part of love, not lust.
he made me reconcile with my best friend that i have been away for more then 2/3 years, and he made her come back within 3 days as well.
he looks foreward sincerity. he is very gentle and patiente


Good to know the difference as I’ve never worked with him in this way. Some of the info that was out there talked about his power worked on the lustful side of love but it wasn’t quite clear. Good to know the difference, many thanks. :slight_smile:

Also @ebdr congratulations on your success! :slight_smile: plus I will be sure to explore this aspect of Amaymon in due time.


Hail great Amon!!! I bear witness to this, I called upon him and I’m still in awe of how quickly my request was fulfilled!!! Thank you OP, I improvised slightly. I saw little changes a few hours after doing this but me being a dumbass just didn’t want to believe it. Even last night I asked Great Amon respectfully, if that was going to be it…and I got a message that I shouldn’t do the offering just yet. Total of 3 days all together, wasn’t a very friendly exchange from my side at first (idiot ikr) but my request has been granted. Forever thankful and praising you great Amon!


Hi can you please share with me Amon’s sigil thanks :slight_smile:


Hopefully this helps you!


thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ll evoke Amon tonight. Hopefully, a positive outcome will come out of it.


When you ask something from Amon do you offer him something in return when he does deliver? And what? Alcohol or something more?


I actually tried this on Sunday and holy crap balls y’all while it didn’t get my ex back it certainly helped the situation!


Lovely! I’ll certainly try this! Thank you.

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Alright so I replied to this about 20ish hours ago and my ex came over today well things got a little crazy and I think you all know what happened and he openly admitted that he has feelings for me still so although we aren’t together yet, we still have results!
Hail Amon!


Did you draw the entire sigil with the circles and name around the circumference? Amazing!!

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@edbr can you explain a little more about your situation? How long broken up and how bad was the breakup? Did your ex tell people there was 0% chance of getting back etc?


Hi, can you plz explain me little bit did u envok him or did u write petition to him? And suppose if we invok him do we feel something like dizzy head or heat? can u describe how he appears n lastly can you plz share his enn Thanks

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