Best demon/archetype to embody for abundance manifestation?

I’m tired of this new world BS, having to work a job I hate, not being able to even think about the things I like or do do the things I love because I’m too busy just making money to invest it, not even to spend it on me, TO SEE IF I can eventually have a decent life that doesn’t require me to work because I have to but because I want to.

So, which is the best archetype or demon or whatever you call it, to embody; I don’t mind creating an alter ego to host it as long as I provides me with wealth and abundance in all positive aspects. And most importantly how do I do it?

thx in advance.

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I hear you, very well. And I understand your frustration.

And this is perhaps not the answer you were asking for but… the way I see it… when it comes to wealth and abundance it’s primarily about changing your own attitude and inherited (limiting) beliefs about money, wealth, and abundance - more so than adapting an archetype. As we grow up we are taught false beliefs about what it entails, and we are taught to believe in the lack of it and to reinforce the idea of lack of it. Now this is especially tricky because when you think that you ‘cannot afford something’ that in itself is a reinforcing belief system. And as a you create what you think about, that’s what you’re gonna get. It’s bastardous, really.

So, I would, as a starter, recommend that you go through the four first rituals Henry Archer’s 7 Occult Money Rituals - these will help you raise above a mindset of poverty - which will help you let go of your focus of lack, and to relax into an abundance mindset instead. Trust me, they work, and the paperback is only 8 bucks. It’s the most rewarding investment you will ever make.

And then I would recommend petitioning various daimons for wealth, Clauneck, good Duchess Bune, and Belphegore, to name a few.

I think that you should start there. A major shift like this starts within your own mind in the beginning so you should start there, and then work to either find an archetype that suits your needs, or to develop one of your own. :slight_smile:

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Also, never ever perform money magick out of a desperation mindset. It will backfire because subconsciously you are still focusing on the lack of it, and that’s what you will create more of… and it will serve to pull money away from you. Trust me, I’ve done that more than once :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: