Rich magickians

@Dinmiatus ok that seems really interesting so do you think that things like law of attraction or law of vibration work better than ceremonial magick or other types of magick ?

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He was into the occult. He’s best business project was opening a church.
Osho was also very rich, Sathya Sai Baba, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and I guess many others.
Hose Silva also made an empire with his techniques.


Ok interesting examples thank you so much but do you have any thoughts on the how part ?


Hose’s story is quite interesting, if not made up. He won lottery :slight_smile:


Ok cool thanks


you should know that most people tend to keep their work in the occult a total secret. But people do get rich from the occult. Theres a few stories in here that i linked to of users using magick to get large amounts of cash and lucrative promotions


Keep in mind true adepts tend to lose the craving for material mundane objects along their journey. On the flip side many of the rich do not claim to be in the occult.


True, deeper i get into the work i find so long as i have enough for the supplies i need to get and my projects im good.


I’ve been rich and been broke too and now swiftly climbing to rich again. So I guess it’s all a matter of personal behavior. Have you ever read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad? In it the author explains that he spent a lot of time with a friend and his rich dad who became a sort of money mentor to him. Some make the claim that being rich has something to do with intelligence. His own father was a university professor who struggled just to make ends meet. His friends rich dad never went to college and failed in highschool.
The truth of it is you are either a person who is money literate or you are not. If you know what a financial statement is you probably are doing ok if you don’t then chances are you are broke.
Also much of it depends on attitude towards finances and this is especially damning for magicians or people with greater manifestation power. They live with an attitude that money is hard to come by and so therefore unconsciously they manifest an environment in which money becomes hard to come by. Add the fact that nobody ever showed them how to manage money and it becomes a downward spiral.
People with creative and intelligent personalities have a tendency to like being excessive and are prone to addiction. They can also be more spontaneous than others and this leads to a personality that is not as plan oriented and tends to go more on a whim.
These attributes are great for survival in a situation like a hunter gatherer lifestyle where improvisation is much needed. However in our modern society one must be strategic, organized, and disciplined. Many people gravitate towards magick because it teaches these things and for magicians that stick with it end up becoming more well rounded and responsible people. This in turn leads to being more successful in life in general.
As for the seemingly disproportionate number of magicians struggling it is mostly people new to the occult. When people are successful in manifesting the life they want they have a tendency to stop learning (one of Cicero’s six mistakes) especially by aquiring the habit of reading and studying. Contentment brings complacency and so you don’t run into the well to do magicians on forums as much as people looking for answers to solve their problems of poverty. People like myself enjoy helping and so we seemingly represent a smaller segment of the magickal community but it’s only all a trick of perception.


This is where having systems in place to kick you that kick in the pants if you get too complacent comes in handy.


Also consider how a lot of “magicians” view money. One of the biggest gripes people in the occult have with guys like EA is the fact that he charges money for some of his material…and because he does, he’s labelled as a scammer. So right away, you can see that they associate money with evil. Unless you’re producing iPhones or something, a lot of people feel like when money is brought into anything, its suddenly a scam or corrupt. I’m willing to bet that same mentality creeps into their personal lives as well, where they basically make themselves always available for everyone for free, they slave away at a job they hate for scraps, and they go home wondering why they can barely afford a pack of cigarettes. From what ive seen so far, a plurality of people in the occult are RHPers, and these are people who can barely touch a love spell without having qualms about it.


Yes, some of them use Magick to affect the collective unconscious without realizing it and maybe they do( maybe they realize it)

A prime example of this being Beyoncé, you can find many esoteric principles and even a vodun goddess in her album : Lemonade


The Vatican is full of wealthy wizards.


Not to mention countless leaders in Africa. They dont even hide how they got it.

I know a few women who got every single material thing they sought…however

"to whom much is given, much is expected "


So why can’t we see normal people achieve such things ?


Just like I asked @Jpj why can’t we see normal people who got such results ?

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They do, normal people do. I have gotten what I wanted through magick, and there have been times when I know no amount of $$$ would fix the problem.


I don’t know…

I’m talking about BIG results

Not just manifesting some extra cash


Maybe we can, who’s to say? There are over 2,700 billionaires on earth, how many of them were assisted by magick? How would we know? I don’t know how be to be objective about that.


True, but L. Ron Hubbard engaged in magick under false pretenses. He was not sincere at all. He became rich because he was a con man.

Before he became involved with the OTO in California he made it clear to many people that he was researching different religious groups in the area (some magickal some not) trying to find one he felt was ripe to “take over”. He almost succeeded with OTO except for one problem. OTO already had a “fearless leader” that had no intentions of stepping down. So he saw the fatal flaw in his own plan. Instead of taking over an existing group - he had to start his own from scratch. Tada…Scientology.