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Thank you Glasya-labolas. I’ve been evoking him before divination, while it’s not expressly in his job description I believe, he is reputed to know all things past, present and future. Four readings I’ve done in a row seem to have been accurate, and with a medium I’ve struggled with over the years, at least for myself. Thank you again, Glasya-labolas!


I would like to show my thanks and appreciation to all of the following spirits. Each and every single one came through for me and delivered what i asked for through perfectly timed synchronicity.

Belial made me more fearless and aggressive, and eager to take charge of my self and my life. Unlocked my inner power.

Admodai made me a better fighter with more technical skill. I learn how to control my body better each day and learn new martial arts skills each day too.

Gremori brought material gifts that i will definitely keep and use. Everything i was given should last me a very very long time and has serves multiple purposes.

Bime brought me cash out of the blue and opened up pathways for me to earn extra cash each month in a side career that i will enjoy.

Vine improved my magickal powers and abilities. I saw my will being influenced in my world faster than ever before. Really really fast manifestations.

King Paimon improved my occult practises last year, and i have only been growing stronger since. He also revived my love for writing music and my songwriting gets better and flows more naturally.

Sitri and Beleth both sparked desire in a girl i liked, she expressed desire for me on multiple occasions. There is no mistaking how effective these two can be.

Zepar brought opportunities for casual sex into my life. I am very happy.

Sallos brought opportunities for long term relationships into my life. I am very happy.

I have several options and choices and these spirits are amazing at what they can achieve.

Andrealphus gave me my most intense memoriable lucid dream that i can ever remember. I learned so much from this.

Every single spirit i have mentioned are powerful and i will definitely work with them again. I reccomend you to do the same.


Thank you Duchess Bune for continual increased monetary flow and for exciting new seeds being planted.

Thank you Lilith for your wisdom and assistance.

Thank you Lucifer for everything.


Thank you, Lucifer. I’ve just started working with him. And already I can feel much more positive things happening in my life. I know everything is going to work out with his guidance and help. And protection. I didnt even ask and he seems to be keeping me safe from my boyfriend and maybe even fixing his mental issues. My magick is even getting stronger. So super thanks to Lucifer. Definitely.


First time working with intranquil spirits, and would like to say thank you for all their help and assistance… Way beyond my expectations. Thank you

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Okay this I definitely am getting results from working with these entities. Something that has never happened to me before and is usually very unlikely to happen actually happened. I went to an interview for a job at a company that I would actually love to work for. I went for an assistant manager position.(I have no manager experience at all) The interview went great the guy said he woul make his decision within 48 hours. I asked during my interview if someone within the company was apply for the same position. he said yes. The next day he calls me and says hes offering me the store manager position which is above the position I interviewed for and much better paying with additional benefits!

I could not believe it! This has never happened to me before in my life! ever! So to anyone out there who has doubts about entities being able to help and magic actually giving results just realize this shit is very real and works! You must be respectful though and actually try and be persistent.If something doesnt work out the first time sont just give up and think is all bs bc its not.

One thing I did was take the business card of the person who interviewed me and placed it in a book touching all the sigils of the entities I have called on to help aid me in this. I thought it would help and it seemed like it did, I stated my intentions as in sway this persons mind to choose me.

if I got the offered the position I interview for I would still have been grateful and recognize the help of the entities for the result. But this is just above and beyond in the best way what I though would happen.

My first post on here was saying how some of the jobs I was applying for were around minimum wage and how I wouldnt do them and now I got offered a job double that with awesome perks and benefits. These entities are truly my friends, I have only been into magic a couple months and I’m already seeing results!

These guys are the real deal!
Praise be to Lucifer, Bune,King Paimon, Hala’thor,Lilith, and all of their servants who have helped me!!! Thank you all very much and may you keep blessing me with opportunities to better my self and my life!


Holy crap this worked so well.

Thank you Vapula, Andrealphus and Asmodai, for helping me with summer classes. I never thought just burning your sigils and asking for help would get my grade in one class from a C to a B in a week and pass my current classes. I need to give you something soon.


I want to thank Clauneck for granting my request to overcome my financial problems and add some bonuses
Ahvalen esen Clauneck kiar


Thank you Satan!


Thank you Azazel, it seems you’ve gone out of your way to get my attention, and holy shit man, I’m listening.


Thank you Sallos for my last wish!



Before time, before conceptualization, before matter, before the gods… There was the murky depths. The black ocean.

Thx Santa Muerte for listening to my prays and having patience with me.
My wish is not fulfilled but i see small progress


Thank you Elohim, your guidance and your powers are miraculous. Glory to your most holy name forever!


Thank you Buer for making me tall.
Never thought that one could grow after the age of 23 :blush: and 4 cm in 2 weeks are alot for me.
I am super thankful and amazed how powerful Buer is.


So i officially got the job! I had a background and drug test both of which i was a little worrieedd about. Especially the CORI check because I have a pending OUI charge. I called on Luicifer, BeliaL and Urial specifically for that task and it all worked out. Supposidly a pending charge is supposed to show up but it didnt for me!

I actually binded my license and the hiring persons business card together with white string while putting it between all the sigils of the entities I have called upon!.

So to anyone out there that is skeptical about any of this working I am living proof and Im a newbie.

Great praises to Lucifer, Bune, King Paimon, Halathor, Lilith, and Uriel! and all of the spirits who helped me with this mission!

I want to thank Michael as well for his protection!
Its truly great using magic to effect real change in our realities. Its even more great when you see results that are not just coincidence so you know this shit is legit!

This is only the beginning. I will one day shape everything to my desire and if possible to the benefit of all. thank you to all the entities who have helped me and please continue to do so!


Hail to all spirits who watch over me


Thank u mirror entity idek who you are but thank u so much for making me and my best friend pass the finals even though he was doomed to fail. And for making my enemies fail. :black_heart::black_heart:


Marbas eased my suffering twice this past week. Thank you prez.