Public Thanks to Asmoday

I almost did not do this, but Asmoday came through at the very last minute.

When it was all on the line, my final grade for a bugger of a class in college, my fate up in the air, I called upon Asmoday in total desperation and asked him to aid in me in passing the class with an 80, or rather a B-.

Leading up to today it seemed as if he had not come through. The test before and the recent final exam made my future seem unsure. I was sure that I wasn’t going to make it and fail. I would have to retake this damn math class again. I was in despair and so were a few of my fellow stressed-out and exhausted college buddies, but at the very end I was pleasently surprised.

Low and behold, I somehow pulled out the semester with a B-. I have no idea in hell how considering how I got a 67 on my final and a 75 on the test before it but it worked. I got the grade I desired, I got the outcome I asked for, and in return I promises Asmoday public praise. So, while it is not in my nature to publicly praise someone, I am here to do it.

Thank you, Asmoday, for coming through and doing what I asked of you. Thank you for delivering to me the desire that I requested and for saving me from a possible retake of a horrible class. When all seemed lost and even when I thought you had turned your back on me you came through. All praise to you, Asmoday, and many thanks. I am still working on finals, but the biggest burden has been lifted off of my chest. Hails to you, Asmoday.


Thank you asmoday

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Are you still here? :pleading_face: