Thanking King Paimon

So I had to go into work today to see if I still had a job after being out of work for a week and a half now.

I set an alarm to get up around 4 this morning so my target would still be asleep.

For the first time since I got out I stepped into my temple and laid out my UC which has been collecting dust for quite some time now.

I took my GoP and my hand-crafted sigil for King Paimon both of which TWF beautifully crafted himself and lit a coal in one of my small sensors and began doing the LBRP to center myself.

Once done I burned some frankensense in honour of the king and called out his name.

I also dressed a small black candle in BeWyld Controlling Oil and placed it in between the Gateway and myself.

I lit the candle and began a very quick nonstop scenario in my head of the administrator at my work saying I could keep my job as I gazed into the flame.

Once I felt centered on my goal I began opening the sigil.It took a minute for it to come to life but it did within a few minutes.There was ALOT of mental chatter and just flat out nervousness of the thought of me losing my job but I used a trick I came up with a few months back to deal with it.

I basically do a water elemental breathing exercise only I visualize the water flooding my brain and pouring out my ears and nose while carrying anything that is distracting me along with it. (Have a mind like water and all that) This worked pretty well so I went back to thinking about my job.

I visualized myself being back at work with everyone welcoming me back and how happy I was to be there.

I sat in my temple for about 45 letting go of all the fear and emotions that has plagued me from being out of work this long.

I then asked King Paimon to influence the admin at work to where there will be no doubt in her mind of letting me back.

When I spoke to my boss earlier this week he said she was the only one who didn’t want me back so I focusedall attention on her.

After iI was completely drained of emotion I sat King Paimon’s seal in a small plate holder and put it on a bare altar and left the remaining incense to burn next to it.I thanked him and walked away.

I then made myself a sandwich and went back to sleep for a couple of hours.

My boss called me at 9:30 this morning and said it was time for me to come in and speak with the admin.

The funny thing is he said she’d already made up her mind to let me keep my job!!

I had also asked Paimon to make sure I kept my insurance and pay rate I had when I left so I wouldn’t be working my way up from the bottom again and the administrator said there was never any paperwork saying I was fired!!!

So all is well with my job and slowly but surely I can get my life back in order.Plus I have to make up a few days for people that covered me while I was gone which means I’ll be working nights on a new position which in turn means more experience for me!

I was already leading the morning shift now I have a chance at the night shift as well.

You guys might be wondering why I always post on here thanking the entities that help me and it’s not for bragging rights I assure you.I’m by no means anywhere near being the great majician I want to be but I feel things improving with each success I generate.

Also I always tell the entity that I will glorify their deeds by spreading them around to anyone I can.

So with all that being said




Congratz Musta! Rebuild your life aw many times you need to do so, each obstacle you get through is a step towards your Godhood!

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Thank you Fiazin!

I’m rebuilding day by day.
I just got a note from my landlords grandson saying I have 2 days to come up with $900 or I’m getting evicted…I’m trying to stay calm and I’ll be trying to deal with this next.


The work you’ve put in to get to this point, pushing ahead through difficulties and stuff… and it’s not “bragghing” - it’s inspiring! :wink:

If everyone just kept schtum about their activities and successes, it’d be a very dull forum, and probably only attract armchair magicians who read the books but don’t do anything with it all.

Congratz and good luck sorting the money!


Thanks LafyEva!

I’m kind of at a loss with my next step.
Money majick has never been my thing.

I was thinking of applying for a bank loan and trying to effect the decision made there but with my wallet being stolen all I have right now is a paper ID.

Other than that I have no idea how I’m going to manifest that kind of money that quick.

But the fact that I’m scared and haven’t been able to consistently manifest money before isn’t going to stop me now.


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Engraving the rune Fehu on a green candle has always brought me money but it is never in massive amounts. But every little bit helps. I wish you well.

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Hey, Musta, try the Abremelin square, or Salas’ash from the BOA. He’s pretty quick at bringing some cash.

Congrats on your evocation with Paimon. He really delivers alot. He’s a great entity to work with. Ive did this with Paimon too. burned taken paimons sigil folded it in half with the persons name on a piece of brown paper bag in small letters.9 times Then wrote my name across his in uppercase letters 9 times. I asked Paimon to sweeten my boss for me. I kept my job too. Maybe you can do the same with your landlord. Especially if you tell him you got your job back. Evicting someone is a big hassle. Especially if you go to court and you tell the job that you’ll pay. trust me you’ll make your landlord like a dick bag.


Hail King Paimon