EAs evocation course doesn't work

I’ve been trying to open sigils and evoke spirits like he instructs in the course.

I tried exercise where you “gaze” at a pentagram and say alash tad alash" ect and nothing happened.

He also says to “gaze” at a sigil and open sastans sigil. Nothing happens. No flashing sigils or anything.

Also he says to gaze at a wall and pull your vision back and nothing happens.

Is this even real?


Its plenty real, but if you haven’t mastered the basics of energy work and such then you are not going to master invocation and such right out of the gate. It’s a skill that you build up to.


He don’t mention no energy work?

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You may have missed the part in the video course where he says not to worry about seeing a spirit. The issue you’re having is that because you didn’t see sastan appear in his undergarments before your eyes that the magick didn’t work. That’s a bad gauge. Seeing the spirit comes with time and practice. What actually matters is getting the results you want. You don’t need to see the spirit in order to get what you asked for…so instead of focusing on seeing the spirits, start asking for things you want changed in your life. Start small (but important to you), then scale up. When you get the results that you asked for, like extra cash, casual sex, an enemy silenced, etc…then you know that the magick is working.


Welcome infinitywars, I sent you a PM with lots of useful links you probably haven’t had time to read yet, but one of them might speak to this question:

Also in there, are a couple of links to our Members thanks and success threads. Anyone can get magick to work, don’t give up, keep reading and learning and it will come :slight_smile:

Is magick real and can it work for me?
You can read some stunning success stories in this location and a massive list of thanks here.

You might not see it if your clairvoyance hasn’t developed enough but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. The entities still hear you. Just focus on the results. He talks about those somewhere in the course.

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As someone who has been here a while I would also like to throw my hat in the ring on giving advice. Whilst I am not as qualified or experienced in terms of magick as the other people here I am very experienced in what staying on this form has done for me. If you can manage to consistently come on here and be a respectful and intelligently inquisitive member (use the search function, don’t ask questions that could be solved by simple Google searches, try and avoid repeat questions) I believe you will find that the members here are very helpful and you may even make a few close friends during your time here.

I think that the biggest thing that being on the forum has done for me aside from letting me know about magick is that as I’ve been surrounded by the energies here I’ve had drastic mental health improvements (technically could be coincidence but that’s usually how magick works) and I’ve learned about magickal techniques such as Law of Attraction and the basics of magick (you are the master of your universe, positive and abundant thinking). And some spirits have even become interested in me working with them I believe during my time here. Now I have been here since 2017 but I would not say any of that time has truly been wasteful or even regrettable.

I think over time being consistent with your magick will lead you to better pastures. I truly hope that this did not come across as dismissive or condescending as I know how difficult and crazy this all can seem but one of the best pieces of advice I can give is try and master the mental and belief changes 1st if you’re having trouble with believing that it can work because those are normally a completely positive benefit with very little risk.


Im pretty sure thats a lie cause the spirits don’t do what I ask them.

I ask them for money, and help me with magick but they’re not doing anything.

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I read that but it doesn’t really help me open sigils or get any results from it.

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No, it isn’t a lie. If it were, my requests (as well as the requests of many others) would’ve never worked in the beginning because most folks can’t see spirits from the get-go. It takes practice…like anything else. Give us some more details. How long ago did you perform the ritual asking for money? What spirit did you ask? How much money did you ask for? What were your religious beliefs going into this?


Hey! I’m going to ask you a few questions,

  • How much do you meditate per day? Since when have you been meditating? Do you meditate by any chance?

  • Did you read the theoretical part of what you’re trying to do? Or did I go straight to practice because “I don’t need it anyway”? (In the second chapter, EA talks about “Preparatory Immersion”, for example, and that alone is fundamental for me)

  • How do you approach the opening of the sigil? Are you in a hurry? Are you afraid that someone will see or hear you?

I think the title of the topic was written with the intention of attracting attention and answers to your issue, seeing when you signed up I suppose you haven’t been practicing for a long time.

I bought that course about a year ago, and although I am a professional procrastinator, at the moment I am able to evoke, and channel the spirits I work with, even if I am not constant in my work (I know I should be, I’m working on it).

If you answer some of these questions, we may be able to help you more.
For these things, as has already been patiently pointed out to you, it takes patience, and I hope you’ll be able to find it.

Best of luck!


If you keep doubting, it just might not work.


With regards to doubts. They’ll get in the way of success every time.

This is not a magick related example but still an example(of how doubts can mess you up): first time I ever used chopstick I just did it no doubts nothing and no troubles using them (I may have been clumsy at it but I did it successfully).

Second time I doubted myself got flustered trying to remember how to use them and couldn’t do it til I stopped myself took a mini break by sipping on my drink reminding myself hey you did this before stop worrying about it just do it.

So after the mini break I picked the chopsticks up without trying to think about how do I do this and what happened well I used them successfully my problem was overthinking and doubting myself once I stopped I succeeded in using the chopsticks again.

Maybe your worrying too much or over thinking it. Just keep on and it’ll click. My experience is it clicks faster if you don’t worry and overthink it. So keep trying you’ll get there.


Add on suggestion: if your doing something like meditating and you start to feel different or the room seems to change temperature… then what you’re doing is working (so try not to let the feeling or temperature change sensation distract you).

For me 1 or both things tend to happen. It takes getting used to but eventually you’ll know it’s working and be able to ignore the sensations (and eventually it will all click)

Try shifting your focus from expecting flashy stuff to occur to results. I’ll use myself as an example. I’ve been doing this for several years. Sometimes, I evoke and don’t hear anything or see anything at all. It doesn’t matter. What matters is for you to assume, to expect that the spirit is there. I assume the spirit is there, and task it accordingly. What matters is results, not seeing edgy imagery.
As a friendly reminder, patience is a necessary skill. It is a reasonable expectation that you practice this weekly or daily.
If you have never thought about sports, how can you expect to throw a football perfectly, or make a 3 point basketball shot?
The answer is practice. Don’t overthink it, just practice. Do.


You probably have some kind of money block.

Are you sure nothings happening? Help with money could mean being asked to work an extra shift or you finding pennies or if your cleaning up you find something you don’t want anymore that you can sell for money. It doesn’t necessarily mean a lotto win or a stranger handing you a wad of cash💵.

As to help with magick. They won’t do it all for you.you have to meet them halfway. You gotta keep trying keep working on it keep doing it. They can’t help with magick if your not doing magick (or if you give up and quit)

Edit adds:

They won’t do the magick for you. You have to do it. And if you do it, then they can help but if your sitting on your hands waiting for them to do it for you that’s not gonna happen.

For all you know they may be helping you pronounce the words or move in the right way and right time or helping you to remember the stuff so you can do the ritual. Don’t sell them short.
Just… Keep on keeping on.


I don’t meditate.

I watch all his first 8 videos.

I approach opening a sigil by gazing at it. I am not in a hurry nor do I care if someone will see or hear me.

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I do assume the spirit is there but they don’t do anything I ask.

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