Goddamn Belial

As some of you know I’m in high school. Well an alternative high school where we have online programs. But anyways, I’m very close to graduating. I think i have less than 6 or 4 credits and some of my subjects are near or completed. Except for math. But since I was kicked out 6 months ago, i had to miss a lot of school just because i had 1) no alarm to wake up by and 2) figuring out lease stuff and general adulting and legal stuff i couldn’t handle if i was there. So i was in danger of being audited. But i wasn’t told anything. So I called on Belial. Belial told me to go ahead and fill the appeal form then quit worrying about because he’d take it from there.

So today I was shown my transcript because i was placed in geometry 2 even though i never passed geo 1. I don’t even remember reaching the final test (math is my worst subject, everything else I excell at. Even the English teachers there say I’ve written the best essays they’ve seen. Very few errors)
On the transcript, not only was i given credit for geo 1 (which never happened) but he got my other credits too.

Thanks Belial! You’re on a roll.

“Eventually you’ll learn trust the power in you and a God.”~Belial.


I never worked Him before, but damn it, I heard only good things about Him.
Glad to you guys! Keep going’ :black_heart::wine_glass:


AWESOME! :heart_eyes_cat:

He really is the best at what he does, I love this! :smiley:


Thank you! Awesome results!

Look like I have to call Belial as well because I have exams in a few weeks😃


Bro wtf this is upsetting me I’m in high school too and I don’t even have that much of a relationship with any demon including belial.

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Just wondering do you study at all or does he take care of it

I wonder what would have happened if He or any of Them would helped me when I was in my highschool, where everyone was against the students

I probably wouldn’t have left school there for the opportunity to build good relationships with illegal, maffia-like organizations as an alternative for surviving in this country, lmao.


I study. That extra credit happened randomly. As for why it pisses you off… idk why.

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They only helped me that one time.

And it was completely fair considering it was a situation out of my control.


And just so we’re clear. He saved the credit. He didn’t actually obtain the two i would have been audited for while i was trying to find a place to live and deal with someone that was trying to commit fraud. I worked my ass off to get that credit early only to find out i was going to possibly be audited.


hell yeah


Trust is a hard one, it gets a little easier each time. Belial definitely does things his own way, but is very reliable if you do your part.



I’m not in highschool anymore. I study mechanical + aerospace engineering and on the side I study physics, and when I can get any help, I sure as hell will take it with both hands :joy:

Of course you have to study, he won’t get you any A’s or something without studying. You have to put in the work as well. I’ve got like 7 exams coming up in like 10 days.

Mechanics of materials
Fluid mechanics
Materials science
Designing mechanical parts for machines

I really need that boost and clarity in my understanding of all these topics and I know they have helped before so


Hell yeah!

Congratulations! :joy:


Yes, it is. But the way how these “walls” falls down slowly, and proven everything is a wonderful, pure thing in a relationship between the God’s and your Soul.


If only i knew about him when i was in high school! It would have been so easier and stress free.


Just a quick caveat, Belial is admittedly good but he’s pretty powerful. Don’t call on him to help out if a “lesser” demon will do the job. I’m trying to come up with a decent synonym but basically a lot of people call on Belial (the nuclear option really) and it’s analogous to swatting a fly with a hammer rather than a dish cloth. You have 71 other Goetic demons to work with, Belial is no joke, he doesn’t fuck around. Other than that, work away!


With all due respect, no shit.

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I dont mean to have an ego but ive been working with belial and the demons for over 3 years. Thats like me trying to come up to a practitioner of 15 years and telling them to burn patchouli for money and success. According to your introduction you’ve just barely started almost a year ago.

After all, he offered to work with me on it. But sure, whatever.

@Lady_Eva could you remove that? It’s no good here. In fact, feel free to lock it. I’m tired of hearing people moan and groan over it