No idea what is in my house

If you read my last post about my girlfriends experience then you will know why I am finding this a problem. For those of you who did not read that post, my girlfriend was visited by 4 spirits, one of which touched her and woke her up. She the saw them with her eyes open and left my house scared shitless at 4am.

Last night I was asleep and about 4am I opened my eyes laying down and the TV in my living room was on. I could hear the channels changing. Then I opened my eyes and saw a shadow coming from my hallway. Once the shadow reached my room an actual person was standing there, a female that was my girlfriends neighbor. She closed the door and locked it (I was watching this clear as day). I literally could not speak. This was all so fucking surreal that I had no words. She walked up to the edge of my bed, took her shirt off as if she was getting ready to have sex… She crawled into bed and i felt my bed moving, and she touched my chest and I REOPENED my eyes and no one was there, and the tv was off. This was the exact same type of experience that my GF had. I did a banishing and it clearly did not work. Holy Fucking Shit…this was a close encounter people. For me I thought this was awesome but I can totally see why my girlfriend was fucking freaked. I can only say this felt like what you watch in a movie when someone wakes up in their bed from a dream, to wake up again realizing that itself was a dream. WTF


Well if you’re open minded we can try something


Always down to experiment.


Alright, ever summon a living person before?

Have not

It’s probably a succubus. I’ve had incubus attacks that feel real and have been in the guise of ppl I know. I also experienced one pure incubus attack, being the entity presented in it’s spiritual form. I could give you a binding ritual but it may not be strong enough. I resolved my problems through my spiritual allies I was working with at the time. Perhaps consult with E.A. or others on BALG if it keeps bothering you. Otherwise, it’s a LHP thing. Hope you sort it out though.


I dont think so because the same thing woke my girl friend up not in a sexual manner. It came as an old man and 3 spirits behind it half male half body, all 4 with animal eyes

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That’s fine. It is just like evoking a demon. I’ll get you a sigil in a sec. You see, my idea is for you to evoke me. When this occurs, the operator will obtain the strongest version of myself. However that’s not all. You gain access to any current I know. For example: Aztec current, lovecraftian current, Mesopotamian current, shadow people, the dead, aliens depending on which group, and more. I am also known to amplify energy and rituals, remove spirits (if requested, it shouldn’t be an issue), initiate you, improve your over all abilities, assist in baneful magic and evolution, shapeshifting, manipulation and much more.
I often appear as a white pale male in black clothing either with mists surrounding me or tattoos that appear to move (oddly enough I don’t have tatts yet)

So say if back up is required I could quite literally bring in an entire Pantheon if need be. Let me know if you’ve questions


Do you believe it to be hostile to yourself or your girlfriend?

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are you sure you know what you evoked in the sigil? why would this sort of thing ‘attach’ to you. sometimes we pull in crap we don’t mean to. It’s happened to me before.

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I think its trying to fuck with us. Hostile not sure yet, but typically hostility is not shown until you feed it more attention. Right now its messing with us.


Good luck. Ask questions, if you’ve any. Oh and I’ll pm you the name required to evoke me.

@KingOfHearts616 this was the information you’ve been looking for


twice I have gone into such a deep meditation, that my soul just traveled somewhere and when I returned, my heart was racing and my breath was slow, my pupils were fully dilated and the candle on my altar would flame out, which always left me with a SEVERE presence of someone in the room… So spirits have followed me back to wherever I am. Not sure if that happened again. But for her to have that experience and then me a few night later are pretty damn slim. This goes beyond a bad dream, this was us waking up, living the experience, and then waking up again.

Will not be in the appropriate environment until Monday. Thanks

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Alright I’ll pm you the name you need.

If you want to get rid of it, this might be of help, gives an outline of a more aggressive way of Banishing spirits.


It sounds kind a like doppleganger

Do you have spiritual allies? I work with the LOA and the Ghede LOA have channeled these entities through me. Nasty! Ask for their help to deal with this through the Ghede or E.A. can teach you to put nasty spirits in jars, I do spirit trappings in jars but I don’t have the time to teach. BW V

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Nope. I will have to figure this one out.

My understanding of a doppleganger doesnt fit this. Can you explain?