Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum 2.0

Welcome @Yufia

I’m Cris.

I’m from Asia.

Two years ago, I began studying the occult because of a spiritual experience . (In fact, it seems to have been a psychic fraud)

I prefer to work with spirits. I do my magical work (including evocations , invocations , rituals) mainly by consecrate certain spirits.

They were very great to interact with. It left me more emotionally and spiritually fulfilled, and also bring me some material gifts.

Strictly speaking, I think maybe I don’t follow any particular system or tradition. But I incorporate some classical magic, hoodoo, Wicca techniques into my practice.

I also do some research about sigils.

I think I’m not very proficient in magic now, there are still many things I need to learn and practice.

I want to work more deeply with the gods I consecrate, exercise my psychic powers and learn more about sigils, psychic senses, astral projection, and so on.

I really like here! It gives us a good communication platform.

I’m looking forward to communicating with all of you.

I don’t believe in Magick. But I do think it is cool. The whole esoteric and hand written old manuscript et c. I sort of wish that it was real.

Please introduce yourself properly @Koj_Koj. This post tells us nothing about you.

Where are you from?

If you don’t practice anything, why are you here?

What areas of interest bring you to BALG?

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I want it to be true. I am hoping to be proved wrong.

Look here:


Hello, you can call me COHL. I have been a lurker for a bit. Currently trying to work through NAP books. Have been reading and watching a lot of videos on John and Kelly regarding enochian history. My attention seems to be shifting a lot towards demons of magick from the gom stuff. I kind of wish it wasn’t headed in that direction because I feel like it is me wanting quick results to prove something. Also, I was raised Catholic so so many of these ideas are kind of hard not to be fearful of. I kind of wonder how others have shifted their beliefs.


Welcome @COHL

Where are you from?

How long have you been practicing?

Have you worked with any other system or tradition?

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I’m 24. I believe I correspond to the “mystic” much more than the “magi”. I believe I see the source beyond the universe through an understanding of what truly is infinity/perfection, in a similar way a scientist can utilize equations to understand things that go way beyond our sight, but in a manner of becoming “one with everything”. The magic I’ve practiced thus far has been abstinence, which I believe has paved way for perspective by focusing on the source and eliminating perception parameters, for example an inner and outer perception being within the limited parameters that ones destiny both depends and is in itself “the things you do with your life”Which is difficult to explain. But in itself for example, that source doesn’t exist in me to be explained. I have naturally practiced magic abstinence and seen what is independent from even aeons of magical growth, and I have not unnaturally practiced magic and have been dependent on it. I’m probably just here to make connections, but if anyone wants to pick at my brain you are welcome. Not that I’m suggesting there’s gold in there. I also like the band Diocletian and monster drinks.

So…no practical magical experience then?

Please define what exactly you mean. Abstinence from what, exactly?

You haven’t provided us with any concrete information about yourself beyond your age, or your practices, and have not met the intro requirement.

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If it was so easy to explain I probably would have more alternatives than to live in a temple for the rest of my life. Also Ive given myself minor heart problems from spending the last 5 years working in a cafeteria and not talking to anyone. What more info do you want?

If you want to start a brainpicking AMA thread where I answer questions, I will gladly do my best to answer them. I can try to explain my “magical abstinence” concept when it’s a good time

What about you DK? I saw you were having some trouble a while back. Did you find a magick that worked for you?

I haven’t had problems for a very long time now. Please answer the questions I asked you.

Part of the introduction requirement is to get an idea of someone’s magical, mystical or paranormal experience, as it helps members here to provide appropriate advice and direction. We don’t need an extra thread just for you to hold court with a Q & A. There is absolutely no reason you cannot give a brief explanation of whatever your abstinence practice is as part of your introduction.

California is where I have been my whole life. I am new to magick. Only a month or so trying to manifest anything. I have done a lot of energy meditation for a couple of years which has made some of the rituals feel extremely present. I am struggling with which system to dive into because I feel like I should give it my all for at least a year and don’t like to “waste time.” That is kind of why I was asking my question to you. It was coming from a loving place. I assure you. I could definitely see how it could come across as rude though. Forgive me if it did. Was not my intention.

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Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience.

My “trouble” with magick wasn’t related to what I was practicing, but to my own personal spiritual baggage. I practice a wide variety of different things, like Enochian, Hermetics, mantras, meditation, and the evocation system of EA Koetting.

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Of course!

I think I was overexcited because I remembered your name from a post and didn’t realize you were the moderator XD

Have any opinion on the Gallery of Magick stuff? I feel like if you are into Hermetics maybe it seems to cut out a lot? Would you say Enochian is the power of angels? Not the angels themselves. I have read this a few places.

I have used a few books by the Gallery of Magick. They’re good. Many people here use them with great success.

Hello everyone,I’m Gabriel from Nigeria and I recently start this,I’ve read alot of books on magic and daemon and I’m really drawn to it. I recently tried summoning prince orobas but no result yet. Would appreciate if anyone can tutor me on that one … thanks