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I am new to the balg forum. I have been watching EA koetings videos on YouTube for a little over two years now. I find the occult very intriguing and interesting from an intellectual/spiritual perspective. I have never practiced magic. I am thinking on using a money candle spell to get a little extra cash. any suggestions. does this work or would I just be wasting my time?


Hell-o and welcome. Is funny that you started with JoS as I did (not really, I dont like em), but as a first step to your own path it served its purpose which is a good thing. Hope your son gets better soon.

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We can devour the world together!

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Yah a lot of them dont like me now lol. Oh well. You’re right it did serve its purpose. Got my foot in the door so to speak. Also thank you I appreciate it :slight_smile: he has actually been a lot better since last night

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Hey Timothy I’m Paul from the UK I’m here as I’ve always been interested in the occult and watching videos of yours on become a living God it’s got me more into it. My goals is to be able to astral project and explore other dimensions. Any advice or tips would be much appreciated .


Take a look at the links in this post: Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum - #2757 by Dinmiatus :+1:

Also, this thread for inspiration. :smiley:


Hello everyone my name is Lilith Luna Gonzalez-Vivas. I am interested in black magick and blood sorcery but I haven’t done any magick yet. My current goals are to learn more about Satanism and to start hormone replacement therapy, My current struggles are finding people who accept me for being transgender and coming out to my family. My other issue is my gender dysphoria


Hey, my nickname is wicker. I am interested in the arts, I used to roam these forums for quite some time and I decided it was time to create an account to share my own experiences and connect with other occultists more. I am keen on chaos magick. In the meantime, I’d like to get working with beings of Goetia to enhance my life.


hi wicker
im new to everything and want to start doing something what Grimoires or methods would you recomend i start with ;i mean i have researched doing simple candle magic spells but i was wondering do i need any kind of training like how to give energy or smth like i said i know nothing

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Hi enlighter, I would recommend starting with basic energy manipulation you can find on google under the term psionics, also everything tops with summoning entities, so I would delve into some books as well, try starting with Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos. By all means read other books concerning evocation of spirits as to get some sense of how should a ritual look and make your own, that’s what works best

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thank you i will be sure to look it up

My name is Chris I’m working on enlightenment and divination, I’ve recently started my pact with belial and Lucifer, I’m going to master all the skills necessary for self gain of good resources related to good fortune, Sacrifice small miserable animals rather than cats and vhealthy ones, I see it as a way to release them from this physical formvv, Considering my intelligence and my experience I’m going not only sacrifice animals for spirits empowerment but also for my self, I’m going to charge my soul with this beautiful energies Ive already made a sigil for my self charging it with high frequency every single day needless to say I’m going to be prepared for the after life as well as for attacks against me, I’m doing No fap for the period 3 months, Belial thought to me to stand up for my self and not rely just on him for ascension, I’m going to be strong enough to cut ties just like angels I’m going to be the both aspect of Lucifer, There is no reason why I can’t reach their level I fear nothing and absolutely no one I have nothing to be ashamed of, I’m going to have soul mates and not army with the same relationship goals, Perhaps a few I don’t need many to be honest with you, No entity of any religion will force me anywhere I ain’t no one puppet I’m going towards creating my own Kingdom and astral pane, In fact I’m going to charge this astral place right now so I will be teleported there after death, It’s going to be a beautiful nature with glorious trees and lake, I’m going to name training ground for my allies, In order to manipulate and charge your own self, It’s going to be a plane with great vibes and lovely flowers all around it, I’m going to feed off the universe planets and all the tools necessary for gaining the power I need, There is no reason why I can’t become the god of my own reality, No arrogance just realistic and know my worth, Call me a fool but I’m going to gain power as a superior in the majority of the time I just need direction, You might as well heard the term only the hunters survive nature, There is no reason to be a hypocrite and go against your own nature you’re at your best interests, At the end of the day we are all business partners.


Well, welcome, all are welcome. Lots of good folks here, you should find the necessary land marks you need, the path is for you to find.


Hi Timothy

My Name is Jonathan i am from South Africa. I am new to Satanism and Honeslty kind of lost as there is very little help available. I have read the Satanic Bible by Anton Lavey and it has my attention. I was born a Christian but thats in the past now as I wish to walk the path of Satan/Lucifer. Magic is also new to me, i have tried the Rituals in the Satanic Bible but feel as if im doing something wrong as bad things are happening to me. My marriage is at risk, financial situations keep arising.
My current goal is to remove the obstacle in my life which is a lady who is pregnant and threatening to ruin my marriage as she wants much more from me, i know its the worst thing to want but if she has a miscarriage my life would be better(being Honest here).

i am struggling with invocations.
how do i invoke Lucifer?
like what must i do or say? please could you assist


My names are Andrei Cristian, from Transilvania.

Thank you.

I’m a Master of Healing, Tantra/Awakening/Enlightenment and any type of Magic imaginable.
Proud to have had only 1 Master, which is: BREATH.

Background: ex-christian (college degree in Theology), I find in any Religion of the World the Truth behind. My Religion is Meditation 24/7

, no matter the activity, i love getting high on self body’s DMT.

Goals: Healing/Immortality
Struggles/Joyfulness: Enjoying own growth in pain, torture and bliss.

Hail Satan!


My name is Jared. I’m new to magic. Contacted Papa Legba and Erzulie. I want to maintain my relationship with them. My main goal though is the love/ lust of a certain lady. That led me to magic. The demons intrigue me. There’s other stuff in life I need to grow also. I live in the Midwest and try to be discreet. Right now I’m just trying to introduce myself to Sallos.


Welcome to the forum!


Hello everyone!!^^ IssthaBadGuy…Lol, dont worry I’m generally friendly. I’ve been studying magick and occultism for a while, and its been wild… I have been working on my ascent, and trying to help others to ascend as well. I don’t know what to say I struggle with because I don’t feel that there is blockage at the moment. I feel like life has become really malleable for me, so that it is more of a to do list than a set of struggles. I have to be vague about a lot of stuff. But I look forward to speaking to and hearing from some of you ^^.


OK thank you


I like tarot, and am trying to learn cartomancy but got delayed in processing due to illness recently. I haven’t done much with my dragon deck in ages. I like scrying and pendulum work. I do my own clearing, cleansing with the pendulum using a command language technique, I guess you’d call it. Read the Command Language book by Robert Dunlap. Watch is videos on youtube also. I like channeling but am a little scary about it, and skeptical that it is just another way of focussing energy of your own self. That is what I believe. I had a patron deity at one time, lost it due to negligence on my part or something like that. I’m always at odds due to family wanting to force me or manipulate me back into the “fold” so to speak. Not happening! But sometimes they succeed as I’m not alway aware enough to see what they are up to. Sneaky, ugh. Hate that.
Goals: Just being me, no religion.

Struggles have been with distractions, something or someone always getting in my spiritual way I’d say. Now I do meditate and know this works and is a fine way to maintain spiritual practice with or without religion. I’m not big on that at all. I’m struggling with health issues now so mostly just do healing magic if any.

I’m not of the mind that feels that allowing any being to enter my experience willy nilly is a good thing. No. I’ve had some problems there. So now I only deal with the light side. If that offends ya’ll, then just know that I’m not here to tell others how to live and be. Just be. That is enough.

<3 /|\
That’s all for now folks. Got a full moon service to attend early morning online so am off now… later! (Wendy Rules)