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Thank you Santa Muerte, Lucifer and Vapula. Shout out to them.



I don’t know If this was Bune, Lucifer, Or King Paimon but I’ve been asking for help with my online business lately and overall money and getting a part time or wither full time job that I enjoy doing while I build my online business. Well lastnight I contacted Bune again and did an evocation of Bune, Lucifer and King Paimon earlier in the today my brother called me up and asked if I wanted to work tomorrow doing some painting. He has never called me asking me to do work for someone or anything like that its usually the other way around. So idk if it was a coincidence or if the deamons helped me out here. I would like to think their helping me out and hope that is the case so thank you Bune, Lucifer and King Paimon- Keep the opportunities and money coming my way!


I would like thank who’s helping me. But I don’t know who. Today I saw loads of cat spirits in the morning when I was in bed. They seemed very happy to see me. :smiley_cat:


Have a wonderful night everyone and hail Asmodeus


Thank you Samael for your guidance and teachings.

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Thanks to Belial. Just started LHP workings and started with Belial. Did one ritual and all kinds of things began manifesting. Basically just wanted to make contact and ask to starting working with Belial, using candles, chants and calling him. He asked “What do you want?”. I basically said I wanted to increase my power, remove obstacles, be prosperous and a better parent. I got no response. But I simply trusted that he could obviously hear me. Another, thing that I had been mediating on was gaining my astral sight/open ajna Chakra.

A day or 2 later I gave him some rum on my altar just as a gift goodwill gesture.

Within 2 days a woman contacts me on a dating sight. She is both a paralegal and a fucking medium! We talked on the phone, texted, went out and hit it off pretty well. Since then she has set me up with clients, told me she could help me open my third eye(and the rest of my chakras), gave me insight on my kids, and offered to fuck up my landlord through legal means of they bothered me anymore.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Hail Belial. Mic drop


Thank you, Lucifer, for taking care of me and stopping me from doing shit to myself
Thank you, Astaroth, for your lovely help and advices


Thank you lucifer for keeping me honest when I am being lazy. And thank you to you all for making my transition into this path very enjoyable :grin:


I guess I would like to thank Baphomet since I have been “plagued” with images of him and the seirim demons of late I embrace the unholy goat of the infernal :fire::goat:


I would like to thank some spirits but i dont know who they were by name.

  1. To the loving spirit since i was a kid and as a grown up ,that i have felt his uncomditional love and at times physical touch, when no family or a friend cared a half as much.
  2. Also to the spirit(s) who protected and gave me courage , and the one in the corner… thanks i remember u.
    3)To my (more recent) dark angel protector, (thanks for the black feathers lol)
    4)To the source, and the one that came in my dreams, to let me know i was special…back when i was a kid…- but still not digging it lol
    5)To the voice in my near death experience, who gave me a choice… dont know if it was worth choosing…life is crap anyway lol
    6)To the spirit who makes me feel happy and excited when i feel his presence and love… and to all the other amazing spirits i have felt sensed or noticed…thank you all for being there and sharing your presance with me…it makes my life feel its worth living…gosh just imagine if i was just some nine to fiver and a sociaty sheep and know nothing of this amazing infinity beyond this world, thank you for sharing and letting and ‘wanting’ me part of it. If you all werent all so ‘see though’ i would be giving you all a great big hug lol. I feel u. Xooo

Ps Some sorries too:
1)To the one i asked to shut out /down the spirt world to and granted it for me for many years till i had to struggle to open up again,- im sorry … but i guess you understood why i did, but please let this not be held against me…
2)To Bafomet/Lucifer/Pan, Corronus? that i didn’t anitiate in my vision because of fear…
3)To the universe, for not being a better person, and not breaking my fears, brainwashed in religious dogma, and not following my heart, and have not felt I’ve achieved my life purpose fully and maybe let u down as a so called enlighted person. I hope i said my peace…


Thank you Belial giving me a kick in the ass when I needed it


okay so here is an update for me. Well the job with my brother never panned out because my brother never woke up in the morning like he was supposed to and I don’t have the actual guys number we were gonna work for so I couldn’t get a hold of him. It’s unfortunately typical with my brother he slept til 2 pm. Well anyways a couple days ago I put in a couple applications and I was told the manager would be back at the store tomorrow but I guess she was back early and called me today to go in tomorrow for an interview. This is the first time in about 5 years I’ve had to even apply for a job let alone do interviews so I’m a bit nervous but I asked for help from the entities I’ve been working with so if they help out I should be fine.

My biggest thing is the low salary for this job. I put negotiable on the expected salary spot on the application and they still called me right away so hopefully this is a good sign. It looks like they pay minimum wage and I can barely find any salary info on the company, but at my last company job I made over 50k and then 45k my last 2 years of working there.

I deserve a much higher pay and hopefully I can negotiate well.

I also put in an app for a much better paying job yesterday and was told they are contacting interviewers by tomorrow if they have any interest in hiring them. The lady I spoke to didn’t seem to have much interest in me but I knew she seen many people that day already. This is the job I really want because the pay is 60k a year starting off for a manager trainee position. I really hope I get a call tomorrow because with that job I could afford to move to south america and travel much sooner!

Well after my little rant I just want to thank Lucifer, Bune, King Paimon and I just tried getting Hala’thor involved because I know he is skilled as well SO thanks to all of these entities and hopefully things work out very soon for me. I just want a good paying job that I enjoy doing.

Even though I cant see or really hear these entities yet my connection is gradually building and I don’t think its a coincidence that I got a call that quick already for an interview. This has never happened to me before in my life at all,. I just got into magic recently and love it so far. I don’t tell anyone what I do but you guys here of course :grinning:

In the past I would wait months and months before I would usually even get anything or at least weeks. This time it was pretty much instant that I got a call!! ’

Well wish me luck you guys and do some positive spells for me if you could! I’m still a beginner and unfortunately don’t know a whole lot or have all the supplies I would like too.

i’ll leave an update of whatever happens

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Does anyone find their teacher to just be a wonderful being to converse with? Today, I was told by Belial to stop addressing him with a title greater than my own. I thought that was a kind gesture but now I see it as a greater lesson; that I should be addressing myself as a lord, or a king. I should not be diminishing his status to suit my own, I should elevate my own status to his. He also seemed quite happy that I could finally serve him his drink offerings in a suitable wine glass rather than a plastic cup, as today we moved more of our belongings to our new apartment. We had a nice discussion that I need to do some fact checking on, if I even can. Should this information check out, if I can even source any info, I’ll be sure to share.


Thank you Raphael I was sick today scratchy throat runny nose. Called on him and the throat pain is gone.

Thank you Lucifer for making me realize I need to work on myself as a person.

And thank you to King Paimon for helping me have the courage to go and talk a potential (hopefully in a week boss) employer.


I would like to thank all the Demons and Angels i am working with, the list is pretty long now…
Thank you for your work and support

Thank you Father Lucifer for the protection and for the light.

and a huge Thank you Mother Kali for making me understand that cutting things out of your life right away saves your energy frome waisting time on a situation that you know you can’t do anything about


Hello All. I would like to offer some praise to the wonderful beings in my life that have been helping me immensely.

Praise Lilith and Hecate for being the first to introduce me to a world outside of the normal christian belief system I was raised in. Praise them both for their help, guidance and the wonderful beings they have put in my life.

Praise Belial for his help and guidance and I only hope to learn more from him. Just last evening he answered a prayer of mine by sending me one of his followers to help fulfill it. It was fulfilled almost instantly after asking.

Praise King Paimon for his help and guidance as well and pushing me in the right direction of using my head before to make the right decisions that are most beneficial to me. He’s been a great friend and mentor.

Bune!!! What can I say other than she’s been a life saver beyond what words can describe. I only hope I can offer enough praise and thanks for all she’s done.


Thank you Santisima Muerte, thank you most holy and most wonderful death. Your sacred presence is always a pleasure to my heart, peace to my mind and power to my spirit.

All love, respect and honor to you.

Satan, the most high, can’t thank you enough for your amazing and unbelievable help. You’re always there for me, I will always be thankful and grateful to you.


Thanks to sitri … it a past few month since i work with Sitri … well i dont get what i want exactly but he help me to get lust for onetime experience …
but i never say thank in publicity for what he done for me …

Hail Sitri …


Alright so here’s a quick update for anyone who cares or has been in my position and is wonder about results.

Anyways today I went for the interview and had put all the sigils of the entities I asked for help on this in my pockets ( Lucifer, Bune, King Paimon, and Hala’thor) Yea I know pockets full of sigils! :grin: I was recommended by someone to put King Paimon’s sigil in my pocket but I brought them along.

So It was about an hour long interview and I absolutely crushed it! First interview in 5 years and did very well much better than I anticipated. I definitely received some help today IMO. Very smooth interview I impressed her the whole time. Only one part that was not my way but I was expecting was the salary negotiations.

I gave my first number and was told no way nobody here starts off that high.I was then asked whats the lowest number I would consider. i gave it even though its more than what they are offering I still know I deserve more but hey its all part of the battle, I was told that she would have to check with her superiors on the negotiated salary. It’s not what I want pay wise but its something and they do reviews every 90 days for your first year so I have an opportunity for raises at each one.

They promote from within the company and there’s room for advancement blah, blah , blah
She told me that nobody has ever left the company at her location due to a pay issue that shes aware of and shes been there 8 years…

It also starts off at part time and can move into full-time positions, thats how most people start there.

Also with a part time job I have more time to work on my internet business.

So that all went well. then the last couple hours I decided to search the internet for jobs again and boom there’s like 4-5 that I qualify for and some off them offer around the pay I was looking for and others are around the pay of this job but the lower paying ones were the kind I wanted.

One of these companies I was looking at a couple weeks ago and then today it said they had a job opening yesterday.

I don’t think its a coincidence I really think these daemons are helping me. in the past this type of stuff was a struggle and now its going much easier!

Its funny at first I was pretty afraid to work with demons/ daemons whatever you want to call them but after doing research I didn’t see any issues personally. I show respect so I think that’s the main thing you need when starting.

I was going to go with angels at first but then just got pulled towards demons for some reason.

Anyways I’ll continue to leave updates for anyone who cares and to sing the praises of Lucifer. Bune, King Paimon, and Hala’thor!!! These are friends I plan to keep!


With this post I would thank @DarkestKnight for sharing the petition spell, I read through it and applied it’s working so far. So thank you again and continue to share your vast knowledge with us.