I want to believe

Is it possible to force yourself to only look at things from a logical scientific point of view? When I was younger in my teens/20’s I used to see shadow forms and I had an easy time with astral projection and saw on multiple occasions what I would describe as spirits for a lack of better term.

Now I feel like I have lost any ability to see things. I do beleive in spirits, daemons etc but any time I sit down and try an invocation (through The Complete Book of Demonolatry methods) I feel as though I have blocked that part of my psyche.

What can I do to open this part of my consciousness back up?


you may need to bolster your faith in the reality of magick again. This should help


Interesting question. I’m actually kinda opposite; I used to not believe in magic until I actually tried to use it. Although before that I did speculate that spirits and the like exist.

Maybe you need to find a new method or try a different way of thinking. For this I highly recommend Chaos theory although you could also explore other systems.