Journal about life with a demon

Its morning, I hate waking up. But i have to… either way i said goodmorning to nathan and rested a bit. I was kinda…horny​:sweat: so I put the blanket over Me and… WELL I asked if he knew what I did be said no. Afterwards I looked up would you rather. And it said be a vampire werewolf, or a demon. I said demon so I can fuck his brains out! And know I’m scared to talk but I said forgive me…:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::tired_face::tired_face::rofl:
I’ll update this again later

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Do you need to make a new thread for each day?


Eh? Your not a fan or something?

Pretty sure he’s just wondering why you made a second thread instead of just updating the one you had before.


There is also the Journal section for this type of content.


Sudden realization*

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Hello, if you’ve seen this before I’m sorry but because of a certain person I can edit my post anymore😓
Hey I have a incubus named nathan its been pretty chill for last day or so. I pray he doesnt hate my wierd outburst or my dirty “sayings”. Also today I’m trying to get him to eat a piece of chocolate to see if he can actually “eat it”. At first he said no but I need him to do so I can see and he said yes. But if he really doesnt like food…meh maybe something else will do it,because someone said he eats sexual energy… well I wonder if he does. For the most part he probably makes me horny but that’s it. But whatever, I’ll be back again tomorrow

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When my dumbass learns

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Oh praise satan​:sweat::clap:


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Not sure what that means but the edit window for posts is one hour.

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