To Jesus, Ma'at, And Any Other Gods Thinking Of Joining

You may have found this forum in your lonely quest for somewhere to speak to other incarnated deities and to reveal your wisdom, I understand that this forum would be your first stop, and you are most welcome. :sparkles:

However, speaking as a mere English housewife, I modestly propose that Divine members who wish to join our little community do the following:

  • begin by discussing the mortal vessel you inhabit, and its general practice of magick, meditations, etc., as though you were a real person: this will dispel suspicions you’re a troll, or here to larp as a deity for kicks. Most of us on here are somewhat human and that will help us relate to you :+1:

  • from that foundation, show, don’t tell - build respect by assisting people who are stuck, by giving us methods to perform magick (strengthen senses, heal energy patterns, perform evocations, spells, bindings, banishings, etc) that are devoid of human error and come straight from the great minds of Thoth and other students of knowledge in the Divine realms, aka, your peers

  • since the BALG forum rules are presumably entered into the Akashic Records by now (and if they’re not, please notify me who to contact about this oversight), you will be aware that after being active on here for three months, you may begin offering readings per this rule that are both accurate and helpful to members who request them, guiding mere mortals away from error and towards the pathway for their own ascent

  • and likewise, speak to your fellow deities on the astral (who we work with for results, and who often deliver stunning successes to many of our members) and pull a few strings to get our members who are homeless, jobless, broken-hearted, the results they need to begin to flourish, and for maximum impressiveness, do this quietly and without any fuss, or requesting any payment.

Then, and only then, when you have SHOWN us, not TOLD us, you are a great and powerful soul possessed of extraordinary wisdom, we may finally be truly impressed, and less likely to be dubious of any divine title you choose to claim.

If a mere mortal like me can understand the importance of credibility, of making a contribution, and avoiding misconceptions, I am certain a Divine Being can comprehend even more fully how to avoid problems while receiving, over time, the respect you deserve. :+1:

In the meantime, remember there is no metaphysical exemption to the forum’s rules.

And that this is a very friendly forum, respect on here is freely given when genuinely earned, so attempts to demand it upfront just seem like you’re pulling a fast one. :wink:

Thank You. :sparkles: