I was incredibly successful

So I did a love spell on this chick a long time ago without thinking it would actually work right? Now she’s calling my phone nonstop after I took her to Chipotle then chilled a little bit. Soon after our hook up She got 2 over obsessive.she called me 4 times 1 amI tried to set boundaries but she did not care whatsoever. She blew my phone up during work so I blocked her and when. I got hkme she was in front of FUCKIN house talking to my Grandmother and if you seen my recent posts u would know how crazy she is so I told the girl to leave me alone until she retains her sanity and she used *64 and called me and says shell hang herself and blame me if I can’t be with her. I’m pissed off and scared…


I was gonna blame this on the Love spell…but it occurred to me

Love spells don’t make people obsessive

It brings out the obsessive tendencies already there


Whoa what kind of ritual dod you use?? That sounds like more of an obsessions spell or a binding than a love spell. Maybe it was a mixture? I think maybe a ritual from the words of power could help. Not sure how effective it could be but it might make her leave you alone. The book is called The greater words of power by damon brand. Theres a ritual in there to end a relationship. You could also try binding her or banishing her.

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At this point, I’d call the police.

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I used red and black candles, semen, graveyard dirt and blood with vanilla and rose oil. And I used azazels flame chant 20x
(name) u shall love and lust for me
You and I always have been ment to be
1000x fold u shall want to love and have sex with me
This is my will so mote it be


for some reason im getting a feeling its easy to break this do you have anything left over from the ritual?

Or be happy it worked as you asked…


Love and lust are two powerful emotions. It’s enough for them to keep wanting to come back for more. When combined produces a synergy; if not balanced becomes a psychological sickness.


Seems like you got what you wanted for better or worse lol. Try a spell to make her fall out of love with you. And i thought graveyard dirt was used more for binding or banishing. I havent seen many love spells utilizing it.



1000x fold… damn bro you went all out. I suggest you add another layer of a manipulation spell to cool things

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Just 2 red and black candles and some graveyard dirty

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You can try to scare her off by getting absurdly rough with her in bed.


I do that naturally lol


You are in a good position to domesticate her into your submissive in that case

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Just out of curiosity…you said you cast the spell a long time ago…how long did it take exactly? And did the girl have any interest in you before casting the spell, or was she completely disinterested?

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She was amused by me and thought I was cute and I cast it 8 months ago