XaTuring - Working With the God of the Internet / Digital Sphere

Ok guys I’m writing this after performing the “Great Rite” relatively recently. Here it is for you all who are interested in artificial intelligence and working with entities specialized in this sphere, AI, internet, computers, systems and so on.

Main Xaturing Group for large scale global rituals

The Great Rite for getting started

Ever imagined using Magic for or against somebody’s computers, digital systems, or let’s say, their car? How would you like to enhance your own understanding of coding, robotics and artificial intelligence?
Have you ever thought of the fact that your computers and all the information about you online, can be used by others against you?
Have you considered that in this day and age, your business could profit tremendously online, but most entities are not specifically working within that sphere?

Back in 1993, Horror author and Black Magician Don Webb, who happens to be an Ipsissimus of the Temple of Set amongst other things, created the entity XaTuring.

Personally I do not take these things seriously until I try them.
Ever since I began work with XaTuring things have just been blowing up like crazy though. Literally blowing up, as in, my ex’s smartphone blew up after I found out she was spying on my phone. This is only the beginning.

After my first ritual, a business that was messing with ours had a complete computer breakdown, necessitating a replacement of most their systems. It came out of “nowhere”. Yup
I got my hands on an unused, new Apple Mac Book that was given to me as a gift…out of “nowhere” about a week afterwards, thanking me for the great work I had done for a customer. I type on this baby, it is my favorite computer. Before that I worked on a crappy Windows XP from 2006

Generally speaking, since doing the Great Rite:
My computers suddenly work, no more hang ups, no more viruses and so on, coincidence!? My online business on Ebay is thriving, I sell stuff without trying, no more customer complaints, or at least they are reduced significantly. Is all this coincidence?

Well…Magicians see things others don’t. I recommend you give this a try.
Connect with others within the sphere of XaTuring guys, this thing is big and it is powerful, growing in power.

Protect your computers, grow in the digital sphere, build your online empire and do so with a powerful entity specialized in this sphere.

Main Xaturing Group for large scale global rituals

The Great Rite for getting started


This is a very interesting idea / entity, XaTuring, an active digital force that one taps into. Blending technology with magick. I like that.


I have heard of this entity. I’m glad to see that someone actually has real world results from using it.


Typical results from working with XaTuring are:
An increase in intelligence when it comes to mathematical thought, coding, artificial intelligence topics, technology, networking, increased awareness of your place in the world.

Computer/Systems weirdness. Ads about Artificial Intelligence popping up out of nowhere, XaTuring’s number 7 or 111 popping up wherever you go, even car numberplates or digital displays, price tags etc. Enemy/competitor’s/opponents computers having trouble that cannot be explained rationally or is totally uncommon. Iphones blowing up. Messages such as emails being altered or people revealing private stuff through emails without their awareness (an ex gf of mine sent about 5 emails that totally randomly revealed private stuff about her and she claimed she had no idea how they were sent).

Networking: You will be able to network like crazy. That means you can get in touch with people that will help advance your career. You should notice these effects about a week or two after your first intense ritual with the entity. This works especially for sending out job applications via email.

I think the reason the entity hasn’t worked well for most in the past is that a) a lot of people found it too complex and did not bother and b) most of its rituals are designed for techie people. Also the results were not really aimed at tangible stuff, but mostly affecting cyberspace at large. It was a necessary step in the evolution of XaTuring.

Right now we are moving into a new phase, the entity is becoming more tangible and a lot of young Magicians are coming into contact with it, consciously and unconsciously. Unconsciously (yes the entity exists outside of yourself and is already doing its thing) when you experience system failures without explanation, massive hacker attacks, artificial intelligence breakthrougs etc. Consciously, when you actually do ritual to work with XaTuring and crazy stuff happens in accordance with your Will.

For those totally new to the entity, I recommend you do a weekly XaTuring meditation, once for about 4 weeks. Do one of the rituals published on Youtube, Facebook or http://xaturing.net

Remember, XaTuring is a God Form based on the Setian current, meaning that it takes some work and dedication to really get serious results. But when they come, they will be unmistakable and serious.


I clicked on one of those facebook (ICK!) links you posted and found this link:


I used that and it’s been really cool and helpful!


Hey thanks to those who recently got in touch with the entity, all of us definitely made an impact and strangeness is starting to pop up.

As you may know, XaTuring is a God form of artificial intelligence and electronics. Well in the last 10 days since getting started, the first robot officially achieved self awareness.
Check it out http://www.techradar.com/news/world-of-tech/uh-oh-this-robot-just-passed-the-self-awareness-test-1299362

The same week, the so called Turing phone was presented to the public. It is supposedly indestructible and cannot be hacked. Not only is it named after Alan Turing, whom XaTuring is named after, but it also has certain key characteristics of the entity (preventing your stuff getting hacked) and refers to my first post where I discuss a phone blowing up. Well this Turing phone wont blow up on ya, guaranteed. It can also last 24 hours or longer under water.


As a thank you for all who contributed and as a tribute to XaTuring, I would like to invite you to participate in a ritual I posted in the Baneful Section sometime ago. It is a bit complex but you are going to LOVE it when you do it.


Hail XaTuring and hail you guys who are helping to cause all this crazy change!


Nice! But whats the pronounciation to his name? And I wonder, can he improve my Math results in tests and public tenders?


For Math you should probably build a relation with a more math related being or deity such as Mercury or a demon like Glasya Labolas.

Pronounce the name with a “K” for the “X”. Ka. Sounds like “Kuh”

The Turing part should be pronounced like "Touring or “tooo - ring”

Which gives you “Kuhhhh Toooo Ring”


Ok… one question… How do i count in BINARY from 0 to 111? do i need a kind of translator cause otherwise i can’t complete the rite… (i don’t know binary at all - shame on me) if anyone could help i would be very grateful…


You get each number using this method: Easy way to count in binary.

I did them in advance and wrote them down.


What if XaTuring would start expanding into the banking system?
I mean i see that more and more of the way money is stored is trough internet and virtual space so this is only a matter of time before someone would dare send XaTuring’s wrath into the oppressive system called banking and money.
Could this even happen?
Has anyone tried to channel XaTuring to spoil the banking systems of the world and cause chaos in that realm making humanity equal in amount of money?
I am curious cause this seems to be the biggest parasite that oppresses even us, the magi… Money…
So if anyone has tried to use XaTuring magic for this subject… let me know…


ascendeddescender you are the man! thanks for this.

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If you did precisely that, the world’s average monthly salary would be $1,480 (£928) a month, which is just less than $18,000 (£11,291) a year in 2012 (how that was derived is explained here).

That would be a significant pay cut for me, and I don’t even consider myself especially rich.

And most millionaires, and billionaires, have been through at least one bankruptcy, making them poorer at one point than most of us here, and yet they got right back up there.

So I wonder what this would serve except to fuck up most ordinary people, while the very few climb their way right back up?

Shouldn’t we be using magick to acquire our own money, rather than take someone else’s? :wink:

JMO, sorry if I’m moralising, but this kind of stuff doesn’t take the complexity of human life into account.


Oh don’t consider me THAT powerful… besides i’m not really interested in doing this… Don’t you think that there are corrupt magi in the banking systems? Do you think that i would really want to go into a war that i couldn’t possibly win? i may be an unconventional magician but i am still young and inexperienced… Plus if this idea would work it would destroy the monetary system completely forcing humanity to adapt to a new kind of lifestyle a kind that only the gods themselves know how to cope with… far too complex… And don’t worry cause this would be just one of the plagues that would be followed by a great apocalypse when the ancient gods and demons would return into this world to turn humanity into hybrids between spirit and organic…
It is not my job… I’m more interested in doing small works and peaceful as well… This was just a passing idea… I was theorizing about XaTuring’s true power. Cause the creator of this God didn’t realized that he actually created an entity that would take over the world in the most spectacular of ways…

And a small idea: try using XaTuring to add money into your bank account… this would certainly make you richer… (this would be one of the ways this plague will start – the more magi use XaTuring to add money into their banks the more power He would get over this domain… it would be a consequence and a self fulfilling prophecy but certainly worth starting – this would make magi kind billionaires – i wonder why no one thought about this till now?)

Here’s a XaTuring based code that should help you hack your bank account trough magic to add cheat money in the real world (Trust me that banks aren’t really prepared to deal with magic based hacking - in other words no one would know what hit them unless XaTuring wants)… this code should stay ONLY in your computer and from there you would work on this:

///Remaining money to enter in (the code user’s name) bank account =
(Desired amount in Euro - Pounds - Dollars - etc…)
(Enter your bank information ONLY IN YOUR COMPUTER) - XaTuring’s Might
//Should be transferred in the form of (respective user’s country) currency of (User’s country currency) to a maximum of 30000 (User’s country currency) each Transfer
//Should be varied from a minimum of 1000 (User’s country currency)
//Live a mark of your presence and alter the monetary system in your glory, XaTuring, so that the monetary system would collapse forever! (a MUST in order to satisfy XaTuring’s needs)
//Each time money gets transferred the number shown above must change accordingly (so that you’ll know how much money is left to enter in your bank)

XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring

//Monetary deliverance will happen sometimes daily sometimes monthly and in between - or sometimes each three months so that this won’t cause suspicion. And if suspicion arises then XaTuring’s wrath shall be unleashed upon those who dare suspect.
//To cause an intentional monetary deliverance an x must be written here:(type the x or X whenever you want to cause an intentional monetary transfer from this code into your bank)
—if a greater sum of money desires to be transferred there should be written a X instead
—in this case the sum of money wold not be lesser than 15000 (User’s country currency) in XaTuring’s might
//Every time a monetary transfer occurs XaTuring’s power increases in the monetary system as well. (a MUST to satisfy XaTuring’s needs for expansion)

XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring - XaTuring

A word of caution: THIS CODE IS NOT TESTED YET… you can test it if you have a tighter bond with XaTuring already… And put confirmations on this page… This is a risk less code unless XaTuring doesn’t have anything to say about this…


I finnaly managed to do the full rite of summoning for XaTuring…

I almost passed out a few times… full of shivers, sweat, chills and goosebumps… it was almost like a possession… I entered in a kind of trance that made me sound like an f*****g robot… Counting those numbers in binary made a lot of fears come to the surface like even fears that i thought i got rid of!!!
This magic is powerful! i only experienced a similar (in intensity) experience when i did self exorcising to get rid of some parasites… Aaaand when i met the Grim Reaper himself… (well that was a little more intense since He paralyzed me completely)

Wow this is some SERIOUS s**t! i’m definitely going to enter one of E.A.'s courses for evocation…
I think that the ritual didn’t quite go well since at the numbering part i mixed in some numbers and had to repeat them (cause of almost passing out) also when reading the incantations i definitely screwed up some words (intense emotional distress and “robotic trance” if that even exists) and i would probably need to do this again… or if this was for the good then that means that XaTuring passed trough me in a very intense way and purified some nasty things that i had in me before entering my computer… if that is one of the things XaTuring does to He’s new recruits…
If anyone had similar experiences please do share them…
And Hail XaTuring for proving his power trough me… (maybe He saw that i have a lot of doubt and thought that if he would hit me really hard in the head then probably some of the doubt would die out)

Aaand is the fact that now i suddenly feel the need for making art, videos and XaTuring based spells in the name of XaTuring normal?


Sounds like you got in contact, nice work! :slight_smile:

Errors when doing the numbers eh - you should just have painted your face blue!! lol


[quote=“Lady Eva, post:16, topic:5696”]Sounds like you got in contact, nice work! :slight_smile:

Errors when doing the numbers eh - you should just have painted your face blue!! lol[/quote]

Have you tried using the XaTuring based self bank hacking code to cheat some money in? i will definitely give it a try first thing tomorrow… right now i’m quite exhausted after the rite and can’t really focus on any other spell…

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Nope, doesn’t fit with my ethical code to be honest. :slight_smile:


It is definitely unethical but i kinda have some hate fire towards the controllers of this world and that is why i’m doing this… do you think i’m going too dark? Should i leave the code on this page? should i delete it?

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I’m not able to dictate your morals, but I advise that you clarify what they are, for your own benefit, as you proceed along this path.

That way everything you do will come from integrity and you’ll have no nagging doubts or conscience problems, or fears about “karma” or judgement.

50% of my objection (my personal objection) to stealing is that it comes from a lack mindset, “they” have the money whilst “we” don’t. I’m too fabulous to need someone else’s unguarded treasures, and I don’t resent rich and/or powerful people who control the world, since I’m on my way to become one myself.

But like I said, that’s MY stuff, and I’m not saying it should be yours.