Starting Evocation - Getting Some Results

Hello there fellow balg members,

I have been practicing the evocation methods presented in EA’s course for a couple months now. I have been working on structuring and meditating and really just trying to focus. As a newbie to evocation, the focus bit is the hardest part, especially when you are starting out and think you are doing everything to the letter. Then… ‘‘nothing happens’’ and then doubt sets in, and then you think you look like a fool doing this xD Then focus, and intent are lost! It has been an uphill battle for me, despite my past experiences, trying to get a spirit to manifest physically. Spoiler alert: I still havent gotten a complete physical embodiment of the spirit I am working with to appear in front of me as Id like it to.

However, I just had a crazy experience, that as soon as it ended I felt compelled to document it and then share what happened here.

Since I joined, there are a lot of links that I have bookmarked for later use. One of them happens to be the rather popular ‘Physic Development for the Magician’ thread, because who cant use new or different ways to develop psychically? I did the 3 stars and then void meditations one after another (an accomplishment! because I usually fall asleep as I do the 3 stars). I struggled through the void meditation though. With each step I would get side tracked, and start thinking of random things. I dont even remember, but as I would remind myself Im getting closer to the void, stuff like “KNIGHTS” would pop in my head and try to derail my focus. Instead of starting the meditation over every time I noticed that Id have random thoughts or catch myself dozing off, I would try to remember what number I was on and forge forward. If I restarted every time >.> I would get nowhere, If I am being honest.

I did the meditation, and then I sat up and kicked my legs off the side of the bed. I turned to stare at my obsidian black mirror and following advice from an article on how to call to spirits, started to rock back and forth slightly. In front of my black mirror I have the sigil of Glasya Labolas drawn on a flashcard, along with an amulet with his sigil on it as well. He was the spirit Ive been choosing to work with for evocation, as he is one of the goetia that really called out to me and still does.

Now here is the crazy part, as I rocked back and forth and thought of Glasya’s sigil in my head, his enn popped into my mind and I found myself reciting it. Chanting it softly to myself. The mirror fogged over, turned from black to a greyish sort of color, but that is not all. As I was chanting and rocking and seeing this, mist or what looked like incense smoke as it trailed in wisps, started to fill the room and the area around me. I chanted more and more, and the smoke came towards me and rushed past like a wind, and I felt my whole body tingle like an electric charge.

It was then, I knew without a doubt that I had successfully called Glasya, but despite my attempts at structuring, I could not get a clear image or even see anything else but the wisps of smoke around me. So instead of trying to force it, I reclined back and talked to Glasya thanking him for coming, and then explaining myself, and asking him if he would give me the power to execute my will or if he could help lead me there.

I felt really good about this for a second, but then doubt crept back into my head. Then I felt silly. Then, just like that, the moment was gone and I could no longer see the wisps.

This is the closest I have ever got to calling a spirit to physical embodiment!

To those who have, how have you overcome your own ‘silliness’ or feeling of doubt? I mean, even with all this happening, in the middle of talking to the spirit -and hearing nothing back- my logical mind kicked back in and totally threw me from my trance. This is concerning! :confused:


Lmao if i pulled my thread from when i first began balg, it is very similar. Smoke filling the room. Like literally could touch it, ectoplasm. Youre a powerful being my friend. Unlike most, we can see energy with our eyes.

Dont feel bad about not having a full manifestation. It took me forever, but i did just post a thread on how i successfully did it 6 nights in a row. But you need a room where you can light resin.


Sometimes you just have to go with it. I am a newbie but I use my own method of evoking because it means I am doing what I feel not trying to remember something. I had my best evocation yet last night in terms of immediate response, I had constant shivers. Do what feels right for you


Thank you for your replies serpens_album, and Shadowmage.

This initial success experience, at least the strongest success Ive had, has really lit a fire under me in terms of practice and repetition. I now am doing meditation daily, without it feeling like a lost cause, and my confidence in this practice has gone up. Of further summoning attempts, I can now drop into that state, where I see the foggy stuff, within about 5 or so minutes of actively trying to conjure (after the meditations). The ability to repeat this has also boosted my confidence not only in myself and my abilities, but in the spirit I am working with and his desire to work with me in the beginning of my journey.

Im trying to take it slower, one step at a time, but for now I am sticking with what is working until I am confident enough to strike out on my own. I still am nervous about ‘fucking something up’ which, from what Ive read here and all around the forum, is a silly thought because there is no ‘right way’ to do magick. It is just a mental block that I need to work past myself. No amount of reading is going to do that for me. Unfortunately :frowning:

However I am hopeful and optimistic about having more experiences :smiley:

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To preface this, I did the 3 stars meditation again with theta binaural beats. I have a hard time staying awake playing those, probably because Im not used to dropping down into theta for very long at all. I dozed off, but I woke up ready to evoke again. Glasya-Labolas again was the spirit I am working with.

Immediately as I looked at his sigil in my hand it began to flash. There were black dots forming on the white paper, and it looked like it was almost covered in static. As I chanted the enn I came to the crossroads again. I got so ‘there’ that with every breath, and every word I spoke, I saw a puff of ‘smoke’ come from my mouth. Every word of the enn vibrated with power and the words themselves in turn became visible to me in that smoke like form. It was much like watching your breath in the crisp, cool morning air. For a moment, like a child, I was quite fascinated by it. I huffed and puffed just to watch the energy puff out and collect into the room. It made me question, am I seeing the energy? Is this ‘stuff’, all of it I see collecting in the air and surrounding me in the room, does it all come from the magician? I allowed myself to be amused by it, and I felt happy doing so.

Though after a few times I felt the demons presence in the room. He was watching me watch my own breath. When I noticed what I was doing and what was happening, I froze for a moment, mid-puff. I felt my entire body tingle, and then I asked him to come forward more. To try to show himself more to me, because I am still very much working on developing my astral senses. He did. I felt more around me, the air itself felt thick, like you are wading through a dense fog. It had that kind of presence to it. I explained to him again that I am working on developing my abilities, and then I carefully asked my questions one by one, giving proper time in between for me to actively listen and try to feel out an answer. I think I am my own worse enemy when it comes to interpreting what I feel. I feel that in this session, I was so analytical and dismissive that I really didnt get the whole message. There were a couple communications which stood out:

  • For every question I asked I felt like I got a positive answer, but I couldnt quite confirm it with words. Again, I think this is due to my overlooking and watching for an answer instead of letting it come to me.
  • When asking my questions I got a clear image in my head, I dont know if it is my fantasies based on the stimulation of my energy body that was going on, or if it was real. But it was me being pushed down onto the bed, the spirit hovering over me, and then giving me a kiss on the lips. I didnt ask a question about relationships or anything like that. Everything I was asking about had to do with finances, money, and winning those battles of inheritance.

After the evokation, I went to my tarot deck and shuffled the cards. I asked about the Glasya-Labolas and how our working relationship is coming. I pulled three cards:

  • The Lovers
  • Justice
  • Two of Swords

A very interesting series of cards. I believe The Lovers card to be symbolic, like he is going to be there for me, to help me make a difficult decision, or through difficulties, to see everything through to the ‘right’ end. Very basic reading of the cards, I know, but it is something I have been working on as well xD

The goings on have given me a lot to think about and ponder.


Its been quite some time since Ive updated this, but progress has been slow visually. However more and more synchronizations to my goals have been coming about since I started petitioning the President. ‘Things’ have just come more natural to me, I feel that I am more confident, and I actually have a drive to go out there and change instead of waiting for change to come. In that regard, I have gotten several job opportunities that will be hard won, and I have a phone interview coming up this Wednesday. If I do well, this job can change my life, and it will actually be in my field of study. No more barely above min wage jobs T.T That has been my goal for a while now, get a job in my field.

Personal matters aside, tonight during my evocation I laid back, looked at my mirror and said the enn. The FIRST saying of it my entire vision went grey with that fuzz, then flashed back to reality as I was surprised. My vision kept going in and out as I recited and chanted the enn, the veil seeming to part and leak out of the mirror itself, spreading to all corners of the room. Even when the fuzz wasnt visible you could still sense something about the atmosphere. I even took a photo (yay for flash in an otherwise dim room):

As you can see very, very basic setup. But this is really all Ive needed to get the results that I have been getting so far.


You’re definitely making progress. I can see an image in the mirror of your evocation :ok_hand: