In regards to gamma, the crossroads, and the pyschedelic state

DMT is known to be linked to the afterlife and the dreamworld. It’s also said that one can reach this state with mastery of deep, deep meditation, without drugs. (our pineal gland, or “third eye,” naturally produces DMT, for those who didn’t know)

I believe this is the gamma state. And although we can sometimes reach little gamma peaks while in traditional (theta) meditation, I think while under the influence of psychedelics, especially tryptamines, such as DMT, psilocybin (4-PO-DMT) and psilocetin (4-ACO-DMT), our gamma state is highly active. I would go as far as to call it a gamma-theta sync (as opposed to theta-gamma sync).

And it is my belief that psychedelics can be used as incredibly powerful tools in ritual magick. So, let’s experiment! I’ll go first.

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In my own Experience, Using an external substance to get in that state, when it can be done without make you dependant on that substance. I never used any psycadelic substance to perform Magick or even to enchance it since i dont need to do so.

I do have a Magician friend that use them though, and without the Help of those substance he is unable to perform Magick succesfully, so i see this as a Problem.

In my own Opinion, The use of Psycadelic in Ritual should be avoided, but of course this is only my view.

I don’t. I think it can actually help train the brain how to use magick without the drug at a later time. I’m not talking about taking a huge dose of mushrooms wherein the entire 3rd dimensional world dissolves and you enter a drooling manic state, having a chaotic chunk of the astral overlaying your normal eyesight. I mean a very low dose; just enough to auto-trigger the necessary state.

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As i said above, i have a different opinion and your free to have yours as well. For me i find it just useless to use those Kind of substance to get in a state that can easily be attained with a Bit of Dedication and practice.

We use substances such as caffeine to get us going in the morning and NyQuil when sick to sleep, we use chocolate to make ourselves feel better emotionally the list goes on. Interacting with our environment on a chemical level is happening constantly so I think there could be some prejudice towards substances a prejudice based on supposed dangers even though psilocybin has been proven to actually have many benefits to the nerve system and brain. These things show you new perspectives on perception and you can gain these perspectives without these substances so the major problem is when those that have prejudice for particular substances attempt to dictate how others should experience new perspectives or if they even should. It becomes hard to control people that suddenly start seeing the world in ways that conflict with the status quo. I say if you don’t like those substances don’t do them but don’t try to force others into your views if you want to do that go be a Jehovah’s witness.


I would like to encourage anyone who skims across this who has experience in combining psychedelia and ritual to share their experiences.

I am by no means new to psychedelics, nor am I new to magick, however, combining them is a new adventure I plan to explore in the following months, and information on the subject is sparse.

I have had some interesting experiments before with Hydrocodone, I had a dental surgery and they gave me pain pills so I decided to experiment. I took the Hydrocodone waited till it started to kick in and then put on some binaural beats I had no goal in mind other than to see what kind of altered state it produced. I actually lost consciousness for a moment and found myself in the body of a Chinese man seeing with his eyes and experiencing his reality. His relatives he was living with shook me and I popped back into my own body. I have had many strange experiences with this particular recipe. I have tried other substances as well such as NyQuil and binaural beats which also produces an effect greater than the binaural beats alone .

Interessting, this is the reason why i said it is only my way of seeing things, I agree with you that we should never try to force our view on someone else

People have been using psychedelics magickally/spiritually for thousands of years, and psychedelics are ubiquitous in all cultures of the past. They used to be an integral part of shamanism, and it hasnt been until very recently where their usage has been frowned upon in some “shamanistic” circles, all Western variations, because “drugs are bad, mmkay?”.

They are called plant teachers, and they are powerful spirits in and of themselves who want to teach, to heal, and to elevate those who desire such gifts.

Usually, a specific spirit resides over a plant, and that spirit is the teacher, and the plant, their emanation into the physical plane. Ingesting that physical emanation into your own physical emanation, really IMO can be thought of a kind of invocation, a literal and physical invocation, where the plant teacher and the individual can commune in a very intimate manner.

I find it ironic that any magician could denounce the use of a plant teacher for the purpose of learning, but might still advocate “classical” evocation, invocation, and even possession for the exact same purposes. In both ways the spirits are summoned and communed with, and in both ways the reason for doing so is to learn, grow, and become greater than you once were. I cannot think it anything other than a sad irony; a capitulation to societal norms; a mental wrangling between the safe and comfortable bounds of socially acceptable thought, all at the expense of a consciousness expanded beyond them.

The plants are the most ancient multicellular terrestrial beings still extent. They are over 450,000,000 years old as a kingdom. To think as normal Western society does, that they cannot teach, that they have no wisdom worth learning, or that their spirits are necessarily inferior to the ones of man for whatever reason, is the height of hubris and the reflection of a consciousness shrouded in spiritual isolation and darkness.

Psychedelics are generally illegal for a reason. They, when approached with respect, kindness, compassion, appreciation, gratitude, and the desire to transcend to a permanent higher state of awareness/consciousness (quite literally the ascension talked about much on this forum), will accelerate that process drastically if you are already on the path, will set you on the path if you are not already, will shatter obstructions on that path that would take you, alone, perhaps literal lifetimes to do solo (or maybe just an entire life to do with external guidance), can heal you relatively instantly of emotional, mental, and spiritual wounds from this life and lives long forgotten, and some can actually facilitate literal physical healings of things that are usually deadly (ex: cancers). TPTB cant have any of that though, now can they?

With the proper intent, plant based psychedelics are keys that fit into the locks of doors every single person on this forum wishes to pass through.

The question we must ask ourselves though, is whether we really wish to open those doors, or if we prefer just studying the doors and theorizing what may be on the other side. Because once they are open, they cannot easily be closed again.

I say approach the plant teachers with absolute respect, only when you know you are ready to learn, to change, to die, and to be reborn transcendent. At every stage they can help. Every door they can help you open; no lock is too complex. They are adaptive to an extreme; from the most simplistic notch key lock, to the most advanced, futuristic sci-fi quantum lock (whatever that may be!), they can help you to open it.

Just be sure the opening of those doors is what you really want, and make sure you are ready to walk through them once ajar :slight_smile:


Interesting. I’ve struggled with opiate addiction in my past, almost never touch them now. I don’t link the drug to these states, and I DO NOT advocate someone to try to use opiates for mystical purposes. I mean, if you’re gonna do them anyway, and you’re finding yourself in a “nod,” then yeah go ahead and seize the moment and try to astral project or lucid dream while awake, and hope your heart and lungs don’t slow to a halt. But never go out of your way to get super opiated for a mystical experience.

As a former morphine and heroin addict, I can say that the “nod,” although probably is a deep state a theta, is also a hair below overdose, and only 1 out of every 30-40 or so times I would find myself nodding, did I have anything dreamlike occur. It’s super rare.

That being said, they weren’t very mystical for me; just like extremely vivid daydreams. You can induce the same thing by practicing lucid dream techniques, such as the FILD (finger-induced lucid dream; not as naughty as it sounds), or the WILD (wake-induced lucid dream), to play around with theta, lucid dreams, and even astral projection, without all the glorious, beautiful, soaring rushes of dopamine… Fuck. Every day of “victory” over my past addiction is a constant struggle. The chemical addiction may be long gone, and the brain damage (which is known as opioid receptor up-regulation) has been healed, the psychological addiction and the DESIRE to want to feel opiated, is going to be with me every day of my life for the rest of my life.

Fun fact, during one of my early evocations, aside from food, trinkets, and traditional wine, I also offered a glass of “opium wine” (poppy tea/extract with water, lemon, and blueberry syrup) to King Paimon.

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Interessting, this is the reason why i said it is only my way of seeing things, I agree with you that we should never try to force our view on someone else[/quote]
It wasn’t directed at you it was generalized.

Interessting, this is the reason why i said it is only my way of seeing things, I agree with you that we should never try to force our view on someone else[/quote]
It wasn’t directed at you it was generalized.[/quote]

I know my Friend :slight_smile:

It comes down to what serves you best (because you’re a magician, not a priest in a lineage of that plant spirit and the associated culture) - I’ve worked with ayahuasca and respect and acknowledge its value to the shamans who are immersed in it, and also as a healing and gateway experience for people outside that who want to go to traditional ceremomies. And I have extrapolated from this that otther plant spirit customs are likely to be equally valid.

But as an Englishwoman, tying my practice to a plant which physically cannot be grown here (at leats, not as part of normal horticulture), and which also has various legal and moral sanctions associated with it (for now, anyway) doesn’t suit me, and would become a burden that would outweigh any potential gains.

We do have mushrooms that grow in this climate and even further north, but I’m not convinced that they’d add anything to my practice, and given that I like to take things a little too far, I doubt they’d be a wise choice for me, personally.

i never used any kind of drug to induce/help…
the funny thing,is that i know when i will be able to see a manifestation,i feel the skin of my forehead moving,right in the middle and a strange feeling between my eyes ( somehting that is really good to feel but i dont know how to name this thing).

i have a question,what do you feel when you are close to see the spirit manifested and what you do to hold this moment,to make it longer,because sometimes it is very long and sometimes super short…

the substances that you said,can increase this?

i mean,to increase the moment,to make it longer,to last longer…

ty my friends

[quote=“samm, post:15, topic:8694”]because sometimes it is very long and sometimes super short…

the substances that you said,can increase this?

i mean,to increase the moment,to make it longer,to last longer…

ty my friends[/quote]

I believe so, yes. I believe low-dose (and I cannot stress LOW DOSE enough) psychedelics are kind of like a cheat code if you will, an automatic switch, to this state. A gram, or even half a gram, of dried mushrooms, would be great for evocation, for example. And no I don’t mean enough to hallucinate, and see what isn’t there. Just enough to “open your third eye.” Just enough to force you in, and hold you in, the gamma state.

High dose psychedelics, mushrooms for example, definitely does have its place in the human experience, but as far as ritual magick working, I believe it would only get in the way.

Hi everyone. I am fairly new to the magick world( 2 months now) and I have tried more then 30 summonings and unfortunately haven’t produced and results. I’ve tried meditation, dmt breathing exercise and still no success, at this point I am willing to try anything that would aid me im my growth…
My question would be where and how can i get anything that would bring me into the state requires that would open thecommunication and manifestions?

Im so confused on What is state do we have to be in to work magick. Is it alpha? Theta? Or Gamma?

I would like to drop in here and talk about my experiences. While I had gotten results from goetic summoning prior to this, I had not gotten such clear communication with the spirits. I kept wondering if it was all in my head or just made up bullshit even though results were produced. But sometimes it failed or didn’t give me exactly what I wanted, so I decided the next step I needed to make was to get in better communication with the spirits.

Eventually, I came to this forum desperate for information and looking for help on a complex project I have envisioned, so I started with this

If you do not wish to work with Belial, there are other spirits I have consulted, but for some reason, they like to show up on aluminum foil. I’m thinking its the special properties that aluminum has as a metal, and then, I have also been able to illuminate the dark with a flashlight and use a circle made of rope, just rope mind you. I have long since put the symbols away especially when working with entities I already know and also I do trace out their symbols, recall dreams about them when placing their symbols under my pillow, in order to get a feel if I really need/want to work with a givens spirit. If I get a bad feeling about it, then I don’t do it.

The main issue I see with your set up for a beginner is you lack a good medium for manifestation. Some people like to use a black mirror, but I have really felt aluminum foil is easier for some reason, and also often easier to obtain although I have seen spirits appear in other ways. Also, you may want to have some kind of circle around you, and not just the spirit.