Thought-based baneful magick

Ok, so maybe I can consider this my first success, a curse…what a great way to step in the occult, eh?

Basically this is the situation: I just had a problem with a guy lying and taking advantage of me, so I really considered some revenge. This was a few months ago, I just started reading about teh occult, spells and all…
I couldn’t put my hands on any tools or anything so I just tried to manipulate energy…I didn’t know how well it would work out, but I had nothing to lose (or so I thought).

I just basically summoned all the anger,frustation and hatred I could have possibly felt, and I didn’t focus on any entity, but I knew I was connecting to something powerful and sinister, I don’t know what that was… I can’t remember what I said but I just gave it the command to wreak havoc in his house, basically.

Few days later, I contacted the guy and he said his daughter had to undergo a surgery, and the man was barely even leaving his house…


Weeks later, he still hasn’t fullfilled his promise, so I decided to torment him a little more. It was the same procedure, but this time I wanted something to happen to HIM. At that very moment, I happened to spontaneously visualize a car running over him. I didn’t imagine it, it just came to me. I even felt like threatening him by saying “watch the cars…” but as I didn’t know exactly how the manifestation would work out I did nothing.

Some 2 days ago, I asked if he finally did the job he was supposed to, guess what I heard? Words to the effect of: “Pardon me, I haven’t been able to…A car ran over me last week, I got a broken arm, legs bruised…but I’m doing what I can to work on it”

Well, the job itself hasn’t been finished but at least he served as a guinea pig for my experimentation…

Congrats, but if you keep putting him in the hospital he won’t be able to get shit done.

I kinda got to the point that I didn’t care to wait a little longer, this whole situation just made me so mad, I just had to give this a try…this stuff really works…our minds are more powerful than I thought.