I feel more and more as time goes by that we are all jumping from one religion/cult to another (magick.) The analytical part of me is asking how magick is any different from religion. If you can see spirits or hear them you have your proof I suppose. Otherwise you are left with faith alone. Especially if you don’t get results. I see many who have struggled for years. Have their rituals been done incorrectly all that time? Shouldn’t chaos magick make them work anyways?

Wouldn’t at least one powerful mage have demonstrated real power publicly? I have always wondered why no-one would stick there neck out for the notoriety. You know those people exist. I can’t be the only one struggling with this.

I have a number written on my desk. Can anyone tell me what it is? Private message works if anonymity is important.

They say one importance of initiation is so that the mentor can show the initiate a miracle to remove all doubt from them so they can proceed with conviction. Has anyone done that for you?

Isn’t that what authors like EA are doing? Sharing their own experinces publicly?

Magick can be a part of a religon but in reality magick is actual practice, not something you debate and analyze with your mind but rather as something you experience.

Yes as a part of my initiation and later work I have been having enough experiences that I find intressting.
With that being said there is a leap of faith that must be done and in my opinion the people that fail are the ones who are essentualy lazy and think that if the half-wing it or simply don’t understand the basis of magick.
Chaos magick is actully in the end one of the most complex forms of magick as it relies on your own will alone with no support.


No-one’s going to convert you, we’re too busy doing our own magick, but you can read some stunning success stories in this location and a massive list of thanks here.