Miracle healing/recovery

I’m paralysed because of a car accident that happened few years ago. I call Marbas to help me, but i wish it was faster to be honest, for the moment i see no changes.
I wanted to know if you have stories about what we can called " miracle recovery ", if you or one of your relatives get healed thanks to magic or entities whereas everybody (doctors) told you/them you/they would not.

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The only thing I can share is that I’ve been guarded all of my life. There have been a few times when I was close to death, but I always would be fine. Does not matter if its a disease, car accident or generally threatening situations, I would always get out of the water dry :slight_smile: I’m sure they could help you

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That’s great. Who is protecting you?

If only I knew, my dear friend, if only I knew…


take a look through here under the “healing” category. You may find what you’re looking for


Thank you :slight_smile: .

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Everyone on earth has a Guardian Angel. It has been like that since creation.

This Guardian Angel is there to protect you and guide you in all your ways.
Sometimes, our actions makes us to disconnect from their guardian since due to our free will

However, it is very easy to ask for Its guardians, just meditate for dew minutes and say a short chant. A sample of the chant can be gotten from catholic prayer to guardian angel.


I researched this subject for a while and I’m convinced that it can be done in ways that most people wouldn’t beleive it’s possible. The most obvious example are Christian faith healers.

90% scammers and most healings are nothing but mental/emotional manipulation that doesn’t cause true healing, I’m aware of that. But in my opinion, there’s solid evidence that some practitioners of this art are using an effective spiritual system that can truly create miracles. Regardless of the religion itself.

I highly recommend that you read a book called “the power of your subconscious mind” by Joseph Murphy. You will find in that book different methods that you can use to heal yourself.

Archangels Metatron and Michael can also help. Especially Metatron. If you give me permission, I can work on it with them.


Thanks for the answer.
Yes of course you can.

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I’m back.
I wanted to know is there a drastic solution to my problem like you know in movies “a life for a life” or some kind of thing. I read that when you are astral projecting you can heal others, is it possible for me to work on myself knowing that everyday I have no abilities for healing.

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You sure can work on yourself. I would recommend daily visualization.

I started working on it today, but I prefer to use power and balance. I’m not a doctor so I don’t want to use too much force on it just to make sure all is going well. :slight_smile:

If possible, light a candle for Achangel Raphael. That would also be helpful if you can.

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So I have been depressed all day long moaning to myself about my disability as if it was unbearable all of sudden… i know i should stay positive for positive stuff to come but… haha
I have been practicing daily visualization but im not sure i do it right as i never get results.
I will light a candle to Raphael tomorrow.
Could you explain me what you do? Maybe on PM.

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Sorry about that…that was probably me :flushed:
I better explain in PM then, thank you

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Any updates on this one guys?

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First off I’m sorry that happened to you. Secondly such “miracle recovery” happens all the time. The human body, mind, and spirit are far more than is given credit for. I’ve seen it in my own family and heard of it having happened in the past to my relatives but closes to me was my own daughter who almost died from a rare heart condition but recovered miraculously.
Sometimes it doesn’t even take a spirit or supernatural force to do it. Sometimes it can happen simply on will alone. Bruce Lee was paralyzed and he recovered under his own will. Former president Franklin Delano Roosevelt was told he would never walk again, he went into his room and determined to walk again, six months later he walked out the door and continued to walk for many years to come until later in life when the disease finally took him.
Then there was this man, Morris Goodman who’s story is as true as it is impossible and unbelievable…

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Hi! So nothing different to me. I’ve not been pushing cause I have daily preoccupations. I’ll try runes.

I’ve seen this video after I got paralysis. His story is amazing.
I know I’ll be able to walk again one day, but maybe my will isn’t strong enough for the moment haha.

Have you thought of vampirism? I don’t know your level of energy working, so here are a few of my threads.


Thank you for sharing.
I’m not good at energy work :sweat_smile:.

I can strongly suggest to take a look at Robert Bruce. He has an energy based system. This is his book. And he has a course at his website astraldynamics.com called Manifestation and the Higher Self.
Healing and health are an integral part of this course.
He also has some video courses here at the BALG website (Astral Projection, Kundalini, Psychic Self-Defense)

At astraldynamics.com there is an intro program called Energy Work Primer, it’s free and can give you a glimpse of the method he uses. If you don’t feel like investing, you can look at this free short video course, and into astraldynamics forum, where you can find plenty of info on the energy works method.

I suggest this method because I do believe you can fully recover. It may not be easy, and may take some time, but I feel it can be done.

All my blessings,

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