Experiences with Dra'talon v2.0

I am trying not to get too influenced by the dreams I am having. Only recently I started having some real time contact with the entities I am calling (I mean during the evocation) and before that most interaction took place in the dream world. So I try to analyze every dream I have that seems important without getting too carried away by all that.

I googled for a picture of Baraka and his eyes are almost what I saw. Can I ask you if you’ve noticed any changes in your behaviour during or after the evocation of Dra’talon?

And of course I want to thank you for your suggestion, it definitely helped me a lot and I’ll use this plan of action again.

Until now I know that my target is having some health issues but still no one knows where it’s coming from, so I want to assume that what I did is working.
To be honest I enjoy learning that he’s suffering but I didn’t ask from anyone to tell me. I haven’t talked to that woman that I mentioned in a previous post who told me about the incident during the wedding for more than a year and she just appeared again out of nowhere to talk about him among other things (gossip, that I am not even interested in at all). And I think that this situation is not helping me very much so I am thinking that I should stop having any kind of contact with her even though this will mean that I will not have any more “updates” about my target until he dies.

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Please keep us posted on the results

well i don’t know if it’s his influence or some of the other daemons i’ve been working with, but i would say i’ve been experiencing very “martian” emotions of late.

on the one hand, there’s aggression and assertiveness which i was always very tactful in when and where i allowed it to surface, but which i have, of late, let run a little loose. more than that, i feel competitive and ambitious like i never did before, and not only willing, but capable of scheming and dominating in ways i never thought possible (this could also be a result of the lake of fire, as things are still happening as a result of that ritual.

it’s not that i go out and pick fights or anything, but i call people on their bullshit more often, i no longer accommodate hostile or domineering people (like many leos and aries), and i’ve started using my intellect as a weapon. i no longer defuse arguments, but i invite people such as a leo, just yesterday in fact, to argue, only to publicly destroy them in front of colleagues, their superiors at work/school etc. normally i wouldn’t be this vindictive but i’ve suddenly realised the enormous benefit of just getting people out of my way rather than playing their stupid games.

i’ve also been fixating/dreaming about the fourth pentacle of mars, but i don’t know why (and i didn’t know what it did until i looked it up). i’m working on a creative painting project where i’ll draw and paint all the planetary pentacles and a few other things in some nice, artsy way, you see. in any case, i’ve also started going to the gym in preparation for something called the “tough mudder” challenge. the more i work out, the more aggressive my mentality becomes, the more i dream about this pentacle (and a few others, but mainly this one) and the more i feel the need to paint these things. also, a portrait of amaymon, for some reason.

all these different tangents focus on the martial aspects, and as we all know, we become ever more like that which we evoke. i’m still thinking it’s the influence of the lake of fire ritual, but i’ve employed dratalon several times since then, so i can’t be sure (and i’m fucking awful at keeping a magical diary, even though i have one going LOL).

lemme know if you want any other info:)


Thank you for your answer James, it was very informative.

I’ve been experiencing that kind of “martian” emotions that you speak of after the funeral rite. I thought that it’s something that would subside as the days go by but until now it’s still the same. I like it, however the aggression during workouts and training is something that I find quite difficult to control.

May I also ask if after you evoked Dra’talon you could feel something like an energetic residue in your ritual space?

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i always have that kind of residue. with dratalon, it seems more “smokey” while with other spirits (goetic kings for example), it seems more “electric” or “magnetic”. the BoA spirits seem to be more earthy or… well, not more tangible but i suppose more palpable, and that goes for the energies they leave behind, too. oh, and drataon brought on these incredible cold spots. way colder than a freezer. this was like touching ice. i’d say liquid nitrogen but it’s not that cold, or my skin would be freezing in en masse. the cold become more diffuse and less localised, but it still chilled a good quarter of the room for a few hours.

it’s important to distinguish that the martian (martial?) effects of dratalon aren’t likened to uncontrolled rage as much as they are a form of focused hostility. it’s not a mindless lashing out which defines it, but the conscious desire to oppress, suppress, smother and defeat anyone and anything, at any time and for no particular reason. most people would call it “assertiveness” but that’s a polite euphemism for velvet cruelty.


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It is done, he is dead!!!

I must admit that it happened faster than I thought it would and judging from what I knew about him I thought that he would end up with a terminal illness or something like that.

A couple of days ago someone broke into his house and took everything. Today he was found dead, he shot himself with his gun. They said that after the burglary he was devastated and that lately he’s been acting “weird” and always complaining about some kind of pain that no doctor was able to find the source of it.
There was no suicide note to explain the reasons why he killed himself, they just found him in his car. His suicide is the main news today for the local newspaper, apparently everyone was shocked and there’s a suspicion that he killed himself in order to avoid being caught for fraud and taking money illegally for himself.

I’m so happy right now, I still can’t believe he’s dead!

I want to thank you all for your help and insights and especially James, I think that I wouldn’t be successful without his help.



i’m so proud of you right now, Nereid :*)

LOL. i’m flattered that you think i helped, though. i always worry that my suggestions do more harm than good haha.

i actually stumbled on this whole creative magic thing by accident. i don’t really know why it works so well, and without any kind of ritual at all (in my case, anyway). that said, it’s almost frightening how quickly things come about, and how precise the results can be. IMHO, it’s more effective (as far as results go) than evocation, although it doesn’t offer the experience that evocation does.

if anyone would care to try it out some more, i would really appreciate any feedback/problems/revelations you find as a result. i believe that in comparing the experiences of others, i’ll be able to better understand this whole thing. or, at very least, how to best apply it in a consistent and straightforward manner.

thanks again for sharing:)


Nereid congrats! I’m happy you were able to get your revenge. That is so awesome.

I should have something working up soon. Amazon lost my order for the last of my evocation supplies but the last of the stuff should be here by the end of the month. I’ve put my initial target on the back burner as I have a new target to try this out on. Will post details when I get the ball rolling.

Thank you guys!

TheWanderingFool, I hope you’ll be able to post the details of your working soon enough :slight_smile:

James, regarding the energetic residue of Dra’talon I perceive it like a spot in the room with high humidity. I do daily exercises to improve my clairvoyance and sometimes I see it as something blurry perhaps. That’s the best way I can describe it.
I haven’t evoked him after the funeral rite but that hazy spot is still there. I haven’t experienced any cold spots but I didn’t have a full manifestation anyway.

it's important to distinguish that the martian (martial?) effects of dratalon aren't likened to uncontrolled rage as much as they are a form of focused hostility. it's not a mindless lashing out which defines it, but the conscious desire to oppress, suppress, smother and defeat anyone and anything, at any time and for no particular reason. most people would call it "assertiveness" but that's a polite euphemism for velvet cruelty.
You're right. I realized that the more I try to suppress these effects the worse they manifest so today I decided to go with the flow and I think that if this goes on and doesn't fade away (I hope not 'cause I really like it) I might be able to use it in a productive way for my improvement.
if anyone would care to try it out some more, i would really appreciate any feedback/problems/revelations you find as a result. i believe that in comparing the experiences of others, i'll be able to better understand this whole thing. or, at very least, how to best apply it in a consistent and straightforward manner.
I am wondering if it can work without knowing the name of your target. I will try it but I don't know how effective it will be if you can't get specific on the target.
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I finally found my notebook with the funeral rite. I will be “experimenting” with this rite for the new target. It can be used with whatever entity you choose but I will be working with Dra’talon.

This rite can also be performed with multiple people acting as participants in the funeral. They will serve to affirm the thoughts and acts taking place.

Supplies that will be needed will be a ritual dagger/knife, personal concerns of target if available if not standard cursing agents, linen or fabric for construction of a poppet and a box to serve as a coffin.

Construct poppet while visualizing the body of the victim in your hands, you are his creator and his destroyer. Every stitch you put into the poppet will be focused on bringing your target to life in your hands. You are god to your target you control his creation and his demise in your hands. Fill the poppet with personal concerns and or cursing agents. Speak to your target as you assemble his body, tell him you are creating him, bringing him into existence, command him to breathe, to live and tell him he has no choice but to accept the form in which you create and consecrate as his body in flesh and spirit.

Take the coffin and paint/inscribe the sigil of the entity of your choosing into the lid of the box/coffin. Draw a picture of your target in the situation you wish for them to be in ( car wreck, pool of blood with chalk outline etc) draw the sigil of the entity you wish to use on the picture. Place the picture on the inside of the coffin,the poppet will lay on top of it when it is placed in the coffin.

Prepare grave for the coffin

Place the target upon the alter, summon or call out to the spirit to witness, empower and aid your working. Take the ritual dagger in reverse grip and hold it over your target and recite. “Spirit ____ I call you to witness this act of destruction. As this blade seres my will it issues your task, as I strike this killing blow upon ____ and end his life here so to shall you strike. As I end life in this ritual you will end his life in this existence." Strike into the heart of your target seeing him wither and die under your blade call out "As I have killed so to shall you.”

Place the target into the coffin and close the lid. “As I have sealed your fate ‘target name’ I leave you in the hands of ‘spirit used’ may he take you from this life to the next.”

Carry the coffin and place it in the hole. “We are gathered here today to celebrate the death of ____ (if more participants are present they should say “___ is dead”. He was removed from this life for his sins of __, for his unforgivable crimes he was put to death (blank is dead). For the pain and suffering he caused he is gone ( is gone). He was taken from this world by the spirit ____ to the next. He is gone, not even a memory of him survives past this day (___is forgotten). Let us celebrate this death and rejoice that___is dead, ___ is gone and ___is forgotten.” Cover the grave and walk away.

I wrote this a while back and will modify it here and there and let you know what I change. The thought to use such a rite came to me after reading about the power of the mind and about how it doesn’t have to be positive thinking needed to affect the subconscious but it does have to be both symbolic and affirmative. Hope you enjoyed.


remember that it seems like success comes from the planning and not the execution of the ritual. just making notes and correcting them on a notepad is all that i’ve found to be needed.



^ Yeah, I was just posting this as I said I would and could then never find the damn notebook. This will be my starting template for the revisions and small changes needed to personalize it for the piece of shit I’m planning it for. Just thought I’d share for shits and giggles.

If this method fails I will follow Nereids example and summon Dra’talon and then hold the funeral in his presence.

TheWanderingFool, I’m sorry for the stupid question but what are the “standard cursing agents” that you’re talking about in your previous post?

I dreamt of Dra’talon last night, which brings me here into this inspirational thread.

I’ve never called upon Dra’talon, but I get the impression I should. I couldn’t see his face, but he was a huge man, almost a norse type build. Or maybe he was hiding his face from me. We were walking side by side, talking through a cemetery-like setting.

“You know who I am?” he asked, when he appeared.

“Yes. You’re Dra’talon.”

“You know what I do?”

“Some. I hear you’re good at killing.”

He laughed, and then his entire demeanor changed, and most seriously replied, “And you have some you’d like dead, don’t you?”

At which point I woke up. Slightly unsettled. Maybe some future plans should be pushed forward. Hmm…


That was my dumbass fault for just typing what I had in my notebook. I was talking about certain herbs I’ve used to curse before vandal root, red and black peppers, Spanish moss stuff like that. I use a lot of hoodoo stuff in my magick and have just recently delved into the more ceremonial aspects of magic.

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i believe he means things like hair and fingernail clippings. standard “cursing agents” for inclusion in the poppet. i can’t speak as to what was meant, and the pills are kicking in pretty hard right now, so this is just my half-baked opinion. the wording is a little strange in the previous post, but i think it means that if their personal concerns are not available for use (which could be hair and fingernails?) then the standard cursing agents could be sulfur, aesphoetida, poisonous herbs like henbane, hemlock etc.

fuck i’m starting to hallucinate hard…

i’d also include a copy of Poe’s Ulalume. or Annabel Lee.

[url=http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/annabel-lee/]Not Found

it’s brutal.

TS Eliot’s Wasteland is brilliant, too, and the Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock.
his Second Coming is worth taking a look at, for those of us who don’t look favourably upon christianity, but as far as death goes, Poe’s the master and Annabell Lee is a great example of the love and loss themes Poe played with. Ulalume strikes a little too close to home, on so many levels, it would be hard to use it without also condemning oneself.

check them out. poetry is the bridge between mankind and his magic.


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yesterday i found a branch laying on my front yard which looked exactly like dratalon’s sigil. the relative lengths of the lines, the angles and everything matched up almost spot on. in fact, i think the branch would make a better sigil than the one in the book. there were some subtle differences, but when i thought “oh, that looks like dratalon’s sigil”, it actually felt like it was, very much, the sigil of dratalon, having materialised through an act of nature (as opposed to my drawing it out on parchment).

i’ll take a photo in the morning and see what y’all think.

i haven’t seen results from my recent multiple target curse so i’ll have to call him up and find out what’s going on. he doesn’t speak much, tho.

i take it you have a few targets you would like him to take care of?


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ah and just an aside…

when i did my creative magic that worked really well, i was planning a painting i was going to have commissioned by a professional artist. in essence, it was a snapshot of an event (so there was no time element). the poses of the figures, the colours of things, the textures, how light would be cast, the weather outside the scene, and all the little bits and pieces that made up the place were all added and perfected, and every single one had some kind of deep significance. there was no ritual as such, or any actions or poppets or anything of the like. if i were to do a funerary version, it would be a snapshot of the church or whatever, with details of what people were wearing, where they were sitting, who was crying, who was looking at what, how the preacher was dressed, how the coffin looked, whether the coffin was open or closed, the colours of the flowers, personal belongings of the deceased etc. but everything has to have meaning, and the more revisions you make, the more precise it becomes. you could also write a eulogy as an aside to make the whole thing more interactive. the snapshot could you yourself at the podium reading the eulogy which you could also write (and spend time perfecting). you could use that eulogy in ritual with dratalon if you wanted, but i never had to go that far. just writing out the details of the scene was more than enough.



Every time I had manifestation before ritual I achieved it by planning the ritual itself. The more detail I delved into, the state of mind while completing each task, the orations, the symbolism involved, tools used etc. I would see myself performing the ritual, see the visualizations I described, see the intangible forces moving about etc. In a way I was performing the ritual,every time I revised it I was performing the ritual in a new more streamlined and potent fashion.

We’re basically on the same train of thought heading to the same station we’re just sitting in different cars.

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yep. it’s all new to me tho so it’s still a blast:)