Why is magic so limited?

People on this site talk about becoming living Gods but can’t even pay their bills or feed themselves with magic.What gives? What exactly is the point of magic if you can’t even get a firm stranglehold on your personal life? I expected miracles but real magicians offer wishy-washy psychologism and tiresome rituals which become almost superfluous compared to the amount of mundane work i have to put in. I’m throughly disappointed.


Then leave :man_shrugging: I mean, you’ve clearly taken people telling you to work on your skills as proof that magick doesn’t work. Yes, we apologize that you can’t shoot fireballs from your wizard staff. I was disappointed too when i learned that magick didn’t work that way. If you want to see how magick actually works (and yes, this includes paying ones bills)…look to the BALG Repository of Success Stories.

You asked “what gives?” …well what gives is that you’re incorrect. People on here are at various skill levels when it comes to magick…so not everyone is going to perform magick like an Albus Dumbledore. Speaking for myself…I’ve easily been able to pay my bills and feed myself through magick…oftentimes without having to even earn the money. Start talking to people with actual skill on here like @AdamThoth or @C.Kendall . Folks like this and myself who have used magick to radically improve our lives financially, read your post are left doing something like this:


You have a point, but alot of people here want to ascend spiritually and on the astral.
You can do great things if you gained powers it comes with time, for me the most important things are my relationships that I made with spirits, learning how the world works, realizing what is true, guidance,protection, healing, warding, and protection of my loved ones.


I don’t remember if I already wrote it but, as something I considered in response to a frustration I had myself, maybe “become a living god” is more one of the possible ways of referring to magick, rather than a particular powerful approach (still, I learned a nice amount of ‘things’).
So, to recap, one practices magick to shift the odds in his/her favor and also does the work in everyday life; well, okay… and as a matter of fact, the last few years indeed some improvements did occur, I wished for and now have a coffee machine and some magical/mystical items, like runes and a tibetan bowl.


I think you shouldn’t expect to find real magic on a fourm as easily accessible such as this one

I know for a fact that really powerful magick u have to find and an be able to know when you find it


Because real magic is limited to some kind of elitist club?

I’ve met people who struggle with their lives even though they are trying hard. I also met people who struggle because they think they are trying hard when they’re not.
And I’ve met people who drastically changed their lives for the better through magic.
Magick is everywhere and it is so diverse, not everyone has the goal to manifest a million dollars.

Open your eyes then, for a start.


Yes your correct
but I also feel I’m correct to
u can’t think to find ancient magick on an online fourm I shouldn’t of used “real” sorry

And I’m not saying it’s just for an elite club I’m saying magick is scared and I’m sure extremely powerful magick what he would consider real magick would not be found on an online fourm
That’s my opinion

Also what I meant is u probably have to understand different languages and history etc etc to find the magick I’m sure he’s referring to as “real” magick


Two days into a ten day house hunting trip, we put a bid in on a half a million dollar home, with several other bidders. Day 3, we caught Covid and went into quarantine, 4000 miles away from home. Negotiations and energetic-only rituals for two days.

On Day 5, the offer was accepted, despite others bidding more AND they wanted to close on the same day I started in the new office, despite having nowhere else to move to. And they still didn’t have a place when we took ownership a month later.

I grew up on foodstamps (now EBT and much less humiliating) in a single parent home. Used mental and energetic workings and worked my ass off. Consider doing the same or don’t bother.


Ayo I appreciate this comment I grew up in a Single parent home it’s far from easy

I’m 20 now just turned 20 but it’s just nice hearing something like that I first assume your where just tha average middle class or had both parents and support in the beginning of your statement


And that’s your first mistake. You block your own success by thinking people who’ve made it must have had it better than you.


Magick practice pulled me back on my feet when I was at my wits end, mental and material wise. I grew up as one poor mofo and struggling with making ends meet was a core pattern in my life until three years ago.

Of course I haven’t hacked any kind of lottery jackpot but Magick helped me more than any mundane influence to claim a big and unfaltering chunk of wealth. I don’t have to worry about money or material anymore. I won’t have to cry in front of the ATM anymore (unlike before I’ve started practicing) in my life ever again.

And yes, the “wishy-washy psychologism” played part in that as well because you won’t be able to live wealthy when your mind is not ready for it and you’re sabotaging your dumb ass with the same stupid patterns over and over. It is hard work to stop that and to break your own patterns apart for your own sake. I wouldn’t have managed that without Magick.


No, oldest of five. Went to college after Iraq, using military benefits. I used to study the subconscious mind and psychic topics at the library before about my early teens. Had to put the work in.


I don’t think all people who made it had it better than me
Also you would have to define “made it” seriously

I feel you may of been taken back by my previous commit so your just finding stuff to say

And where I come from 9/10 people have it better than me I’m a 3 time felon at 20 years old and still fighting for freedom I’m use to being the underdog I just said his comment was reassuring that people of lesser standing can become their version of “successful”

No, I’m trying to help you.


It takes time. I’ve had sucess protecting my town from an incident a while ago and fucked up manifesting my drivers license multiple times :joy::joy::joy:

Magick can be random there’s times I yell at myself, my guides and the universe but then see where I’m going wrong, apologize and move on

Personally I’m not very diligenent but Magick has come through for me multiple times despite this (saving my family from debt, dealing with a corrupt business woman, protecting me from a toxic relationship and even helping me control a chronic disease).

There’s a lot of self transformation and also the physical plane has limits


Of course they can. Don’t give up on yourself so easily because you’re not an overall accomplished dude by the age of 20.

My background is nothing but lower class, even in times of comparatively easy access to education I’ve never made it beyond a secondary school leaving certificate and my upbringing would have been a case for child protective services if it had been a thing in my former environment.

But that doesn’t define me when I am sharing my ideas with my business partners or CEOs. And thats where Magick seriously transformed me, it helped me to leave the “beaten dog” mentality behind and to focus on my strong suites instead of dwelling forever on what didn’t work out so far in my life. And I don’t mean it in this weird “Yeah, smile and move on”-way, this transformation sucked most of the time and it WAS work in itself.

If I would insist on the “poor upbringing, bad cards in the game, everyone does better than me”-image that I have created for myself for a long time I wouldn’t sit here and write that you shouldn’t give yourself up. I would have let disappointment eat me alive, with all of the social and material consequences. Don’t do that.


Magic is not limited. People are.


Oh thank I appreciate it my apologies


Ayye I just did this lol and ended up apologizing when I realized I was missing the point :joy:

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Aye man I appreciate every word thank you :pray: