Orias suprised me and REALLY delivered

I’m amazed. I really am amazed… I cast a “throwaway practice ritual” just to learn the mechanics of a Goetic petition rite (Ritual 1 from Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield).

Long story short, a formerly “straight” girl is engaged and very in love with the girl who was nuts about her and had a belief in Magick but was reluctant to work with demons. Interpret this how you will based on women having a tendency to be naturally bisexual or not (I don’t care).

What’s amazing to me is she was neuroticly obsessed with the result to the point of contemplating suicide but because it was my ritual …it happened incredibly well. I’ve heard of lust for result countering rituals for hire before… This was just a practice run. An honest run, but a detached one nonetheless.

The voice in my head that wonders if I’m “larping” is getting an astral ball gag with every result.

This is formally giving Orias public acolades and recognition for his power.

Amazing, I’ll be working with him more


Very nice! just curious…did you bother with the opening ritual Gordan has you do before the goetic petition, where you’re invoking all of these angels and calling upon the name of God? (the core ritual i think he calls it) i was looking through the book and to me it seems unnecessary


Indeed. I did the ritual exactly as written. Names, his Archangel calling, the ritual opening, the core ritual with all the visualization, the invocation psalms, and evocation keys.

It happened relatively fast considering one of them wasn’t all that interested and in just a few short months they’re engaged. I thought it was odd to mix in all the Hebrew stuff but as far as results go I’m definitely a fan of this ritual structure. It works very very well.


interesting, because i just did it myself, but i replaced the opening ritual with the LBRP, then i did the core ritual and the goetic petition exactly as written. not sure if it matters


Genuinely curious to see the effects and the nature of the results. I remember he goes on saying something to the effect of “These spirits WANT to be called upon” and then also saying something that gave me the feeling of “without calling the Angels it’s like asking people to get a job done without corporate supervision. If you have a company auditor there you know it’s going to be the highest quality work you can expect.”

They’re Dukes, Princes, and Kings, yet even they can shift gears and act differently based on the nature of their calling. I’ve heard Golden Dawn rituals threaten demons with hell fire and the results often show up like they would by someone under duress.

I’ve had good results from a slapdash calling with just a sigil and no formal ritual other than gazing and calling their name. Dantalion and Leraje most definitely. I’m curious what would have happened if I had done the full ritual as written with them however.

Keep me posted either way, I spend a lot of time thinking about all of this. I think the ritual is designed to act from authority and a space where the operator is fully aware they can manipulate alchemy within their own mind.

Compare and contrast and go with what works best.


sure ill let you know how it goes. I dont think it should make much difference though, because the LBRP also calls upon the archangels, except the book calls upon a fifth (Metatron?) and does some extra visualizatiin stuff with them. Since i already knew how to do the LBRP from EAs video course, i just stuck with that

I dig, did you use a physical circle then? Metatron brings the circle but it’s astral

nah i just visualized a circle around me as i drew the pentagrams in the air

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The evocation keys stated in the foregoing book by Gordon Winterfield is difficult to imagine. How did you do it? how long did it take to see result after the ritual? i seriously want to work with Orias. compliments of the season God/goddess.

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@Norski You have no idea how beneficial surrender and detachment or anything else that removes strain and stress is. The very reason you saw seemingly spectacular results is because you did not really care, i.e. nothing to bugger your vibration.


Absolutely amazing @Norski. For some reason, Orias has been on my mind as of late. The big question here - and maybe you will not want to answer which I respect - how did you word the petition to Orias? Did you ask specifically for an engagement or just for love? For obsession? I ask because I am thinking of trying him for love for myself :wink:

Kudos, that is an incredible result.

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are you using paperback or ebook of Demons Of magick? I got a free copy online, will the magick still work or not?

@joherb_theo I’m also looking for an online copy. Can you please share it with me?

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@Milflover Please be aware that it is against forum rules to request or share pirated copies of copyrighted books.

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I’m sorry.

yes i can show you how to get all gallery of magick books but some one here said the free copies wont get the magick to work.

so magick doesnt work with free copy books?

They openly state that they curse illegal downloads. From my understanding of how their system works they’re the last people I’d pirate from. Gordon even puts an “example” cipher in the book that’s openly a curse if you care to decipher it. I have the physical book and you get the Kindle edition for free when you purchase any of their stuff. It’s damn powerful material and the way they teach it is excellent. I don’t mind spending money on quality.

Do what you will but I’d recommend against pirating it namely because they make your magick less effective/sap the drive to do any in the first place (speaking from experience, I’ve been there.)


It was a simple “Person X feels strong love for Person Y”

Then a disconnect entirely. What was interesting is after he delivered the result I started getting phone problems that would reboot my excuse for a phone (Android = If Subaru made smartphones. Just …no.) every few minutes and give me a notification that someone IM’d me.

That was Orias getting my attention to show me he delivered because there wasn’t any other way to find out about it. He did remarkably well and definitely wanted to show proof of the result.


I simply just imagine the textures physically. Like the entire room takes on the imagary, I imagine the sounds associated with them (easy if you can remember something similar), and I try to sustain it for a bit and just “accept” that it’s there on the astral.

Some people have a big issue with visualization, I do well by just thinking about each one for a bit as best I can before moving onwards. You only need to “enrich” the space briefly to make it effective