i know i know! but seriously though…was that one million U.S. dollars or another currency? because if thats U.S. dollars, thats probably the most impressive money magick ever written on these forums


It could be channels such as new areas of opportunity open up with high income earnings, you make yourself indespensible and even learn and master new skills, and thieves and competitors are turned away for an upper hand.

No it was not it was in Canadian currency

And question for you why would it be so impressive if it were u.s currency compared to other nations currency

If you don’t mind me asking


Canadian? Thats pretty much the same as U.S. dollars then. The reason it matters is that not every currency is equal. You can have a million zimbabwe dollars for example, but all that would buy you is an egg if you’re lucky. One million canadian dollars or U.S. dollars however can buy you a couple houses.

I think i speak for everyone here when i ask for more details lol. Like…what entities did you use…and how did the money come to you…like, did ýou win the lottery? inheritance from a dead relative? huge bonus from work? Inquiring minds must know! I mean hell…4 days to acquire 1.2 million dollars? Not even sure if EA himself has ever pulled off a windfall like that in such a short time


Why not call upon a certain amount of entities to come and watch the crowd come to you

Well for how I got that kinda money

It’s extremely bizarre and very rare for entities of any kind to deliver money to you this way

It happened about 1 or 2 months ago when i did the ritual I had to work that evening night so I performed it in the late morning going into the afternoon

I got paid 2 weeks ago before the ritual wasn’t happy with check because I have backed bills to pay on top of schools loans and car issue and bank issues

And I logged into both my bank accounts

In matter of days from the angels 200,000 dollars as put in my account from money the federal government Owes me and my dead grandmother’s will each was 100,000 from each source

And from the demons they put 1 million in my bank account they said it was from an unknown source

Does that makes sense


Very interesting. Well shit man…i’ll be adding this one to the the BALG Repository of success stories right at the top. The most anyone had managed to get so readily on here was about 120k, so you’ve set a new record. Of coarse, your particular circumstances are unique to you, but still impressive regardless!


That was a intellignet smart move…but how many angels (legion) did you evoke…Goethic or Biblic…?And what did you give in return ?


I need more info.
What was the name of the angels and what was their seal or sigil
Same for the demons


So you just up and got a random deposit of a million dollars in your account, huh? :thinking:

And why do you not come back and share the demons you worked with…?


yeah he wouldnt answer my PMs either which is strange, but my guess is that he used the legions of demons that EA teaches to summon in his evocation course via lucifers mudra


Hi everyone, I evoked a cupid and I asked him for money. Next day I walk on the street and I found a shopping bag with 20.000 dollars. Unbelievable :joy:


well i dont think hes necessarily making it up…but i dont know why hes being so tight lipped over what entities he worked with…


Well when your read more posts from someone and you read this post then you can draw a conclusion. Somethings are to good to be true.


yeah maybe, whats the motive for lying though? if he were trying to show off, wouldn’t he have stated how much he got from the beginning? i had to pry that info out of him…


Trolling. Sorry but some people are like that. Unfortunatly


Could it have been one of the abramelin magic squares? The uncorrected version shows up in the evocation video course. The corrected version goes like this:


Having said that, if he got C$1.2 million, I want his version of the square.
Also, he may have been hammered with a zillion PMs and decided to quit talking about it.


This does sound reasonable. After creating the SEQOR square, SEGILAH and a Jupiter sigil I immediately recieved a text message asking if I could find a buyer for a 16million picasso painting. My cut of the 16 mil would have been 1.12 mil. So, I did see IMMEDiATE results with my first serious money working. I found a buyer right away and we were in process of authenticating the piece.

Unfortunately at the end the painting turned out to be a forgery… I worked with a gallery in New York before so it was certainly possible for something like this could have come through and been real. I did sell one successfully a couple years ago. A pity it didn’t work out in the end. I’m not quite sure what I did wrong, but the amount of money “potentially” available after that working stunned me. I was at “0” at the time of the working.
A couple other much smaller opportunities did come through, but I will certainly reiterate this stuff is powerful.

I believe I did read that the SEQOR square is unlimited in the amount it can draw. And Segilah is for unearthing hidden treasure, so that makes sense. I feel I’m just missing one piece of the puzzle… But its close.


Next time a road opener ritual before hand may open more high yield oppurtunities.


Help me know more about road opener ritual. I feel I’d need it

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