Kudos to Eshmak from KoF

Alright so i want to make a topic for this guy, as he seems to be a bit under-utilized on balg. So a couple weeks ago, i was looking for an entity that would be an alternative to paimon, as i had some interesting but failing results working with him. I found eshmak in EAs kingdom of flames book, but a search on here for success stories with him didnt pull up much. So i thought id take him for a spin.

So atm, i live at home with my father for financial reasons. Ive been here for a while and i figured id test out eshmaks powers on him. My father hadnt stocked the place with much food that i actually liked, and part of the deal was that i would stay and fulfill other tasks while he kept the place stocked up. Well, he kept buying bullshit that i didnt really like. On top of this, my birthday was coming up (which was today) and i thought it would be cool if we went out for dinner on his dime…but obviously i wasnt going to order him to do any of this stuff because i consider myself a guest in his house. So i put eshmak to the task

I whipped out his sigil, and first meditated on him buying groceries, and i imagined the grocery bags filled with food i actually liked. Additionally, i asked him to make my father want to take me out for dinner (which is something i havent done with him in years). A few days after the ritual, he went grocery shopping and when he brought the bags in my jaw nearly dropped. Not only did he buy the stuff that i wanted, but the bags were the same bags from the specific store that i had envisioned during the ritual. Pretty cool.

So today being my birthday, my dad wanted to see a movie with me. So we go to the movie theater, we park next to this bar and grill place named kelseys. I was like damn…so close but so far lol. Anyhow, we go inside the movie theater and for some reason, we werent allowed to get tickets for the 4:10 showing of the movie even though we were right on time for it. Whats funny is that this 4:10 showing of the movie seems to have totally disappeared. Its not even appearing online anymore, which is really trippy. Anyhow, The next showing was at 6:30 so we had time to kill. Then outta nowhere hes like…welp we’ve got time to kill, lets go to a bar and grill. Im like…lol…how about the one you just so happened to park by? :slight_smile:

Yep…today was a good day. Thank you Eshmak


That is awesome!

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Awesome man! And happy birthday

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AWESOME …! congrats on results and HAPPY BIRTHDAY :boom::boom:

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WOW, very impressive! I’m happy for you.

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Wow Happy for you. Thank you Eshmak