Great Results with Mastering Divination

Yeah I just wanted to say what an awesome program Mastering Divination is. Its taken me from pretty much nothing to being able to receive answers to ANY question that I ask, to see into the hidden meaning of things, into the astral and into the lives of others to an amazing degree.

I’d like to offer a rather powerful story as an example of some of the amazing things that can be done with divination.

A friend of mine came to me for a reading with the question “Tell me something about my destiny” So I did a reading for him with the methods that are covered in Section 4 of Omniscience. I knew he already had a son, but I saw two children in his life, two boys. So I asked him if he had another child that I didn’t know about, to which he replied no. I said to him “then another child will soon enter your life”.

A few months pass by and then I decide I’ll give my friend a call and see if he wants to go for a beer or something. After a few of beers, he gets his phone out and shows me a picture of a child of about 11 years old. He had found out that day that this child was his. The mother knew but never told him as it was just a one night stand.

So stop bitching about the money. Buy the fucking course.

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I’m happy to hear that Seeker. That’s why I posted my review of the course. It’s fucking HEAVY MAN!!!

I found value in every section. I primarily invested in it for the Tarot however, but the entire course leaves no stone unturned.

Awesome story!! You are 100% correct as far as the efficacy of the divination course. I was working through the tarot section of the divination coursework and there was a a part in which E.A. instructed one on how to ‘charge’ the tarot cards so as to make them your own.
Right after I followed the steps that he stated, I did a reading and WHOA!!! The details that I received from the reading was SPOT ON!!! I couldn’t believe the result from just following these simple yet powerful steps. Get off your ass and GET THE DIVINATION COURSE!!! Its worth it!!!