Spirits of the goetia for sex with bisexual women

What kinds of spirits would you recommend for threesomes and orgy’s with bisexual women? I am also open to other spirits and planets has anyone had success in this area? I already tried Gremory, Pan, Mars, venus and mercury

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Try sitri

Also for me he was hit n miss so try a lot of different things.check this


I might reconsider Sitri I had bad experiences with that spirit, any recommendations as to how I use Sitri?

No personal experience with him but maybe consider the demon Rosier?

Ok thanks where do I find that demon, I mean I know google is my friend but specific books or websites?

Try the combined energies of the moon(influence,emotions) and venus(pleasure, women) or mars( lust,sex drive)

Or if you are feeling creative a combo of all 3 but that could get intense :smiling_imp: :sunglasses: but not always in a good way so use your own judgement.

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Here are a link where I first read about him;

And a BALG thread;

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Sounds good I also need privacy and right time and place and right women

Wow cowboy, someone is gonna get sore.

Oops, haha, thanks for correcting me.

ASL im a woman btw

I have no idea what ASL means. Never heard that before.

I am confused were you responding to me, I saw an arrow in the notifications or is that a post?

Update I am not going to use mars very much, but the moon and venus seem to be working better.