Is it real or its just a hallucination

Hi everyone, i evoked Azazel while i was on 1 gram of magical mushroom and i was able to get into the trance by focusing on my breath and i saw images ( I didnt heard anything ) but i want to know how to make sure this images are real and are not hallucination l.
The reason i ask this is i saw other images ( Aliens ) after and before the ritual, and its said in the internet psilocybin can cause hallucination.
Also for the next im going to eat 3 grams of it to see if i can see better and also hear Azazel.
The image that i saw was a tall shadow and its was a bit terrifying and i felt a pressure and intense energy.
@Alahimavatara @Daedalus What do you guys think?

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I can’t say for sure if your experience was real or the hallucinogen addled musings of your mind. But I would say that it would be wise for you to seriously question any subjective experience you have while under the influence of any hallucinogenic substance.


Well the answer is obvious. Ask him to do something for you. Search your life and see what needs changing. Ask for a change or a sign once the ritual is over that would sufficiently convince you that Azazel or any other spirit acted in your life. If you see the change, then you can safely assume that the ritual was a success and you did indeed make contact. I would also be careful not to take what the mundane world calls “hallucinations” too seriously. If any of these folks perused this forum and heard of the things people manifested in their ritual spaces with a sober mind, they would label that as hallucinations as well. Its to the point now where when I hear a normie say that word in the context of psychedelic drug use, I immediately say to myself. “oh, sounds like someone made spirit contact”


Thanks, next time i will ask him for a sign, and i agree, i told people about some results that i had and they called me a liar.


Sounds like Azazel lol

But there’s no way to be sure without interrogating the spirit, hence why I recommended not working with Azazel on mushrooms, as I said it’s pretty ballsy

You may still learn a lot but it can also lead you to a lot of crap you need to overcome all at once. Demonic energy is not easy to transcend and utilize, not many humans even magicians can do it, but if you got what it takes it will unleash the God in you, I can’t speak much on Azazel as I’ve never worked with him

But I have done work with Satan, Samael and Lucifer on Mushrooms

Transcending their infernal energies into the crystallized channels in the upper chakras put me through a literal hell, if you’re not careful you can cripple your psyche and develop demonic evil thoughtforms.

I’ve been healing my psyche for years now, I wasn’t even into magick the way I am now yet I was dumped into Thaumiel on mushrooms, literally it felt like I did the entire qlippoth in one trip, I was 18 and I’ve been healing from it ever since. From what I know Azazel tends to be more intense then Samael and Lucifer, so if you’re going to do this I suggest you really prepare your mind, because you may go beyond your own fears and you may actually start tapping into the fears of the collective unconscious which is a mess I was introduced too when I was forced to do infernal alchemy on mushrooms, if you’re weak that stuff can traumatize as a person for the rest of their life. Not trying to induce fear or anything, just saying you gotta be careful, don’t take on more than you can handle


Thanks, maybe i go with King Paimon instead of Azazel then

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Sounds like you may have made contact to me. Well, at least to something. Although I wouldn’t want to be a spirit that pretends to be Azazel!

You asked him several times? Asked him to confirm his sigil?

For whatever reason, in the spirit world, if you keep asking, they’re eventually supposed to be honest. I can’t get my head around this, personally. I don’t understand why they couldn’t just keep lying. So this touches upon my own personal curiosity here.

@Verdo and @Alahimavatara do you guys know why spirits are supposed to eventually be honest if you keep confirming their identities? Is this real, or like a human, could they just keep lying?

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Now who told you that??

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The girl that i met for the first time and it was my bad that i told her that @Daedalus

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Well, I imagine it’s for the same reason why spirits even listen to us at all and follow our commands. There’s a certain hierarchy of power, and we are typically at the top of it when we do an evocation. Our very speech has power. One well curated sentence with the right amount of emotion can send a pesky impostor for a wild ride, so I imagine its also a matter of self interest.


Wow. What a way to put it!

So that’s tangible proof we really are divine / the god particles, aren’t we?

Could you kindly give an example of one of those well curated sentences? I know it’s important, but I don’t see well crafted examples quite enough.

I don’t know if I can give you a good one on the fly, but it really doesn’t matter…as my point was simply that If we wanted to, we could really ruin an impostors day. Just take a look at some of the things past occultists would do to spirits through solomonic evocation methods. Spirits can be bound and subjugated just like a person, except in this case, there is no one coming to save them, and no one to hear them scream.


The most advanced magicians I’ve met so far and these are doctor strange level sorcerers say;

There is only man and God, everything else including the aliens is in man’s subconscious mind

The subconscious is everything beyond the body

So you are basically God, you have the 12 gods and titans inside of you, you are Atum, the one and only

They exist because of you, without you they have no function nor purpose, they wouldn’t even be a concept if it wasn’t for your spiritual and biological anatomy, psychology etc.

That’s why you can’t command any spirits without being connected to your higher self you have to embody the godself aka the soul to do magick

Only souls can create, which is the spirit of god that has all power hence the 3 godlike powers


These are all qualities of the eye of Horus, the eye of Lucifer

The prince of darkness and master of chaos

You are light, darkness and everything in between, you are the eye sees all, knows all and is all, the cosmic soul, the I AM


You write so many wonderful things I love, yet this is one of your succinct and potent posts ever. I’m going to make a hypnosis/meditation session based on this one.

I am endlessly thankful for many, but sometimes I just understand certain people’s words better (or faster), I think. This includes the wonderful @Verdo right in this thread. I wish I could “subscribe” to both of you, so I could read all your output more easily!

The past few posts are incredibly illuminating.

So as a small note of appreciation — thank you for your contributions to this forum, dear ones. You’ve gone far ahead of many, but kindly haven’t forgotten the parts of you left behind. Beyond all the other good things you guys are, you are catalysts, accelerants, for sure! :rocket::sparkles:

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I’m flattered Daedalus, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Btw, not sure if you’ve looked through this yet, but I created a thread called The BALG Repository where I’ve cataloged some of the best success stories with magick on the forum to date. If you enjoy reading through peoples magickal work, this surely will interest you :+1:

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You’re very welcome, dear one. This is very sincere. From my heart. Also I think I’m a little aspie. Hard to lie, even for social etiquette purposes.

Whooaaa, that repository is incredible!

A compilation like this can really help take us out of the lies we hear all the time in society. Let’s us swim in and and tune into the bigger world… the greater reality… for sure. Thanks for much for making this incredible resource!

I just put the little bell on “Watching”. Thank you !! :slight_smile:

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