Help me with a stalker

I I took this guys virginity he’s around 25 so it’s late for him and he’s getting obsessed With me how do I get him away from my quickly and quietly as possible ?

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This one ended a bit more violently for me but probably because I had to do it quickly rather than 100% correctly.

Write their name on a small slip of paper

Burn it completely while thinking of your desires (yours being to get them out if your life, yes?)

Dump the ashes outside of your town or as far from your home as possible.

Now, why it was so violent for me is because I was trying to get my boyfriends sister and her boyfriend out of our house. They lived with us for over 2 years. Mooching. Breaking my property specifically. Using our bathroom and not their own. Smoking and drinking in our home. Taking our mail and just dumping it where ever when they separated their’s (causing bills to be late.) So it was time to go.

However. I could only dump the ashes from out of my bedroom window and into the wind. Rather than the outcome of them leaving and getting an apartment it quickly turned into fights between the two until it was shown openly (via my boyfriends niece) that her boyfriend was doing nasty talk and dirty over the phone stuff with my boyfriends mom. So everyone booted him real fast. But it was violent.

And now hes gone but she’s still there. Still breaking things (already broke our kitchen sink and a few other things around the house in the span of 3 days.) So I have to try again to get her gone too.

So. You know. Just be cautious when you do this one. Might have also had to do with doing the spell on both of them at the same time.


Dude you are so right, i was looking at a youtuber and was told you freeze a person IN…guess what, i performed the damn spell and one of my bf’s moved and totally cut me off!!! The freezer spell does work!

Hey there! There’s always multiple occult solutions to the same problem, but their success is dependent on the particulars. You could try just about any separation-oriented tactic, and see what sticks.

My suggestion is to contract a boss Spirit into handling the cohesion and cooperation of any and every method you try to get rid of him. Just stipulate your goal, and what you’re willing to try or do to get there, because writing spells in negative terminology doesn’t work as well.

Any chance you contact the police? Just saying :unamused:

That will only get dirty, what if he has violent tendencies brewing inside.


I know a good solve for violent tendencies. Counterbalance. Sometimes if you try to get rid of them or change them into something else, they just slime back into shape like an evil slinky. Trapping them, on the other hand, takes to the world more smoothly, and from there the behavior is open to further action. The tendrils of Saturn seem particularly good at subduing action.


The book Magickal Protection by Damon Brand has a ritual exactly for that - to get rid of stalkers. You do it for 5 days. I did it on a work colleague of my man’s who was getting creepy toward him with unwanted attention. It worked like a charm and she stopped bothering him within a few weeks.

If you’re not looking to hurt him, why not destroy his obsession over you? Spirits of Mischief and misdirection are particuarly well suited to this. I would recommend the Fae due to my own experiences with them. But spirits such as imps, Desert spirits, air elementals, wrathful Buddhas, spirits of discord, and basically spirits of anything that could bring up anything that would distract him or make him lose his obsession would work.

If this doesn’t work, there are also techniques that work on attention itself to completely shift perception.