Sigil Magick and Timing

Hi guys.!!
See, Ive had this old Ford of mine on sale since last February. Ive posted it everywhere: Internet ads, local newspaper, local E-Bay, etc, with ZERO success.
At the end of this six months (never thought that much time would pass!!!, I decided to do a sigil working to sell the damned thing once and for all, since I need a new car in better mechanic conditions.
I used a planetary square, and stated I wanted to sell it in no more that a weeks time. Yesterday a woman appeared out of the blue (the working was two weeks ago), and said that she absolutely wanted that car, and gave me some money in advance for it, with the final sale in another 15 days. The thing I found odd is that she was convinced she wanted it without even coming to my house to actually SEE, CHECK AND DRIVE it, just said she saw the pics on the net and that she liked it. How on earth are you buying a car without checking it first?? Ive never see something like that around here, I dont know in the States but down here people never do that. I was a total strange and she was willing to gave that money in advance without even knowing my adress....I was like WTF???? Im not taking advantage of her, but another person in my place could have very well done that, I don`t know.
Having into account that she was the only one who showed up with $ and was willing to buy it, should I consider it a success or a failure, because I got a buyer, but not in the time frame I asked??

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If it’s sold it’s a success. Timeframes are simply like guidelines so you’re not sitting there wondering when/how the working will manifest itself. Everything always works smoother with a deadline. But yeah if it’s sold and all the money is in your hand that you were offered I’d say it’s safe to call that a success.

Dude TOTALLY a success!
Congrats man. That’s awesome! :slight_smile:

[quote=“DK The Mage, post:3, topic:436”]Dude TOTALLY a success!
Congrats man. That’s awesome! :)[/quote]

Uh, I thought Mundopincha was a woman? LOL

Anyway, indeed a succes. Dont take the timeframes too litterally. Theyre usually somewhere around your set date. I have found that my subconscious mind often will add a few days, sometimes even weeks. It can sometimes be difficult to totally let go of the mundane perceptions and beliefs of what is achievable and what not.

For example, a few years ago I wanted to sell my house for 250 000 euro. Market value was about 220 000. I did my working, but my subconscious could not get rid of the highest achievable figure of 240 000, even though I tried very hard to shake that off. The house was sold for 250 000 but after deduction of taxes etc. I was left with 241 000 euro… I did sell it in 10 days though, as I was able to fully believe in that record time. Even the real estate agency said they`d never seen anything like this, especially because the 2008 crisis had just hit and they were having really bad sales figures. It was a very young couple that bought it and the monthly mortgage they must have taken, was probably around a total wage. My husband and I were pretty stunned about this because if one of them lost their job even just temporarily this would plunge them into debt.

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Yes i agree thats a success man…Selling it like that after all that time…That came out of your square and intention…Kitari and Kyra…Have you both joined the Pirate Ship the Black Pearl? Yar the timeframes be more like guidelines than actual rules ya know… :wink:


Now, where`s that undead monkey? I want to shoot something!

Thank you guys, but… Im actually a woman (last time I checked)!! LOL Update: instead of the another 15 days to give me the rest of the money (she was waiting for a loan she has asked), she phoned me yesterday and this very monday well close the operation and receive the rest of the $$.
This so great!!!
Now Im interested in exploring the mercury aspects, I have a job but study at night too, so a little help passing tests will be great...Ill experiment with it gladly.

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Exactly, Kyra, see, you found an “odd” component in the operation of selling your house too, I mean, in the people who bought it.
My car was a model 2000, and EVERY people, and I mean EVERY one of them who came to see it, were extremely picky.
After time passed I became really irritated because they were like “humm…has a tiny scratch in this side…”
“Hum…are you really the owner” (For heavens sake, Im showing the property papers in your face, cant you read my name on them???) "Humm...I dont have enough money, will you take…x (and then making an offer that was like 1/3 less of the price I asked).
“Humm…what is that little sound I hear??”(???) I was annoyed, I thought if you really want a perfect car go and buy a brand new, 0 km, not a 2000 model…grrrr LOL
But this woman came and never even bothered to come to see it when she gave me that advance money, and as I said, she gave me the $$ in the street and didnt even knew who I was or where I lived. A couple days later she came to my house to see it (I gave her my adress by then) and I thought "Yeah, here we go again, she will be all picky too"...but she said "yeah, it has some minor details, but whatever, I dont mind, I DO know is a car which is 12 years old"
Besides, I DID had something similar with the price Kyra, I asked 27.500$ pesos , after some taxes I have to pay too I`ll end with $26.700.
All the people around were telling me I should be glad if I got $23.000, so…

The question is which planetary square was used. Jupiter?