Ever Killed With Magick?

Is there even a hell or heaven

I started out with poetry, the strong kind. That seems to unlock the emotional energies and gives me a start on the intuitive state that I use for casting.
I gathered my materials. They all seemed to be right at hand, as is often the case when I get serious about an operation. I swiped a sword from the male, and a science textbook from the female. I used a blue footlocker as an altar and a red candle.

I wore only a brown hooded cloak, lit the candle and dripped red wax along the blade of the sword and closed it in the middle of the book. I placed the book in the center of the altar and put the lit candle on top.

Kneeling in front of the altar, I stared into the flame and chanted some lines of my poetry that came to mind. Entering into a trance I visualized the male, he seemed to be above me to the left. I reached up and locked hands with the apparition as if we were playing mercy. I focused all my anger and destructive force into my hands while the apparition became scared and tried to escape. I crushed my astral opponent down into the darkness and immediately sensed a backlash in the form of a green stream of light moving towards my forehead. I “dodged” the energy and lost track of my physical form. I directed the green force into the center of a splintered wooden cross that appeared in the center of my vision. My awareness “zoomed in” to the cross and I saw the green energy being dispersed and absorbed into the grain of the wood. Finally I was physically and emotionally spent, and fell asleep almost immediately.

I was angry and hurt that the male who was a friend had taken off with my brother’s girlfriend. It was a very childish matter, but I was not in a good place spiritually.

I felt a lot better and moved on with my own life. Later, I heard about the results. My target’s home was infested with a strange “flesh eating virus”. That whole group of people split up and went their separate ways. The particular manner of death that I had prescribed fell upon two cats instead of my human targets. I knew both animals and deeply regret making them give their lives to protect their people.

That might seem like a cop-out because no humans actually died, but that was a death spell of great magnitude. My target was a practicing lightworker. He was also the best man at my wedding years later.

Baneful magic is where most of us learn how real our power is, but love and wisdom are better concepts to align with, in my opinion.


Nice work Stewart. I mean your magick worked, but just not the way you wanted. That’s a great lesson for everyone else. And you learned from it as well. Magick can definitely backfire or get misdirected.


Yes, but they aren’t bound to the christian views. There are many heavens and many hells


I am attaching a link to an old post concerning this from 2012. I will actually do a re-post, and see how people respond…


Just a small update here.The annoying guy crashing in our office has been subjected to stage one of the spell of death which is aimed at getting him away from our premises.

While sitting in the office he was attacked by a swarm of tiny insects which came from thin air.They bit and stung him.He has enough allergies to kill him and now the antibiotics which he is taking has brought him down with stomach upsets.

And this was just the trailer.

Stage one is where his picture and a sigil of the best goetic demons is immersed in a jar of my Urine, chillies and vinegar and the picture is bound with Saturn seal and thread.

Did this on Monday and it’s Friday already.He has acted so erratically in five days as if the jar was exposing him.

Next phase is the bringing on of actual death which will take a couple of weeks or more.

Will keep everyone updated


In a few weeks it’ll be the twentieth anniversary of Cox’s death – Fuck Him! The other guy, Chami was a two for the price of one affair, icing on the cake – fuck him also. I went to school with Larry, but he was very cruel to a dog. I felt great, liberated, vindicated and powerful when that ambulatory turd died. And I’ll be sure to remember and curse him and his memory on ANZAC night.

Homo normalis are dime a dozen on the hoof. There are heaps of them. They are not endangered“…let them die in their misery. For they feel not.” (Liber Al II:21) The rhp couldn’t give tinker’s cuss about collateral damage - well for twenty years I haven’t either. My reality remains both hard and hard won, such is the price of the knowledge I did gain.



Living for this ! Do keep us updated

Unless you’re me.

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Nevermind I thought it said without a good reason

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So i have a question. What would you do if you were being wrongly accused and attacked by someone you thought of as a friend. This person is being lied to and manipulated to get them to attack you. Now that is bad enough but they are also attacking with intent to kill you and your child as well as another teen. Do you attack to kill like they have declared that they are intending that for you (and your kids) and will not stop until they have succeeded, or since they are being lied to and manipulated, do you not in hopes that one day soon they will wake the duxk up and come to their senses! I never hurt anyone here on the forum and never hurt a friend. But…he won’t stop. And my kids… so. My trusty family. What say you? I would like your oppinion.

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If they were holding your family at gunpoint and you had a pistol in your pocket what would you do?


I’d kill the s.o.b. But. He is a friend. And being tricked. That is theeee ony reason i ask. But I already know what must be done. It just hurts me… that I have to do this.

Do you know who’s tricking him? Go after their ars first but not before you bust a cap in his knee which should slow him down


I tried to find out. All I could get was its a low level demon. But i been having some issues with a demon that stays hidden messing with and blocking me. So it doesn’t surprise me. It really doesnt. I don’t know why this demon wants me dead but. It tried a few times. Now its using a friend. And thats bullshit. And no. I’m not crazy. Lol! My life might be, but I’m not.

Who do they know that you know? Or have experience with? I don’t think a demon would try to kill you for a laugh, that’s more human fucked up thinking

Shit. I don’t know. I think I was bad before i was incarnated and I have quite a few pissed off at me from what I’ve seen. The hysterical part is even though he’s been attacking us for days now, I STILL have not done what he is attacking me for. I’ve just been blocking his attacks. I wish he’d wake the fuck UP!! Y’all know me. I am not a liar or back stabber. Maybe it’s someone who wants him dead… and is using me. … i need a reading. Who is good at channeling??

Do you mind me asking what he thinks you did? I have a little experience with not being believed by friends. You can pm me if you want

He says I blocked him. Why would I block the one person who always helped me when I was getting attacked? He saved my ASS many times and I depended on and trusted him. Only a fool would weaken their protector. I can’t get him to see that. But before I do anything i am trying to find a way to resolve it other ways. That’s why I am posting this here. Maybe someone has an idea…

Another Update:

I got a sign from beelzebub that he sent the insects.In the future now I know how to send insects which bite to an enemy.

I added the seal of Focalor , crushed glass, pins and blades to the mix.My husband had a soft spot for him but I think the vinegar made his sympathy fade.Our assistant saw him somewhere and looked sick and yellow.

The bastard has not entered our premises for 5 days now even though he calls daily with an excuse to come over.The deal with Focalor is that he strikes as soon this guy tries to pull another lie or excuse to con us.So its like a strike mechanism.

Im telling you folks, Hoodoo plus seals is great chaos magick.The urine and vinegar combine to sour a target away and also put him under your control so they cannot wag their tongues against you.

Now lets see how long Focalor takes to do his deed.Maybe as soon as I produce some current of hatred (as I am busy trying to mend our finances , my focus is on nicer things.If he sufficiently pisses me off, boom that will be a cue for his death to Focalor).

See, this is why death magick may take a long or short time.Sometimes we need a sufficient current of hate.For now I want him away and quiet while I sort our finance.

One of these days he needs to piss me off enough …just one of these days x